Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 54

Juliette Pov

“I swear I’ll just slam my head against the damn wall until I die or I’ll just get inside this fucking phone and kill the damn fucking man on the other end by strangling his neck with the damn ear cords or the phone charger!” Kiara yelled at the top of her voice as she paced around my room holding her still ringing phone in her hand.

The anonymous is still after Kiara.

“Oh C’mon! You just keep on ignoring him. What if he is your prince charming? Why don’t you go and meet him?” I said as I filed my nails using the filer.

“Prince charming my ass!” she cursed as she clawed the backside of the phone cover and took the battery out.

“Damn!” I chuckled at her behavior.

“Shut up!” she groaned when she heard ringing voice from her pants pocket. She had two phones and she groaned seeing the number in her ID.

“I can’t believe this! How come he has all of my phone numbers?” she growled and pulling her hair she walked out of my room.

I chuckled at her and kept the filer on the nightstand as I slid and made myself comfortable on my bed. Looking at the clock it read half past ten in the night. As I pulled the quilt over myself a deep blush formed on my cheeks as I remembered the events that took place in the morning.

“Zachary,” I mumbled to myself as my mind drifted back to the day when we first met.

What a day it was.

I got up from my sleeping position and sat on the bed untying my hair as I smiled to myself. Hugging my knees, I kept my head on my hand as I gazed out of the window.

“This is so unrealistic,” I smiled as I thought about him.

“He didn’t even let me speak else I would’ve...” I stopped in the middle as I bit down on my lips.

Would I have let him know how I feel about him?

of course!

Laying back on the bed on my side I closed my eyes for a second and snuggled into my pillow when I heard faint noises until I drifted off to sleep.

I felt something cold on my cheek, I groaned and tried to pry it away as I rolled on my side to the other side of the bed. Seconds later something again touched my bare arm and I searched for it sleepily and as I got hold of it, I furrowed feeling it as a hand.

“What?” I mumbled and tried to open my eyes. Everything was blurry to my eyes. It took some seconds for my eyes to adjust to the surrounding but as soon as the blur diminished my eyes came in contact with those brown orbs of the person whom I have been dreaming and have been longing for from the day I have left him. To my absolute horror as soon as I realized the person to be Zachary sitting next to me on my bed and staring down at me, I jolted up from my sleeping position hitting my head against the headboard in the process.

“Careful!” he hissed and forwarded his hand to hold my face but rubbing my now throbbing head I backed away as far as I could from him.

“Juliette?” he questioned lowering his head to the side questioning my behavior.

But he was so close....

“Ow!” I winced and gave him an awkward smile as I rubbed my head and looked around frantically thinking where were we.

It seemed the same room where I remembered drifting off to sleep last night.

Same room.

My room.

“Zachary... um, what are you doing here?” I asked once I regained my sanity.

“Where is your phone?” he asked shifting in his position turning towards me.

“Phone?” I questioned him back.

He raised an eyebrow and stared at me with his piercing brown eyes.

“Oh, phone?” I laughed awkwardly and looked around under the pillow and on the nightstand nervously.

Why am I so nervous?

“There,” I muttered as I lifted it up from the ground. It looked like it fell from the bed when I jolted up from the sleep seeing his face.

“Here is my phone!” I showed it to him and he signaled using his eyes to look at it.

Sliding the screen, I unlocked my phone to find nine missed calls and the name read ‘My Heartbeat.’

“Nine missed calls,” I muttered and raised my eyes to look at him.

“I was asleep,” I said and mustering up courage tried to act as if what the big deal if I didn’t pick his call.

“I know that!” he said and racked his hand on his hair. My eyes followed his movement and I appreciated what I saw. He was still in the same clothes that he wore in the morning. A blush formed on my cheek as I saw his arm muscles flexing when his racked his hair.

Oh damn!

“S-So?” I managed to ask.

He looked back at me and roamed his eyes on me. I shifted in my position pulling the straps of my tank tops up all of a sudden feeling self-conscious.

“Pack your things!” he said all of a sudden as his eyes remained constant on my neck.

“What?” I asked as I realized what he just said.

“I don’t like to repeat myself!” he said and got up from his place walking towards the window he looked outside shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

“What?” was all that formed in my mouth.

“It seems as if you like that word,” I heard him chuckle and I got up from my place.

“What do you mean by pack your things?” I asked walking up to him but then I realized “Oh wait! How come you are here? At this time of the da-night?” I looked back at the clock to read past three o’clock in the morning.

“How did you get in?” I asked scratching the side of my arm in utter tension.

“You have good friends,” was all he said.


How dare she?


“Oh, I’m going to kill her today!” I said and turned ready to kill her but stopped when he opened his mouth.

“You can do that later. Go and pack your things,” he said and I balled my fists in anger.

“Why?” I demanded.

“You are coming with me,” he said with his back facing me.

How dare he command me?

I am not his pet dog!

“Where and why? What’s the urgency?” I questioned folding my arms across my chest.

I waited for him to answer me but all I got in return was silence. Still, I waited. I waited for him to reply. He can’t just barge into my life and order me around. I need to know what’s the urgency that he had to barge inside my room in the middle of the night and all of a sudden as- no command me to pack my things.

Who does he think he is?

And as long as I remember, I have already signed on those divorce papers that he sent me through dad. We are no longer married. He can’t just command me to do whatever he wants.

“Don’t question me, Juliette,” he said almost in a tone which had the hint of anger in it.

“I will! You cant expect me not to question you when you barge into a stranger’s room in the middle of the nigh-”

“Stranger?” he turned around raising an eyebrow his face contorted with anger.

“Of course!” I shifted in my position all of a sudden feeling nervous because of his enraged demeanor.

“If you have forgotten then let me remind you. We are no longer bound to each other and we are no longer married to each other. We are divorce-”

“Oh let me burst that bubble! I haven’t signed in those divorce papers yet!” he took an intimidating step towards me which made me take a step back involuntarily.

“What? But you were the one who sent it to me,” I said remembering the day when dad came into my room holding the divorce papers in hand looking as if he had won millions in a lottery.

“Your dad sent me your signed papers telling me that you have willingly signed it and want me to sign it,” he hissed out and glared at me.

“But he sai- you have-,” realization hit me and I understood that dad has tricked us.

“Dad,” I mumbled thinking why did I not contact Zachary back then? I could have asked him about it by myself instead I signed it. That reminds me why did I sign it as soon as dad said he has sent me those papers?

Loana Ularu...

“Of course! I signed it because I thought he had sent me the paper because he wanted to free himself from me and get back to her. Did he not love her then?” I mumbled to myself.

“What did you just say?” I looked up when I found him looking down at me with furrowed eyebrows.

“Nothing,” I said and shook my head before glaring back at him.

But still, it doesn’t give him the right to order me like that.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked as he turned around towards the window. His muscles tensed as he shoved his hands back into his pants pockets and stood there probably waiting for me to do as he had asked me to do.

As if...

“I asked you a question. How can you barge into a st-” he turned around swiftly and got hold of my arm as he pulled me to him “Last time I checked we are still married and you name it stranger?” he mocked me and pushed me back freeing my hand.

“Then let me make it clear to you. I am here to take you back with me-” he silenced me by keeping his finger on my lips not even letting me interrupt his speech “and you are coming with me whether you like it or not!” he finished but that enraged me.

How dare he?

“Who do you think you ar-” I screamed at the top of my voice as he lifted me up on his shoulder and I dangled on his shoulder on my belly feeling the air exhaling out in one go from my lungs.

“Put me down!” I screamed banging on his shoulder.

“I am fed up with you and your tantrums. I had given you enough time but you wasted it all. This is all happening because of you,” I heard him as I yelled and scratched on his back.

“Kiara! Kiara!” I yelled and tried to look towards her room while Zachary walked past her room towards the living room.

I thanked the lords when she came out of her room yawning like a fool. I expected her to run and help me but as her eyes fell on me she yawned once again and mumbled “I am still sleeping,” before walking back into her room and closing the door.

“Kiara you fool!” I screamed.

“Ugh, Zachary put me down. I am warning you!” clutching his shirt I warned him seriously but all he did was to huff and soon to my relief I felt him putting me down in my living room.

“You jer-” he tied my stole that I had left previously on the couch in my mouth as I fought and tried to stop him.

“What are you doing?” came out my muffled sound as I punched him in his stomach but as soon as he was done with my mouth he got hold of my hand and folded it back and tied it using something restraining my movements.

“Perfect!” he smirked and was ready to put me back on his shoulder when I stomped on his foot and ran away from him. He hissed in pain but soon regain his posture and was soon behind me.

How many times will I let myself get kidnapped by him?

“Juliette,” came his enraged voice as he followed me back to my room. I was just going to close the door using my foot but then I remembered my hands were still bound and I can’t lock the damn door.

Oh my lord!

“So where now?” he asked as he stopped right behind me and I turned around frantically out of my breath.

He took intimidating steps towards me while I took mine backward all the while trying desperately to get the damn cloth away from my mouth and hand.

“What will you do now Juliette? Cause nobody can hear you,” he smirked and that made my eyes widen in shock.

What the...?

Okay! Now I am terrified.t

“What are thinking Juliette?” he asked as closed the gap between us but I hit my heel on the foot of the bed and I fell on my back with my hand still tied down but to make things more complicated Zachary tried to stop my fall but in the end lost his balance and fell right on top of me. Amidst of all this, the cloth which was restraining my hand movements loosened and I freed my hand successfully. But then...

Should I be angry that he forced me to come with him or on the fact that he was on top me stopping me from moving just by gazing down at me, doing nothing.

My breath hitched when I looked at his eyes. It held admiration and what I felt like love for me. His gaze was intense and I didn’t realize when his hand moved up and pulled the stole down from my mouth.

I knew that it was the day which would never return. It was the day which I would later curse or smile on. I could have stopped him or let him because it was completely on me when I watched as he lowered his head down. His eyes fixated on my lips. I could have stopped it from letting happen. I could have pushed him away but his Irresistible invitations were just too much for me to handle. I was already in love with love all I needed was just to let him know how I felt because it was his right to know after he had confessed his feelings to me.

I wanted to confess it to him before letting it happen.

No, I wasn’t scared. I wanted him. I was being selfish and greedy for his love and for the want to make him mine.

So, I let him do whatever he wanted.

I didn’t stop him but I knew I could have.

I let him kiss me.

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