I Dream of You

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Food Fight


“Come on, one kiss, please?” I pouted, trying to give her the puppy eyes. Rochelle giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck. I sighed at the warmth that spread through my body at her touch.

“Alright. I guess one wouldn’t hurt.” she mocked with a cute smile.

Grinning, I leaned down and-

“Marlene! Leave the kids alone!” Dad whispered. Well more like yelled. Dang it Dad!

I saw a flash behind my closed lids and groaned.

I groggily opened my eyes and found my mom shoving a camera in front of my face.

“They look so cute! My little boy is growing up!” Mom squealed.

Dad chuckled and saw my grumpy form.

“Morning son, want to tell us what’s going on?” he asked playfully.

I rolled my eyes. My parents can be so nosey.

“Nope.” I said popping the ‘p’. I tried to remember my surroundings and found that Rochelle and I were completely wrapped around each other. Our legs are tangled together and my arms wrapped around her protectively. What is she doing here?

Everything came back in a flash and I squirmed a little bit. Yesterday had been absolutely crazy. But to be honest with you, it didn’t faze me that much.

Well, anymore. Sure it was a lot of processing to do, but I knew something was different. These dreams weren’t just from my imagination. They were real. That idea alone kept me grounded from insanity.

Rochelle started to stir from her sleep and I waited patiently for her to wake up, ignoring my parents bantering. Her eyes fluttered open, showing me her brown eyes. She smiled softly and I smiled back. I examined her whole face in awe. Wow, she’s beau-

I stop in my tracks and my jaw dropped open. All her bruises were gone.



The cut that was on her face was gone too, leaving no mark indicating it was there before.

I was about to open my mouth about it until I realized my parents were still in the room.

“What time is it?” Rochelle asked.

“Oh, about nine in the morning. You kids are late for school. We stopped Suzie from tackling you before she went to school. We would’ve woken you up sooner but you two looked so cute.” Mom gushed.

“Mom.” I groaned while Rochelle turned pink, hiding her face on my chest.

Giggling, my mom went into the kitchen. “How about I make you guys some breakfast, hm?”

“That would be wonderful Marlene. Thank you.” Rochelle said gratefully.

Nodding her head, my mom went to the kitchen.

I noticed Dad was staring at Rochelle again. Why does he keep doing that?

“Ugh Dad, why do you keep staring at Rochelle like that?” I asked in confusion and a bit of annoyance.

Dad shook out of his thoughts and looked at me.

“She just reminds me of someone...” he said thoughtfully. “Rochelle? Where are you originally from?” he asked curiously, a glint shown in his eyes.

“Mercer Island, Washington. Why?” Rochelle asked giving him a weird look. She looked at me in confusion and I shrugged. My dad’s eyes widened. He pointed his finger at Rochelle.

“Henry’s daughter? You’re Henry Smith’s father?!” Dad said incredulously.

At the name, Rochelle left my arms and jumped off the couch. I resisted the urge to pull her back into my arms. “You know my father?” she said excitedly. My eyes widened at the revelation. Rochelle mentioned his name yesterday.

“Old Henry? Of course! He’s a close friend of mine. I can’t believe it. He’s been searching for months! And you’re here with my son?” He asked accusingly. He pointed at us back and forth.

“Dad, do you know about this mumbo-jumbo with her family?” I asked. My dad’s eyes widened even more.

Dad was about to open his mouth until mom announced breakfast was ready.

My dad turned to us and mouthed we’ll talk later.

Dad went to the kitchen and I turned to Rochelle.

“Your cuts are all better” I commented.

“Yeah, I uh couldn’t have gotten better without your help,” she admitted. I smiled and nodded, grabbing her hand gently and intertwining our fingers. I sighed in content. I could get used to this.

“Well princess, let’s go eat.”


“This is disgusting!” I scowled using a towel to get all the gunk out of my hair.

Rochelle laughed. “You did start it,” she replied. She was currently picking fruit out of her hair, putting the remains of the once fruit salad into the trash.

We were both covered in breakfast foods.

Well, my big mouth and I had to point out to my mom that she got syrup all over her face, saying she can be such a kid sometimes.

“A kid?” She raised a brow. “Let me show you how it is acting like a kid.” Apparently she had to prove my point by throwing food at my face. I wiped my eyes from the yogurt and glared at her.

Some tossing back and forth was happening when all the sudden, a full blown food fight ensued in the kitchen.

Now, while my parents are cleaning downstairs, we were told to clean up.

I looked at Rochelle. She was covered in scrambled eggs and syrup was all over her pants.

She couldn’t have looked more adorable than that as she pouted at the piece of watermelon in her hair.

“Um, Cole?” she asked silently.

“Hm?” I mumbled as I admired her.

“I don’t have any clothes to change to,” Rochelle said nervously as she gestured to her ruined clothes. I hummed in agreement.

“Oh...oh! Sorry, give me a second. You can take a shower in my bathroom.” I said quickly.

While she took a shower, I went through my drawers to find something that would fit her. She’s so tiny compared to me, so I tried to find the smallest pieces of clothing I own for her to borrow. I come out with a pair of boxers and a plain shirt.

I knock on the door gently and tried not to gasp. Rochelle was only wearing a towel and her hair was damp across her shoulders. I followed a drop gliding done her collarbone down to the valley of her breasts. My body began to heat up and I swallowed harshly. I forced myself to focus before I did or said something irrational.

Wishing I was one of those water droplets.

“I-I g-got you some clothes.” I stuttered. Damn it, Cole!

“Thank you,” she said, her cheeks red as a tomato.

She grabbed the clothes then closed the door. While she was in there, I started to change myself. I was about to put a shirt on when the door opened.

I turned around and looked up and down her body. The boxers went down mid-thigh and since the shirt was so big, it looked like she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, barely seeing the edge of my boxers. I gulped.

God have mercy.

“Thanks for the clothes,” she said but then started to stare at my chest. I looked down and realized what she was staring at.

I got a tattoo the day I turned eighteen. My mom chewed my ear off for that.

The tattoo had a black tribal design that looked like flames spreading from my side to the front of my chest. I liked my tattoo, but there was no particular reason why I got it.

Or it could be that Dylan and I got too drunk. But I found a new reason with Rochelle admiring my torso.

Rochelle walked up to me and I felt my body tense in anticipation. For what? I got my answer when she reached out and traced my tattoo. Shivers went down my spine and I suppressed a groan. She had no idea the effect she had on me. It took all my willpower to stay still as she admired it.

“I like your tattoo. It’s unique,” she said breathlessly as she pulled her hand away, taking the sparks and warmth with her.

“Thank you. I try.” I smirked. She playfully rolled her eyes.

“Aren’t you conceited. I guess no school then? I can’t go to school like this.” She gestured to her body in embarrassment.

Sudden possessiveness hit my core. No other guy should see her like this but me.

“Cole?” I snapped out of my shocking thoughts and looked at Rochelle.

“Can we please talk to your dad? I think he can help me,” she said pleadingly. I chuckled and kissed her forehead. It tingles my lips.

“Of course. Let’s go talk to my dad.” I mumbled.

I looked over her one last time before grabbing her hand and leading her out.

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