Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 31

Willi Pov

“I should have known,” snarled Nicholas while I smirked at his bloodied condition.

“You know what? You are seriously an ungrateful bastard! Just count how many times had I saved you. It will be countless but here you are being ungrateful and snarling at your savior. Without me you are nothing! If it wasn’t for me, you would have been dead a long time ago but here you are handcuffed to the bed while I wrap new bandage om your body. Geez! I wish I could ever do anything else rather than saving your sorry ass every day and night.”

“Watch your mouth!” he sneered which irritated me. I applied too much pressure on his shoulder where Zachary’s bullet hit him previously and as the wound was still raw he winced in pain and glared at me which earned him a sly grin from my side.

“I should have known. You traitor!” he said and coughed a little.

I laughed a little and tied the bandage before getting off the stool and walking towards the sink.

“As I have said before, ungrateful bastard!” I said and washed my hands thoroughly using the antiseptic handwash.

“You are going to be dead soon. Wait! till my dad finds out about this,” he said which made me chuckle.

“Says the one who is in the bed of death” I commented and saw as he balled his fists in anger.

After we got him captured, boss ordered us to take him to our main gang house where he was to be treated for his wounds, because the boss wanted him alive much to my dismay. It would be so easy if Zachary killed him already or better let me kill him.

“You will have to pay for this!” he sneered.

“We will see that,” I heard Zachary and I turned around to see him walking into the room with Seth and another guy after him holding a rifle.

“You bastard!” Nicholas clutched onto the handcuffs and tried to pull it in anger.

“Enjoying?” Zachary smirked at him seeing his failing efforts. He walked to the stool where I was sitting previously and sat on it stretching his legs crossed over each other on the bed right beside Nicholas’s torso. With just a flick of his finger, he signaled me, and the other two to get out of the room.

Though I wanted to stay and watch the drama, I chose not to anger him and momentarily I walked out of the room closing the door behind me.

“He is going to die today!” Seth said to the other guy.

“I don’t think so,” he remarked.

“What makes you think that?” Seth asked.

“Because if the boss wanted him dead he could have killed him already. Why has he not killed him already?” the other guy questioned and that made me wonder too.

Why doesn’t he just kill him?

“What do you think?” Seth asked me and I looked up at him as he stood five more inches taller than me.

“I don’t know!” I shrugged and both of them looked at each other.

“What?” I asked confused because of there questioning looks.

“We have heard that the man is your previous boss,” Seth said and I pursed my lips and shoved my hands into my pant pockets.

“Yes. So?” I asked.

“So?” he repeated me and chuckled.

“Your previous boss may get killed by your current boss. Do you not feel anything for him?” he asked signaling towards the door where both of my ‘boss’ were supposedly having a private meeting.

“Yes. I do feel for him” I said casually and got my hand out of my pocket to touch the ring attached to my chain on my neck.

“And what is that?” the other guy asked.

“Pity and hatred,” I said clutching the ring tightly.

Both of them again looked at each other while the other guy shrugged to Seth when Seth whispered to him something.

Sera was my life. I had loved only one person in my total life and that was Sera. We were married for only six months when she died. I can never forget that day.

I was in my house and for the first time ever. I was fed up with my life. Every day, when I was away I would worry about Sera living alone in the house. Because for my profession, one would never know what would happen anytime and anywhere.

I chose to quit my job and live a normal life with Sera. But this didn’t go well with Nicholas he threatened me, warned me that if I dared to quit then he would ruin my life forever. Because I was his only trustworthy man. He depended his life on me. But he didn’t even understand that I am not a machine. I too have a life.

And when I called it quits, this angered Nicholas to the extent where he was even ready to kill me. But surprisingly, he let me go. I thought everything was over now. Now I will be living my life happily with my wife forever. But that night, when I was waiting for Sera all of a sudden I got a phone call from the police and I was informed that Sera had an accident on the highway.

I felt as if I had been stabbed several times in my chest. I couldn’t belief what I was hearing. Stumbling across the room, grabbing my coat I ran grabbing my car keys from the table.

The whole way I was crying thinking about her. I prayed to god for her safety.

“Please be okay. Please God!”

But when I reached there the sight before me, broke my heart. People were crowding the place and cops were standing doing there work of keeping the crowd away from the spot. But what got my attention was the car that was on the side of the road crashed brutally against another red car. I got out of my car and slowly walked towards the spot pushing past the crowd. All the while, my heart pounded against my chest. Anxiety building up within me.

I wished to god that let Sera be alright. But all my prayers went in vain when I saw a feminine hand laced with blood, out of the car’s door. It was Sera.

She was already dead when I reached there. My life was ruined. Everything was gone for forever. Sera was never returning back. She left me forever.

It was hard for me to cope up with her death. But soon I came to know that it wasn’t just an accident. It was a well-planned crime and it was planned none other but Nicholas. I found out that the Nicholas was behind all this. He planned Sera’s accident.

So, I returned back to my profession.

“Good choice!” he had told me when I was back.

But he never knew that I was back for revenge not for loyalty. He had taken my life away from me and in return, I would do the same with him. I had to play my cards patiently and cleverly. Day by day I proved him my loyalty and saved him many times only for the moment where I could kill him by myself. And the moment came when he assigned me to get into Zachary’s area.

He killed my love. I will kill him.

That’s my promise to you Sera.

Zachary has been not in control from these last two days. He would come here and torture Nicholas and then leave him alone. I wonder what is wrong with him.

He even destroyed his own office room in anger.

It all started that day. We were standing in the hall when all of a sudden the door of the room where Nicholas was kept tied down to the bed banged open and came out Zachary in rage. He looked different.

I have always seen him calculative, collective and well composed but never ever in this psychic. He looked mad. He took the vase from the table and threw it on the wall destroying it.

“Boss!” Seth tried to stop him but he was pushed away by an angry as bull Zachary.

“Don’t forget your position. Don’t touch me” he enunciated each word in pure hatred which made Seth visibly flinch.

I looked astonished at his behavior.

“What is wrong with him?”

“Clean all this!” he commanded an walked out of the room.

“What just happened to him?” I asked.

“He looks enraged by something,” Seth said as he picked up the pieces of the vase from the floor.

“I think that Nicholas told him something which has miffed him,” Seth said.

I looked back at the way where Zachary just left. Never seen him this out of control. He is clearly miffed with something.

“What was that?” Seth and I both got alerted when we heard gun shots from within the house.

“That way!” Seth said and ran out of the room taking his own gun out from his belt.

We ran to the front of the house and that is where we saw a man lying on the grassy ground dead.

Zachary shot him.

He was one of our men.

He shot his own man? Is he like Nicholas too?

“Boss!” Seth stammered.

Zachary pointed his gun up towards the other guy that was standing next to the dead body. He was too one of our men.

“Boss! Wha-” Seth was cut off when Zachary spoke.

“So you were the one. Traitor! Informing everything about us to Nicholas and his dad huh?” Zachary’s words were laced with venom.

“Austin?” Seth asked all shocked.

“I- I am s-sorry” Austin trembled in fear.

“Sorry? Sorry?” Zachary rolled the gun between his finger and laughed out loud throwing his head backward.

“This word. Sorry. I hate it. I really it” and he pointed the gun back on Austin’s head.

“Please forgive m-”

The birds flew away flocking their feathers furiously when the gunshot was heard. Austin’s body fell limp on the ground while Zachary stood their emotionless with no trace of regret on his face. Merciless.

“I don’t want even a trace of their filthy blood in my place. Clean it up!” he said and walked towards the car wiping his hand on his coat’s sleeve.

“Umm!” Seth looked down.

Killing our own mates from within our group is not a new site for us. But as long as I have been here I have come to know that Zachary doesn’t trust anyone. No even his own family.

He is even more merciless than Nicholas. In truth, Nicholas is a coward. He would always hide behind me or his men for safety. He just knows how to torture and how to kill someone.

But Zachary. He is independent. He works and speaks of his own. He doesn’t trust any one nor does his show mercy to any one. The complete opposite of Nicholas.

I wonder what has gotten him for his he has lost his calmness all of a sudden.

A car stopped right near the gate and came out Max. He looked at us and then hurried to us.

“What the fuck?” Max cursed seeing Austin and the other guy.

“Don’t swear!” I hissed and he rolled his eyes at me.

“Boss did it. They were traitors!” Seth told him.

“Austin? No way!” Max shook his head and looked down at his body sorrowful.

“Let’s get them out of here before boss returns,” I said and both of them nodded.

From my peripheral vision, I saw a figure running towards the house from the car but I chose to ignore thinking it might be a man of Zachary within the territory.

“Oh man!” Max cried out throwing his arms in the air.

After we were done, we walked inside the house only to be stopped by Zachary himself.

“All finished?” he asked again looking calm and collective.

“Yes, boss!” Seth said when all of a sudden we heard a feminine scream.

Zachary composed himself and we all ran towards the room where we heard the scream.

“A lady? Here?” Max asked.

The voice came from Nicholas’s room.

Zachary was the first to get there. But as soon as he opened the door. He froze seeing the woman before him.

It was Mrs. Sullivan. His wife in Nicholas’s room.

She was on the ground while Nicholas stood there near the bed. Somehow, he had managed to untie himself.

“Y-You are N-Nicholas?” was what Juliette cried out stammering seeing Nicholas before him.

I looked back at Zachary. His palms were balled into tight fists while he clenched and unclenched his jaw. His eyes filled with anger. But his anger was directed towards Nicholas. He looked pissed and ready to kill when Nicholas crunched down on the ground before Juliette.

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