I Dream of You

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It felt so good to laugh like this.

Over the past eight months, I haven’t really been able to be myself and let myself have some fun. Cole brings that out of me and I can’t seem to stop smiling. If I don’t stop soon, I’m going to crack the edges of my mouth.

Currently, Cole is chasing me around the house. I may or may not have taken some pictures of his dress-up time with Suzie. He was wearing one of his mother’s dresses (which was way too small for him) and a neon pink boa as a decoration. Of course, according to Suzie, he needed lipstick to make it perfect. After a half hour argument, Cole reluctantly let me put on the bold red lipstick. He looked hilarious.

After he changed, he found me and Suzie giggling over the pictures. He flushed as red as the lipstick he wore and demanded that I delete them. Of course, you can’t go down without a fight.

I ran into the kitchen and hid behind the counter.

I heard his footsteps come into the kitchen.

“I know you’re in here,” he whispered.

His footsteps came even closer.

“If you give me the phone, no one gets hurt.”

I waited.

“You will be unharmed...”

Then it was silent.

I quickly crawled to the other side of the counter to peek at him when I felt arms wrapped around me. I squealed. He put his mouth close my ear.

“Gotcha.” He said huskily.

I shuddered when his warm breath hit my neck. I turned and looked up into his eyes.

That’s when I lost all my thoughts, my eyes stuck to his. His eyes were staring at me intensely, going back and forth between my eyes and lips. My heart started racing. This is the first time we were this close to each other.

I can feel his chest rise and fall quickly against mine. I was so memorized, I almost didn’t realize he was reaching his hand out to touch my face. My body was filled with anticipation. We never made skin to skin contact before, our clothes were always in the way. I closed my eyes and waited.

I almost screamed when the phone started ringing. We jumped back and stared at my phone murderously. I told myself to calm down before looking at the phone. Reluctantly, I picked it up and read the contact name.


I pick it up.

“Hello?” I say quietly.

“Rochelle, I’m getting your ass back here. What’s the address?” He said roughly.

I look at Cole nervously before I slowly tell him the address.

“Get ready. Now.” He ordered.

With that, he hung up.

Something’s wrong. I have to go back. Even though I feel the bond fading, a part of me still feels the need to see him. I turned to Cole.

“I need to get home now....Derrick is on his way.” I said with large traces of regret.

Cole puts on a neutral expression, but I could see his fists clenched.

“Yeah. Let’s get you back to your boyfriend." he spat.

I felt the urge to calm him down. Forgetting about Derrick, I hug him. He tenses, but instantly relaxes and hugs me back tightly.

“I need to see him. I wish I didn’t but I have to.” I said vaguely, hoping he would understand what I couldn’t say.

I can’t tell him anything yet. He’s not ready yet. I beg him with my eyes to understand.

He nods slowly, tilting his head and playing with a lock of my hair. I close my eyes at the sensation.

Our moment was ruined when I heard a honk outside, telling me to hurry up. I collect my stuff and walked out the door.

“See you at school.” I forced a smile. He forces one as well and waves. Hesitating, I walked out the door to the Mercedes. I get in without looking at Derrick.

“Look at me.” he spat.

Scared, I look at him.

“I know this bond is breaking. I don’t know how, but when I find out, I’ll stop it. But for now, I don’t have to be Mr. Nice Guy all the time.” he sneered.

Oh no.



I hit the door again with my fist, making sure Suzie can’t hear me.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Sighing, I go upstairs help Suzie get ready for bed. After that, I get ready myself and just lay in bed.

It felt so good to be that close to her. I can still smell Rochelle’s cherry scent when I caught her from our little chase. I swear, I thought I was going to die if I didn’t touch her- kiss her. I was so close. I could see her close her eyes, ready to accept my touch, my kiss.

The one that I’ve been dreaming about for weeks on end.

Then that damn phone rang.

Groaning, pick up a pillow and cover my face. She has a boyfriend. I can’t steal her from him, even though he’s a prick. I’m not that type of guy.

I felt so conflicted. I wanted Rochelle more than anything, but she has someone already. But she doesn’t seem fond of him by the sound of it. Why is she even with him?

Giving up thinking about it, I close my eyes so I can just see her there, all to myself.


“Let go Derrick!“, Rochelle cried, trying to fight Derrick’s grip.

They were in a bedroom and Rochelle was struggling against Derrick’s grip. I wanted to help but my feet were stuck, forcing to watch the whole encounter.

“You know you like it baby.” Derrick growled and started kissing down her neck.

Rochelle closed eyes and bit her lip, looking like she was having an internal battle with herself. I see her trying to push away, but Derrick was too strong. I went to move my feet again desperately, only to be still as a statue.

“Just submit now Rochelle, all you’re doing is hurting yourself right now. The bond may be weakening but it’s still there.” Derrick whispers.

I stop my panicking for a second as that registers in my head. Bond? What’s a bond?

“N-no! Get off!” Rochelle stammered. But Derrick kept kissing her and I could see her walls crumbling down. She slowly stopped struggling and looked at him in defeat. I can feel her start to give in.

“Good girl,” he whispers.

Derrick slammed his lips onto hers and she responded back frantically. She moaned and let him into her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started pulling his hair, causing him to moan out loud.

I wanted so badly to run and get to her. To kill Derrick. But I couldn’t. My heart was shattering to pieces.

Derrick started to lay her on the bed, never breaking the kiss. I felt disgusted as I can feel their lust for each other build up. Rochelle seemed oblivious to the whole thing, clutching onto him for dear life. Once I saw him play with the button of her jeans, I lost it.

Focus Rochelle!

At my command, her eyes shot open and were focused.

I need you to fight this, I thought desperately.

She frantically looked around the room until she landed on a dresser. She grabbed the nearest object and hit him hard on the head. Glass was shattered everywhere and some blood was on the sheets. I looked back at Derrick to see him out with blood on his head, his breathing shallow. Rochelle took gulps of air before shoving him off her body, scooting back onto the headboard.

Rochelle grabbed the object she broke and examined it.

It was a framed picture of what looked like her family. I can see her parents and I guess was her older brother due to some similarities. But now it was broken and crumpled with some of Derrick’s blood on it. Taking the picture out of the broken frame, she brought the picture to her chest and cried.

“Please help me, Cole.” she whimpered.


I woke up with tears streaming down my face.

This dream was different. It felt so real. It couldn’t be made up. Could it?

I can feel my eyes fill with determination. Screw not being “that guy”.

I’ll help you, Rochelle.

You just need to tell me how.

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