I Dream of You

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First Touch


I paced anxiously in the front of the school.

School was about to start soon, but Rochelle and Derrick had yet to show up. Worry flooded through me.

Is she okay?

Did Derrick hurt her?

What if the dream wasn’t real?

What if all that happened?

What if she’s in trouble?

I think I just gave myself a stroke. I had never felt this way about a girl before. I’ve never felt this way period. Rochelle is the only person that bring this side out of me.




“Cole, chill dude. I bet she’ll be here in a little bit.” Dylan said, looking concerned as I continued pacing. Sabrina stood next to him, calculating my every move.

“I don’t know man. Something is off. I can feel it.” I stressed as I ran a hand through my hair. He doesn’t understand the importance of this.

The bell rang and I stubbornly made no move to get inside. Dylan let out a groan of frustration.

“Come on Cole, maybe she will show up late.” Sabrina encouraged and sent Dylan a glare. Dylan smirked and raised his hands in mock surrender.

At their pleading eyes, I sighed. I guess she’s not coming then. Sulking, I make my way to chemistry. Alone.

The class was agonizing. I felt tense and anxious. I looked at her empty seat. The only thing that will calm me down is seeing her right in front of me.

All day, there was no sign of Rochelle. I grew more and more worried to the point I felt sick. My friends noticed and decided to keep a better eye on me. Victoria tried talking to me but I just shoved her off. I didn’t need her shit today.

Dylan and Sabrina stuck with me throughout the day and for that I’m grateful. They helped distract me enough so I wouldn’t storm out of the building and start a man hunt.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day.

Dylan and I were outside looking at all the students rush out of the school.

“Cole, she’s probably sick. Everything’s fine.” Dylan tried to convince me, but I shook my head rapidly. I know something’s wrong. I can feel it.

“You really like this chick don’t you?” Dylan smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back and nodded my head.

“You have no idea.” I chuckled, my eyes scanning the premises.

After talking a few minutes, Dylan had to leave to get his sister. He patted me on the back in encouragement before rushing to his car.

I was about to leave when I spotted a small figure pacing back and forth. I felt a pull to this person, like I was tied to a string and being pulled toward them. Curious, walk up to the stranger. When I got closer, the person freezes and looks at me. I gasped and saw red.

Rochelle was covered in bruises. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. Bags were under her eyes and looked like she hasn’t slept at all. I saw a scratch mark on her cheek. She looked ready to collapse.

I rushed to her.

“Rochelle! Are you okay?” I began to panic looking at her injuries. I felt little relief when I saw none of her cuts were deep.

She doesn’t say anything. Rochelle shook her head rapidly as she rushed towards me. I stumble a little as she throws herself in my arms. Rochelle’s body shook as she hugged me and cried. I held her tightly and pulled her closer to my chest, never wanting to let go. Whoever did this to her was going for pay.

“Rochelle,” I whispered in a prayer.

She looked up at me and I got lost into her chocolate eyes. I couldn’t help myself this time. I had to touch her. Needed to.

Without hesitation, I cupped her face with my hands, gently caressing her smooth bruised skin and cut. I could tell we both needed the contact to reassure her and myself that she was okay.

Then I felt a jolt.

My hand began to slowly burn, but not to the point it hurt. It felt like electricity was flowing through my veins, into my entire body. My heart started to race and I could hardly breathe.

I saw flashes as foreign emotions tumbled into me. It was almost instinctive for me to recognize that it was Rochelle’s.

I felt her pain.

Her sorrow.

Her fear.

I saw the first time she saw me in the club. I felt her awe, seeing me as a savior. Her only hope.

I saw a flash and blinked.

I saw Rochelle looking at me, my hands still on her. I felt her awe and disbelief. She was smiling like crazy and I couldn’t help but smile back. Happiness flooded my body with pure raw emotion.

“You did it.” she breathed out. She looked at me then frowned. She wrapped her arms around my neck, making sure we made skin contact. I felt warmth go through my body and relax. I couldn’t help but let out a moan. It felt so good.

If I wouldn’t known her skin was this soft, I would’ve touched her a long time ago.

“Cole,” I shuddered when I felt her breath by my ear.

“Breathe.” She said soothingly.

I didn’t notice that I was holding my breath in. I took a couple of deep breaths and felt a little dazed. I try to focus on the events that just happened. I felt the need to be anxious and scared, but it felt like something was preventing me from doing so. The touch of her skin was too distracting and I felt nothing but contentment.

“You realize you have a lot of explaining to do right?” I say distractedly, trying to get to the matter at hand.

She nodded.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up. I can’t stand you in this state.” I frown as I look at her injured state, the euphoria barely wearing off.

I grabbed her hand and got on my bike.

Rochelle had a lot of explaining to do.

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