Irresistible Invitations

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Chapter 7

Juliette Pov

“Can I call my family?” I asked for the second time to Zachary who was doing something on his mobile.

“Are you even listening?” I asked as I got irritated. He has been keeping on ignoring me from the time he has been sitting on this table where we were having our lunch.

“Can I call my family?” I asked raising my tone and this time he glared at me.

“No!” was his only answer.

“But why?”

“Shut up”

“What? Why shut up?” I argued and he was the who shut his mouth merging himself back into his mobile.

“Will you even tell me why the hell I can’t even contact my family?” I yelled.

“Answer me” I banged on the table when he didn’t even bother.

This got him because the next moment, he was beyond angry. He got up from his seat and walked towards me taking long strides. Once he reached me, he kept both of his hands on the hand rest and lowered down glaring at me.

“What do you think you are doing here?” He asked in a low tone but anger evident clearly in his voice.

I was confused on what he was asking but choose to keep my mouth shut.

“Do you think we are playing games here? Did you forget what I did to you? To your family. To that mutt whom you were going to marry?” He spat venomously talking about Emmett.

My heart swelled up thinking about Emmett. Its already been three days since I have been here and I got no information on what happened to him and my family.

“I can never forget” I spoke in a low tone but at the same time glaring at him while my eyes got watery.

He smirked seeing my expression and stood straight adjusting his black coat.

“Good that you didn’t forget,” he said as he dragged the chair next to me and sat down on it while Whitney came into the room serving us our food.

My hunger was lone gone. I could no longer eat when I think about Emmett. How can I eat when the love of my life to whom I loved with my whole heart went limp on my own arms and I couldn’t even do anything to save him. I don’t even have any idea if he was alive or... I don’t even want to think anything like that.

“First of all, you ruined my life” I found myself talk when he ate his food not even bothering to pay any attention to my presence.

“Secondly, you married me. Forcefully” my voice was low while I stared at my food not even wanting to touch it.

“Then you killed him. Before my own eyes,” my voice broke as a tear slid down my cheeks.

“Do you have any idea how much I loved him?”

“Do you have any idea what I must be feeling right now not able to see my parents who probably haven’t touched a grain worrying for me”

“I don’t even have any idea what wrong did I do to you to get all this. At least let me know what was my mistake that you came like a storm into my life and ruined everything.”

By this time I began to cry. I sobbed and took the tissue from the table and wiped away the tears that were flowing down my eyes.

I heard him muttering something under his breath. And the next moment my eyes widened.

Before me was his mobile phone. He kept his phone more like slammed his phone before me and began to eat his food.

“You have got only five minutes” he spoke his voice emotionless as he ate his food as usually not even bothering to look towards me.

Hurriedly I took the phone and dialed my mother’s number. I was feeling really happy. It ringed and my heart began to beat rapidly. It rang three to four times and then it got disconnected.

“What the-” was my only expression as I looked at the phone with a blank expression.

She freaking disconnected the call.

I looked towards Zachary to find him eating a food with a calm expression.

Clearing my throat, I tried to call again. I dialed her number again, thinking maybe I dialed the wrong one the first time. It began to ring and mentally I prayed her to pick it up.

But to my absolute irritation, she disconnected the call again for the second time.

“No! No! Mom, what the heck are you doing?” I whispered rubbing my forehead.

“You’ve got three minutes left” I heard his irritating voice from beside me.

“The f***, ” I thought to myself.

This time I dialed my brother’s number. I am sure he is gonna pick up as soon as it rings.

I dialed his number and waited for it to get connected. But to my absolute shock, it was sent to his voice mail.

“Damn!” I exclaimed as I began to panic.

“Two minutes le-”

“Yeah! Yeah! I know I know” I exclaimed cutting him off and looked towards him to find him already looking at me from the corner of his eyes with a smirk on his face. He was enjoying seeing me in distress.

“Kiara!” I said out of nowhere.

She will surely pick up.

Hurriedly I tried to remember her number.

“Damn these phones have made us weak,” I thought when I was unable to recall her number. But finally, I did remember her number. So getting little excited I dialed her number praying the non-existence Angels to help me.

It begun to ring and fortunately she picked up only in three rings.

“Hello?” Her voice sounded tired.

“Kiara? Kiara! Its me! Juliette!” I screamed excited and at the same time relieved.

“Uh! Umm” was her only answer.

“Kiara?” I questioned. I thought she would have been getting excited or happy hearing me but her expression made me filled with anxiety.

“Who Juliette?” She asked and I huffed out air unbelievably.

“Kiara this is not the time to joke. Listen to m-” I was growing impatient now but she cut me off “I told you I don’t know anyone with the name Juliette. Please stop all this and do not call me ever again” with that she hung up on me.

“No! Kiara! Wait!” She didn’t even bother to hear me.

“Kiara! Kiara!” I called but the line was end. I was totally shocked. Not in any way the woman to whom I talked was not Kiara. It was Kiara. It was her voice.

Why the hell did she reacted like this?

She doesn’t know me?

Tears formed in the corner of my eyes thinking that she was kind of betraying my friendship but then again this all didn’t make any sense.

What made her like this towards me?

Why was she treating me, her only best friend with her cold shoulder?

What actually happened?

What the heck was going on in my life?

Every people who were closed to me were distancing themselves away from me.

Before I could dial again, the phone was snatched away from my hand.

“Time up!” He interfered my train of thoughts taking the phone away from me.

Then it striked me.

“Wait! Is this your doing?” I asked slowly and suspiciously.

“What?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Are you behind all this?” I asked and glared at him when I noticed the smug look on his stupid face.

“Maybe” was his only answer.

“How dare you?” I stood up angrily as I glared at him while he wiped his mouth using the napkin.

“Why are you doing this?” I yelled while he didn’t even pay any attention to me.

“What the hell did you do with them?” I yelled as tears fell down on my shirt.

“Answer me” I yelled when he stood up keeping that stupid phone into his pant pocket.

“Nothing. Relax! They are fine and will be fine as long as you” he trailed a finger on my tear stained face with a satisfied expression on his face, completing his previous sentence “Behave”.

“I am not your dog” I slapped his hand away and watched as a irritating smile formed on his lips taunting me.

He looked beyond satisfied. As if he enjoyed watching me cry.

“I hate you!” I exclaimed while he stood there silently watching me with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Of course you do sweetie” he exclaimed.

“And this is how I want you to always feel for me” he completed and with that he turned his back on me and walked out of the room.

“I hate you. I hate you” I screamed to his retreating back angrily, wiping away the flowing tears.

“Do you hear me? I hate you. I just hate you” I screamed even more.

I cried and fell on the chair sobbing silently. As I wiped the tears away from my face I looked up towards the room end to find Whitney standing their with a sympathetic look on her face.

I wiped away the tears and got up from the chair, walking back towards my room.

My appetite was lost.

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