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The Girl At The Vampire PetShop.

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Moonlight is from a vampire petshop and she gets brought by a sexy man. And he takes her back to his house to live. It turns into another feeling. Wonder what will happene with them and who will get hurt in the process.

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Chapter 1

It was on a cold winter night when I was getting beaten black and blue from the owner of the vampire pet shop.

I’m used to the beatings by now from the owners,because I didn’t want to meet the eyes of the vampires because they see use as cattle.

I really wish some good kind of vampire would would come and take me away from this awful shop.

Just knowing I was born to be some sort off cattle for the vampire just made me sick

To think how could they do this to us?

Why couldn’t they just steal blood bags from the hospital like normal vampires.?

Or even worst , why couldn’t they find an innocent animal to kill?

It’s better then taking a human as a pet to drink from us all the time.

It’s the morning after the beating at the pet shop

I was still tired from last night as I couldn’t sleep as I was tossing and turning all night.

But yet again here comes the stupid owner yelling for everyone to get ready as we have a very special guess coming in one hour to meet us all.

My body was in pain from last night beating. My body was covered in bruises but I had two massive ones on both my legs at the top I guess that’s what happens when you don’t look at the vampire in the eye when they are looking and talking to you.

Well I better go and have a shower because no one wants to meet a smelly pet.

So I spent the next half an hour in the shower washing my hair and scrubbing my body, once I get out the shower I grabbed my towel and covered my body I went back to my cage and layed down to try and relax my achy body, but I heard one of the girls crying because she ‘didn’t want to become a vampire pet’ like we have a choice.

I got up and lefted my cage even if I was still in my towel and went to the girl who was crying and asked her what was wrong ? She said “ she don’t want to become a vampires pet” I told her crying ain’t going to get us anywhere we was born to let the vampires feed from us.

While I was trying to calm the girl down I heard one off the other girls call my name “Moonlight” I told the girl I will see if she fine later in the day but we have to get ready for the special guest

I went back to my cage to get ready but another girl asked “moonlight why are you so calm?”

I took a deep breath and looked up and it was my friend Rose , she asked me again why am I so calm.?

I replied to her “ I’m calm because none of us have a choice we was all born to become the vampires cattle we was all born to let them drink from us as well were also here to obey their orders and demands and to be the best vampire pet as possible like they shown us to be.”

I stopped talking to Rose and told her I’m going back to my cage to get ready for this special guest but rose wouldn’t let me pasted she looked at all my bruises that covered my body.

Rose then said “ Moonlight don’t they hurt?

Ain’t you in pain?

I can’t believe he did that to you ,you should of looked the vampire in the eyes while they was talking to you ,then that beating wouldn’t of happened.”

I didn’t care , I told rose yes they do hurt like a son of a bitch ,but I couldn’t let the pain bother me I had to move on at some point.

The owner shouted the show starts in 10 minutes and you all better be ready.

Myself and a load of other girls was running around like headless chickens to get ready.the vampire maid who always gets us all dressed came up to me and hands me a beautiful long lacy black dress and tells me to wear this instead as always I’m done as I’m told and put on the beautiful gown.

I noticed I was standing out from the other girls,all the other girls was wearing yellow but then I turned around and saw two other girls wearing black dresses but they didn’t look like my dress.

I thought that’s weird how are there three girls wearing black dresses but the rest are wearing yellow

The next minute the vampire owner came up to us and said that’s it your time is up and myself and two other girls was taken out to stand in the middle of the stage I couldn’t see anything but a few little dots of light that was scattered across the room

The owner shouted at us that we wasn’t allowed to move we had to stand completely still the next minute we heard the door open then foot steps was heard coming in then stopped at the front of the stage.

As I was standing their it felt like someone was watching me as we all know that feeling your being watched as I looked down I could see a pair of eyes looking at me his eyes colour was a beautiful warm grey colour as he stood in front of the little dotted light I don’t understand my body felt warm and I had butterflies in my stomach.

I know I should be looking straight forward but I couldn’t keep my eyes off this man their was something about him that I couldn’t stop looking at him in his beautiful warm grey eyes.

I smiled at him and I could see him smile back at me.

All I know is for a fact I’m going to get a beating tonight if no one brought me because the vampire owner caught me starting at this man, the owner coughed and looked at me with a death stare I thought “oh great here comes another beating why couldn’t I do one simple thing right.”

“It was time for other vampires to walk around you” shouted the owner

Deep down I’m wishing for the warm grey eyed vampire to walk around me has i wanted to see if he smelt good, but as I opened my eyes he was no where to be seen, my heart was pumping really fast it felt like you could here “ fud fud fud” but only I could hear it as after all it was my heart.

I thought to myself I really don’t want to be brought by any other random vampire part from that sexy creature he “ can buy me any day” I thought to myself

But deep down I knew for sure I didn’t want to go back to the cage again because for sure I was going to get another beating and be locked in the cage again

I looked at the other two girls and there was another two vampires that shown up as well one was sniffing their hair and getting their hands to take in the scent off the girls

But has you can guessed no one came near me was I really that bad that no one wanted me? Or to even get close to me?

After thinking for a minute I heard the door open again and I though to my self “ oh great I scared him off for good”

But oh no that wasn’t the case I heard foot steps come on the stage and I was greeted by the stupid owner and the sexy god scent guy and omg he smelt so sexy.

The vampire owner opened his stupid mouth and said here you go Hunter she all yours the owner said something to hunter but I wasn’t paying much notice I was thinking to my self oh a “ sexy name for a sexy man on legs.” I finally stopped thinking to my self and looked at hunter,his skin was white has snow and his eyes oh his sexy eyes are to die for perfect warm grey eyes I know hunter was perfect because I had this feeling in my stomach, the owner asked hunter dose he need a leash for my collar and hunter said no he doesn’t.

Hunter asked the owner what my name was the owner said her name is “Moonlight” hunter smiled and said what a beautiful name you have.

Hunter told me come on Moonlight it’s time to take you to your new home your going to like it their.

We both walked in silence has we reached hunter house I couldn’t believe how beautiful his house was I don’t know if I could speak or how to act now that I wasn’t at the pet shop.

Hunter stared at me for two minutes but it felt like a life time, then he started to walk over to me hunter said “ let’s take this stupid collar from around your neck as your not a dog.”

I said yes please if you don’t mind and said thanks you for buying me like I was some sort of milk , he laughed and said moonlight should I show you where your staying now, I replied yes please, not like I’m thinking in your bed he told me it’s this way , we both was walking down the hall way which seemed very long but it wasn’t the next minute we both stood at a door hunter said “ this will be your room moonlight”

I walked in my new room looking for some sort of cage but their wasn’t a cage their was a nice big king size bed.

I looked at hunter as he was starting at me , I asked where is my cage? And he told ,r their was no cage only a bed because humans are not dogs they need a bed not a cage at that point my heart melted.

I looked at my king size bed and saw king white lace curtains I ran to the bed like a child on Christmas Day and touched the bedding and the covers was teddy bear fleece so warm and soft

Am I dreaming hunter ? I asked hunter are you sure this is my bedroom.?

I would sleep In a cage if I needed to

Hunter didn’t give me time to finish what I was saying

He told me to shut up. cages are for dogs when they are being naughty

are you a dog? He replied

“No” I answered

“So your not sleeping in any fucking cage moonlight “

Your a beautiful human my pet you be sleeping in that bed. My pet will not be sleeping in any cage from now on.

All I could do was cry when he told me that I told him I’m so happy to finally sleep in a bed after sleeping in a cage for two years

I didn’t know what came over me but I ran up to hunter and gave him a big hug thank you for choosing me I told him

Thank you so much you had all the other girls to choose from but you choose me

Hunter wrapped his arms round me and said I couldn’t let a beautiful girl like you carry on being that dickhead pet

After moonlight finished hugging me I told her to make her self at home and I will be in the kitchen if she needed anything.

She said thank you but just want to get my pyjamas on and go to sleep If that’s okay

Hunter said that was fine and he left me to it I got my pyjamas on and laid on my bed but I couldn’t sleep so I ended up putting all my clothes away… Start writing here…

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