Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 6

Zachary Pov

“Go and find him!” I ordered my boys and without wasting any more minute they ran out of my room searching for the person whom I wanted in front of me at any cost.

I am tired and I feel restless as I haven’t taken a nap from yesterday.

After that conversation with that woman who is my wife now, I went back to my room in thoughts of getting some rest but as if my fate wanted me to grow more tired than I really was, it brought me a new problem.

And this is one heck of a problem.

I sighed as I leaned against the wall raking a hand through my hair.

If anything is changing in my life than its only one thing, and that is my patience.

I have been growing impatient lately and with time my impatient is changing to anger. I can not bare a single human who doesn’t work according to me let alone go against me.

I would shoot that person right on its head without even giving them the time to explain or do something to save themselves.

I am growing a Violent man day by day but I don’t care. If anything I care, then it's my rules and things, should always be mine way. I hate it when it's not according to my way, what I have planned then its get really irritating to me. And the result comes out as death to whoever person is the cause of that disturbance.

The ringing of my phone broke me out of thoughts.

“Not again!” I muttered as I picked up the call though I wanted to reject it desperately.

“What is it?” was my direct question.

“Is that a way you talk to your father?” my father spoke from the other end with his as usual business like cold tone.

“I don’t have time for this all. Just say what do you want?”

There was a silence for some seconds but then he began and somehow I knew what he was going to speak next.

“I heard that you got married. Is it true?” He asked with calm tone but anyone could point out that hint of anger in his voice.

I rubbed my forehead for a headache growing even more and raked a hand through my hair.

“Is it true?” He asked again and this time his voice evident of being impatient.

“Yes! It is true” I enunciated his word and rolled my eyes. I was already waiting for his tantrums.

“May I ask what made you to marry in such a hurry that you didn’t even think to invite your own parents to let alone your inform your mother?” He asked with a high tone.

I chose to keep quiet because I knew nothing can get into his mind when he is angry.

I heard him taking a deep breath before continuing again.

“Who is that girl?” He asked in a plain tone.

“You don’t need to know,” I said as I pulled the drawer open and took out my iPad.

“Everything you do is for me to know always and I want to know about this as soon as possible because this is about my son who is running my business now and if you are thinking you are the boss now then you are wrong. I will be always the real Boss and you my son is my only heir. So everything that will cause hamper to my years hardworking will be my concern. Because I will not let you ruin it. And you marrying some woman just like that is my concern”.

I kept the iPad back on the table as his words struck my nerve.

“What I do and what I do not do was never of your concern, neither it is, nor it will ever be. And stop worrying about the business, because I am the one who is ruling now. You are retired. So go to some Island with mom and enjoy your vacation. I can take care of all this by myself. So, just don’t interfere now” with that I hung up on him and threw the phone on the table.

Every time I talk to him, I get all this new headache.

“Sir?” I looked up to see one of my men standing the doorway holding a gun on his hand.

I raised an eyebrow signalling him “what?”

“We found a suspect. He is in the basement. I think you should handle this now” he said and I got up from the chair and walked out of the room with him following me.

“Who is he?” I asked as we entered a secret room, after I punched the code on the wall. The door slid open and we entered into a dark hallway. Everything about my place is secretive. It has always been like this.

Perks of being a Mafia Boss.

But the world doesn’t know about this. I am a Simple Billionaire Businessman for those people who doesn’t know real Zachary Udolf Sullivan.

My middle name Udolf means wolf which perfectly suits my personality. The name was given by my grandfather who is currently living in some private Island enjoying his old days like some normal person with grandmother and his grandchildren who are cousins and have no relation with this mafia world.

My cousins probably have no idea about all this because my grandmother wanted them to live like a normal human being away from all this violence. She even tried to get me out of all this but being the only heir of the great Mafia leader who is my father, I had to take this responsibility.

So, now I have to live a multiple life in which I am a successful Businessman who stood on his capability earning all this fame, which really was indeed. I never used a single penny for those part. And the other is a mafia Boss who has to do all illegal works and rule the underground.

Somehow, I have succeeded so far in living both the parts but I don’t know for how long I could do that. I have this prediction that someday, somehow my real identity will be out and then I don’t know or don’t even have any plans how to cope up with all that.

But for now, I am concentrating only upon Today.

Basically, I have no bright future.

I envy my Grandfather. He was also one of the mafia boss. Might I say, very feared one. He ended his career by transferring his post to his heir that is my Father but not just in a normal way.

To the world "The most wanted and feared Mafia leader Avim Ben Gon was shot dead by the force during the Peace meet. It was a success to the peace meet".

Silly people doesn’t even know that it was all planned from the beginning. For Grandfather it was his retirement and of course he can not just retire like a normal private employee. He had to make a grand exit which he did.

And of course “Avim Ben Gon” which is a Hebrew name was not his real name. His real name is..

Well lets forget about it for now.

I have heard many things about Avim. About how Ruthless he was. How he killed and murdered people. And some were even disturbing for me as it stated he even raped woman.

But I was been told by my Grandmother that grandfather was the most sweetest man she ever met. And those were all rumors to provoke fear in people mind towards him or strategies of his enemies to get to him. He always respected woman and that is why she fell in love with him and decided to live her rest of her life with him.

If it wasn’t for grandmother, I would have totally believed all those rumors. Because, those can be true. Being mafia boss is not easy. Only one thing is needed for us and that’s power.

If we have power, we have fear for us in people. If they have fear, then we will rule. As long as people remains fearing us. We will be ruling.

“Its one of his men Sir, we found him today in our territory. He was probably here to get him some information about our moves” he spoke and I nodded.

I think this is a way how I can free myself from all this headache, I have suffered today.

When it comes to violence, I am always the excited being.

Time to meet fear in the eyes of that man who thought that he could easily get inside my territory and give them information.

“Oh how stupid!” I smirked as I witnessed the sight before me.

A man was tied upside down from the ceiling with his hands tied, and his eyes were covered with a blind fold.

He was beaten already as blood were oozing out of his head and forearms.

“Well Hello!” I spoke from the darkness as I entered the dimmed light room toward my prey who whimpered hearing my voice.

“I hope you had a nice day here!” was my only remark as I got more near to him.

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