I Dream of You

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Let Them


We were looking at the stars again. Well, Rochelle was. I was too busy staring at her profile. I can’t believe she’s mine now.

“Cole,” Rochelle whispered. I stared at her intently. She moved so she was directly in front of me.

“Do you believe in soulmates?” Rochelle asked. I stared at her bewildered. That was an unexpected question. I decided to answer honestly.

“I don’t know. I never found the right girl.” I murmured as I played with a lock of her soft brown hair.

Until now.

Rochelle fiddled with her fingers.

“There’s something I need to tell you and I don’t know how you’ll react to it.”


I nodded my head to encourage her.

“You’re my-”

I woke up to a crash.

Really? What the hell!?

Fate just loves pestering me.

“Suzie! How many times have I told you not to run in the house?” Mom shouts.

I heard little mumbles in response. I rolled my eyes. Of course Suzie would crash into something. I just hoped it wasn’t mom’s prized vase. Suzie would never hear the end of it.

Groaning, I got up to see Rochelle.

My girlfriend.

I can’t stop the grin from escaping. She’s finally all mine. No one is taking her away from me. Not without a fight. For the first time, I felt complete. That life couldn’t get any better than this.

I knock on the guest room door gently before opening the door. I see a small lump on the bed rising up and down. I smile softly and walk to the sleeping creature. I move the blanket away from her face.

For the millionth time, I admire her form. She looks so calm and at peace, I don’t have the heart to wake her up. But I have to, if we don’t want to miss school again.

I gently shook her awake. Rochelle stirred and fluttered her eyes open. When she spotted me, she gave me a smile.

“Morning.” she greeted.

“Good morning.” I say in a husky voice. I saw her shiver and suppressed a smirk. I liked knowing I had an effect on her.

“Come on. We’re going to be late for school. It’s Thursday. Only today and tomorrow and we’re on break.” I cheered.

Spring break was coming up and I was excited to spend some time with my friends and my girl.

“You’re too peppy this morning.” Rochelle groaned but got up anyway.

Leaving her alone, I get ready myself. I shower and put on some clothes, then go downstairs to get some breakfast for us.

“Morning Mom and Dad.” I greet as I grabbed an apple and took a huge bite out of it.

“Morning son.” they greeted. I looked around.

“Where’s Suzie?” I ask.

“She’s in her room on time out, pouting about breaking a vase when she was running down the hallway. She should be grateful it wasn’t my vase.” Mom exasperated.

I snickered and shook my head. I loved my little sister more than anything, but sometimes she’s reckless. Let’s call it payback for the dress up we did a few days ago.

Rochelle barged down the stairs and said hello my parents. I tossed her an apple, which she caught and munched on gratefully. I smiled at her. She does everything adorably.

After we finished breakfast, we go to Michelle. Rochelle didn’t have any of her things for school, but luckily it was all in her locker.

We parked in my spot and got off. I intertwined our fingers and led her to her locker. Everyone was staring at us, shocked. There were whispers everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole school knew about our relationship in less than an hour.

“Everyone is staring.” Rochelle whispered blushing once we made it to her locker.

I tilted her head up with two fingers to have her look at me.

“Let them look.” I whispered before pressing my lips to hers.

“Hey kids! Keep it PG!”

We pulled apart and I glared at my best friend. The jerk. Dylan just smirked, knowing what he just interrupted.

“I really am happy for you man” he smiled genuinely.

I smiled back and we did our man hug.


We all jumped until we saw Sabrina run in front of a wide eyed Rochelle.

“You were supposed to tell me the details when you got home. I was waiting all night by my phone! And you didn’t tell me you guys were together.” she pouted.

Dylan and I laughed. Typical Sabrina.

Sabrina dragged Rochelle away for while Dylan and I went to our lockers.

“Dude, how does it feel being out of the market? All the girls are going to give Rochelle a hard time now that the town’s ladies man is unavailable. Especially Victoria.” Dylan said with an eye roll.

Dylan despises Victoria, especially when we were together. Victoria and Dylan only bickered with each other when we hung out. He did an Irish jig when I told him about our breakup. His reaction isn’t surprising.

I also knew what he was saying was true. Victoria will personally attack Rochelle, verbally or physically. I won’t let that happen though. Besides, Dylan and Sabrina will back her up. She won’t be alone in this.

“Then we’ll stop them.” I said simply while Dylan nodded thoughtfully. He frowned.

“We can’t hit girls though, dude.” Dylan pipes in after thinking for a few minutes.

“Sabrina wouldn’t have a problem.” I say proudly.

We laughed and went to class. I waited patiently at my desk for Rochelle. She ran into the classroom and launched for the chair. She was giggling.

“I think Sabrina will kill me later.”

“What did you do?” I said with amusement.

“I may have run out on her when she wanted the juicy details" Rochelle shuddered at the term.

I laughed. The bell rang and class started. I examined the room. Victoria was glaring daggers at Rochelle, but my girlfriend seemed oblivious to it. How come I feel like we’re gonna have some problems later?

There’s going to be major bumps on this road.

I saw an empty seat next to Victoria. Where’s Derrick? I clenched my jaw. Where is he so I can beat the shit out of him?

I felt Rochelle rub her hand up and down my arm. I calmed down a little.

But I still couldn’t get Derrick out of my thoughts. This is bigger than we are letting on. He kidnapped Rochelle from her home, her family. Why? Why did he want Rochelle?

Before I knew it, the bell rang. Everyone got out of their seats. Victoria bumped her shoulder into Rochelle with a huff. Rochelle grumbled under her breath, glaring daggers. I smiled and pecked her cheek, bringing her to our next class.

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