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A young girl once vowed to him somehow someday she would marry him. Even before Giselle knew the real concept of love she knew deep in her young not so innocent heart that there would be no other man she would marry but Gian. She made a vow to him but after making this promise Gian disappeared relocating to a different city with his family. Now after ten long years their paths crossed once again and this time Giselle intends to fulfill her promise. But will Gian return her affections or will Giselle break her heart once again.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


The young girl with the fiery red hair was very happy. You could see it from the way she smiled or the radiance that glows on her face. Why wouldn’t she be? Gian came to her rescue. Her reluctant hero came to her rescue and deep within her young heart she couldn’t be any happier. Even if he was scowling down at her and giving her a lecture on what a teenage girl like her should do, she couldn’t help smiling. The only thing that matters to her is that Gian helped her.

“You’re so stubborn, Giselle. The more I tell you not to do this and not to do that, you do the exact opposite of what I’m saying.” he was lecturing her, and she kept on smiling, earning a glare from the very irate Gian.” I’d bet my last dime you weren’t even listening to what I’m saying.”

She nodded foolishly and smiled yet again. She was so whipped.

“Seriously! Get your head out of the gutter!” he snapped at her. “Now come on get up it’s getting dark already”

She pouted her lips and widened her eyes.” But, Gian, can’t you see I’ve sprained my ankle, how am I supposed to walk now?”

“Seriously, who wears cigarette heels to a beach party?” he sighed

“I do!” she answered with a smile

He sighed yet again and crouched in front of her and grasped her left ankle. She winced, she wasn’t joking when she said she sprained it.

“Yeah, look where your killer heels got you”

“Oh come on, quit your whining and help a lady out” she said.

He only scoffed at her. “You’re no lady Giselle Myers, you’re a walking disaster.”

But even as he said that, he turned his back on her and motioned for her to climb on his back. She smiled widely and hopped on.

“You smell nice, Gian. Like peppermint”

“Shut it and let me have some semblance of peace you’re so loud plus you’re so heavy”

“Hey, that’s not a nice thing to say. You shouldn’t comment about a girl’s weight!” she smacked him on his head.

“Do that again, and I’ll drop you” he threatened, but she only clung to him more.

“You wouldn’t do that” she said and smiled happily.

They walked quietly with her hanging on Gian’s back. After 20 minutes of walking, they reached her house. When he placed her on their sofa, she continued clinging to him.

“Oi! You can let go now”

“No way!” she joked and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, Gian.”

She noticed how his ears reddened with her actions, and she grinned widely.

“I’ll make you a promise, Gian, one day you will marry me!”

He just shook his head and managed to get out from her hold and walked away without saying anything. His hands in his pockets as he made his way out of her house.

She scowled. “Hey! Where are you going? Aren’t you even gonna answer my proposal?”

“I’m going home, and I’m going to eat. It seems that I lost a lot of energy carrying you around town. You should try eating too, you’re having a hyperactive imagination, maybe it’s due to lack of food?”

“What the-? You’re not taking me seriously? You think I’m just joking around?”

Gian only smiled and continued walking out.

And that day was the last day I saw Gian Ford in our little town. He and his family moved to another town, a long way from our hometown. I lost my heart that day, but I believed that one day our paths would cross again and that the next time we meet he will surely marry me, of that I was sure.

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