I Dream of You

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First Date


I started pacing nervously at the front door. Rochelle should be ready any minute now. While, she and Sabrina were out and about, I was setting things up for our date tonight. My palms were starting to get sweaty. I really hoped she liked what I had in store tonight.

“You ready?” Sabrina called from upstairs.

“Yes. Can I please see my date now?” I shouted. My nerves were skyrocketing. The only person who would be able to calm me down was Rochelle.

Sabrina ran down the steps excitedly.

“You’re going to love this.” she cheered and gestured to the staircase.

I was about to ask her something when I fixed my eyes on her. My mind went blank and the question rolled out of my mouth. She looked amazing.

She was wearing a dress with different floral designs with little wedges. Her brown hair were in waves going down her back and minimal makeup. I just stared at her speechless.

To sum it up, she was drool worthy.

Sabrina cleared her throat and elbowed me.

“Anything you have to say, Cole?” she asked pointedly.

I tried to find a compliment in my jumbled head, but it came out fuzzy and translated into incoherent thoughts. Rochelle looked down.

“Does it look that bad?” she said sadly. I snapped out of it on that comment.

“Rochelle, you look beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” I said sternly. She smiled softly.

“You look quite dashing.” She said teasingly.

I flushed. I was wearing a dark blue dress shirt with the sleeves pushed up to my elbows, black jeans matching with dark brown boots. I’m not going to lie, it took me two hours with my mom’s help to get this outfit together. I couldn’t find it in me to be embarrassed. I wanted to make an impression.

“You ready, Ms. Smith?” I asked in a posh like tone, holding my arm out for her to take.

“Of course, Mr. Roberts.” Rochelle dramatically accepts my arm and we walk out the door.

“I expect details Rochelle!” Sabrina yells. I laughed when I saw the embarrassment on Rochelle’s face.

“Sabrina is something. She is probably worse than my mother.” Rochelle mumbles. I laughed even harder.

“That she is.” I said in agreement, feeling on top of the world with her hand in mine.

I led her to my dad’s work car and opened the passenger door for her. She thanked me and got in while I went around to the driver’s seat.

“Are you going to tell me where we are going?” Rochelle says with hope, pouting her lower lip in such an adorable way I almost gave into her.

“Nope. In fact..” I trailed off as I dug through my pocket.

I took out a blindfold.

“You will be wearing this,” I gave her a puppy eye look after seeing her suspicious face. “Trust me.”

Rochelle grabs the blindfold without complaint and puts it on. Making sure it’s secure, I drive the car to our destination. The ride was silent but comfortable. I was starting to get nervous for our first date.

What if she didn’t like what I had planned? There could be a possibility that we weren’t going to a nice restaurant. What if she laughed at it?

Ignoring my thoughts, I took us to our spot.

I parked and walked around to the passenger’s spot. I opened the door and gently helped her get out and guided her through the field.

“Is this the part where you kill me?” Rochelle said jokingly. I chuckled.

“Dang it. How did you know?” I said in mock frustration. She giggled and I knew she was rolling her eyes behind the blindfold.

After a few more minutes I stopped walking.

“Okay, you can take the blindfold off.”

Rochelle delicately took the blindfold off and gasped at the sight.

We were in a huge empty field. The fields were filled with flowers and the stars were visible and shining away from civilization. In front us was a picnic blanket with candles surrounding it. There was a basket and plates ready to be used. Rochelle looked around in shock.

“Do you like it?” I asked nervously. Rochelle stayed silent and kept staring at me. I began to fidget in my spot. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea...

“If you don’t I-”

She cut me off by hugging me tight. My arms wrapped around her automatically, pulling her closer.

“I love it, thank you.” she whispered and kissed the corner of my mouth, making my body turn hot.

I beamed at her and gestured her to have a seat.

I open the basket and bring out containers. Rochelle looked at it curiously and squealed in delight when I opened it.

Inside was her favorite meal, Chicken Alfredo. I helped my mom make it, along with Suzie adding a few ingredients and snacks.

I brought out some breadsticks and some coke. After serving, we ate our meals happily, looking at the stars.

“It’s beautiful.” Rochelle breathed out, breaking the silence. I couldn’t help but agree with her.

“Yea, beautiful.” but I wasn’t looking at the stars. She turned and saw me staring at her and blushed. I couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re cute when you blush.” I admitted with a grin

That just made her redder. I chuckled. I grew quiet again, growing anxious again. What if she says no? Oh god, I don’t know what I would do if she said that now. But I need an answer to this.


Rochelle grabbed my hand, calming me. It’s amazing how just one touch can make me content. Like all my troubles are gone.

“Are you okay?” Rochelle asked, concern on her face. I nodded.

“Um, there’s something I need to ask you” I started. I wiped my hands on my jeans. God, this is embarrassing. I take a deep breath and look at her.

“Rochelle Marie Smith, will you be my girlfriend?”

Wow. That sounded way more confident than I felt.

Rochelle looked shocked for the second time tonight and didn’t say anything for a few minutes. My shoulders slumped. Great. I just ruined my friendship with her. Why did I even ask anyway? We just met a few days ago for Christ’s sake!

I was about to laugh it off, to say it was a joke, until Rochelle gave me the biggest smile in the world. She wrapped her arms around my neck and crashed her lips on mine. I was shocked at first, but replied after a few seconds. We kissed for a few moments before she pulled back.

“Yes,” she breathed. “I would love to be your girlfriend.”

I smiled and pulled her back to me. I’ve never felt so happy in my life.

“One more thing left on the menu tonight. Look.” I pointed to the sky.

Out of no where, fireworks exploded in the air, taking over the entire sky. I may or may not have asked Dylan to do it at a specific time. I owe him twenty bucks for that. Rochelle looked at the light display in awe, and turned to look at me.

“Best first date ever.” She sighed dreamily as she cuddled closer to me.

I laughed and did the only thing I wanted to do at that moment.

I kissed the heck out of my girlfriend.

Just me and her.

Then something clicked as we kissed passionately.

Something that was obvious since four days ago. Probably five weeks ago when I began dreaming about her.

I’m falling for her.

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