Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 38

Juliette Pov

“So you knew everything!” I said while Zachary drove us back to his mansion.

As I had expected. No reply from his side. He must be thinking, I am so stupid. He must be laughing at my fate internally. It’s not even his fault. Who wouldn’t laugh at me?

What a life I have. Amazing! Had I ever imagined my life to be so messed up ever? What I had thought and what has happened, totally no control over my life. All I have been doing is crying. Why did I even let this happen to me at the first place? This is only because of me. I should have been more cautious. I should have been more guarded about the things that had been happening around me. How could I not see worried eyes of my parents? Why did I not get the hint when dad told me that he didn’t really like Emmett? Everyone was so right about Emmett that he didn’t seem a good person to them. Why was I the only blind one?

I sighed rubbing the bridge of my nose in aggravation. My state has been worsening day by day and I didn’t really blame anyone but me. But what dad has done, I can’t really ignore it. Sure, he did it for me for our family but he took every decision by himself. He even took my life’s decision. We could have done something else. What am I even talking about?

Why? Just why am I the only person in the world to have such a complicated life?

I have been punishing, cursing myself since I have come to know about Nicholas. Why am I even cursing myself?

The car came to a halt and I looked at Zachary before looking around.

“I thought we were going home!” I told him when he began to undo his seatbelt.

“Come out!” he told me before he got out of the car. I sighed and shook my head. If anything I wanted at the moment then it was to go back home. What does he even want now?

Getting out of the car I looked around. It was a gas station. He locked the car and walked towards the ‘in and out’ store. I followed him not knowing what to do. We walked inside the store and I watched as he directly walked towards the freeze and brought out two ice-cream sticks.

“They only have the bars,” he said as he handed me one choco bar ice-cream.

Before I could even open my mouth to say something he walked crossing me towards the counter to pay for the ice-cream. I looked back at the ice-cream and instantly a smile crept up my face and I looked at him and as always he was already looking at me eating from his stick.

This man...

Getting rid of the pack, I ate mine and turned around facing the freeze not wanting to let him see me smiling. I was still smiling. I didn’t even know the reason why I was smiling. Oh my god! Was I going crazy?

But then I recalled what dad told me.

“Mr. Zachary has promised that he would protect you from Vito and Nicholas and he will even end this marriage once they are out of this game.”

“So I am with him until he gets Vito in his hands? That means I can get back to my previous life. Can I forget everything?” I spoke to myself. I was so busy chatting up with myself that I didn’t even feel the presence beside me.

“Will you eat the stick?” he said and that made me jerk out of my thoughts.

“You are so foolish!” he said as he took the stick away from me and threw it into the dustbin.

While he extended his hand to hand me the tissue paper, I couldn’t hold myself from blurting out “You are right! I am foolish!” I said as I took the paper from him and wiped my fingers before throwing it into the dustbin.

I turned to look back at him to find him glaring at me.

“What?” I asked startled by his expression.

“Nothing! Let’s get back to the house” he said and without even letting me speak he walked out of the store. I looked at his retreating back from inside the store” glass window.

“Bipolar much!” I said and ran out of the store following. I even tripped on my place and all he did was to glare at me. His eyeballs would fall off his sockets one day if he continued glaring at me every single day.

“Every single day” I muttered to myself. It is not as if I was going to stay with him for every day. Probably, as soon as he gets his hands on Vito he would send me back to my family. Why would he even want to stay with me? All he is says about me is ‘I am an idiot’, ′ I am foolish’ that’s all. Why wouldn’t he send me back to my family? And as if I want to live with him.

“Whoever wants to live with this Mr. Grumpy pants?” I said at loud and bit the inner side of my mouth when I realized what I just did. Slowly when I looked back at him, I found him looking at me with a neutral look.

“Hmm well, that’s something new. He isn’t even angry” I thought when he put his seat belts on and I did the same.

“Okay! I take it back! I am sorry” I shrieked in my seat when he took a turn almost throwing me out of the window. Luckily I had the glass of the window rolled up and I had my seat belts on. If I hadn’t then God only knows what would have happened to me. Thanks to the modern world, especially to that God like Engineer who thought of making these seat belts. I guess he knew that people like Zachary exist in this cruel world.

“Will you slow doowwwwnnnn ahh-” I screamed when he took a deadly turn just before a truck.

“Thank you mother, Mary, for saving me, ” I said once we were away from the truck.

“Slow down you idiot!” I snapped at him and thankfully after ten minutes of the torturous ride, the car stopped before the mansion’s gate.

“You idiot!” I snapped as I jumped out of the car and slammed the door shut. The guard who opened the gate looked at me and then at Zachary who was still inside the car looking at me smugly.

“Asshole! Who taught you how to drive?” I screamed and all he did was smirk at me.

The window rolled down and I crossed my arms across my chest as I bent down to look at him.

“Walk back to the house!” he said and before I could get in or punch his face he drove passing a baffled looking guard inside the mansion.

“Zachary! You douche!” I ran after him.

Surely he made me walk back to the mansion. It was probably two kilometer, probably. He even mocked me by stopping the car in the middle and honking the car. When I tried to run and catch up, he would put his foot on the accelerator and would speed up.


I huffed out air and wiped the beads of sweat that formed in my forehead. I am going to kill him today. How dare he abandon me in the middle. On reaching the front side of the mansion entrance, I spotted the car.

“Where is that monkey?” I yelled on the top of my lungs wanting him to hear me. He should know that he was going to die. At least he can’t blame me that I didn’t warn him.

“Zachary!” I ran once I spotted him leaning casually against the door of the mansion.

As soon as he saw me he ran towards the lawn.

“Where do you think you are going?” I snapped running after him. It was really difficult to run with those heels on but at the moment all I wanted to do was to kill him.

“I am telling you! No! warning you! Stop righ-” I stopped and panted before continuing “right there!”

“Zachary!” I took a small vase from the side and ran after him wanting to bang it on his head.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing? Keep that down you idiot!” he yelled still running away from me.

The nerve of this man.

“Stop calling me an idiot!” I snapped and ran to the table where he tried to avoid getting caught by running circle it.

“Then what should I call an idiot?” he asked mocking me making an innocent face.

“Oh, I will tell you. Come here!” I snapped and then he ran towards the other side of the lawn. He wasn’t even running. It was as if he was jogging. I cursed God for giving me short and thin limbs. How I wished to have limbs like Mr. Usain Bolt. Then it would be so easy to sprint and catch the monkey of a Zachary.

I didn’t even realize when I tripped and I lost my balance throwing the vase in the air. I stumbled and limping on my foot I felt myself falling to my side. Everything happened in a slow motion. I even saw Zachary making an attempt to hold me but it was late. Too late.


I fell directly into that fountain. Water filled up my nose and my mouth as I felt my body twisting in an odd position inside the fountain. When I tried to get up, I tripped again because of my heels and fell faceplant inside the fountain and then everything blacked out.

I blinked several times before I felt my eyes open. Everything was a blur for some seconds before my eyes adjusted themselves to the light and I held my head which was throbbing painfully.

“Ugh! What happened?” I heard my own voice and looked to the side find a woman sitting on the bedside smiling down at me.

“You fell into the fountain and hit your head. You head a concussion” she said and I watched as she removed the pressure belt from my arm.

“It’s alright! Nothing much to worry Mr. Sullivan” she said while she checked my eyes and I looked to the side to find Zachary standing next to the mirror looking at us.

“Thankyou doctor, for getting here on short notice,” Zachary told her and she smiled. Both of them shook their hands and Zachary walked her out of the room.

While they were out I managed to sit up and I leaned against the headboard holding the side of my throbbing head.

“Ow!” I flinched when I touched the part where I hit my head accidentally.

I watched as he ‘the devil himself’ walked inside the room. He had changed himself into a white t-shirt ad black jeans. He took a seat on the chair right next to my bed. I thought he was going to snap at me telling me ‘How stupid or foolish I was’ but to my extreme shock, I watched as the sides of his eyes wrinkled up and he brown dull eyes lit up before he threw his head back and laughed at loudly.

“Wha-” words didn’t even form in my mouth when I saw him laughing for the first time ever since the day I have met him. His laughter echoed in the room as I gawked at him. My face heated up and I knew I was blushing embarrassed because I had always somehow managed to make a fool out of myself before him.

“St- Stop!” I managed to mumble. This only made him laugh even more.

“Shut up!” I took the pillow and hit him. He got hold of the pillow still laughing hard. “I can’t believe this! You fell into that fountain and you even blacked out! Not only clumsy but you are a” he laughed again and I tried to hide my face at the same time as I tried to pull the pillow away from him “But you are a delicate darling too!” he completed and got off the chair letting me take the pillow.

“It all happened because of you! Shut up!” I hit him with the pillow. His masculine laughter filling my ears which got my skin a tingling sensation. I was embarrassed, I knew it.

That is when my eyes fell on the clothes that I was wearing. I was wearing my night suit. Who changed me into these?

That made me jerk off out of my thoughts.

“Who changed me into this?” I questioned as I threw the pillow next to me. Thankfully he stopped laughing wiping the sides of his eyes and looked down at me.

“What?” he asked amused.

“WHO CHANGED ME INTO THIS?” I asked enunciating each word.

He bent down until he reached my eye level and smirked. “Oh, I don’t know! Maybe me?” he said smugly when he saw my startled expression. Before I could hit him he laughed and practically ran out of the room.

“What the hell you monkey?” I yelled after him.

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