I Dream of You

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Beach Day


The school day was interesting.

There were whispers and envious looks everywhere I went. It was so annoying, but I tried to ignore them. I hate being the center of attention, which is ironic since I am ‘officially’ apart of the popular crowd.

Nothing eventful happened after our grande entrance to school.

“You bitch!” A heard a shriek.

Never mind. Spoke too soon.

We were at lunch laughing about something, until Victoria marched to our table.

“I don’t know how you are with Cole but he’s mine, slut. Did you just open your legs for him?” she growled. She turned to Cole with rage. “I offered that to you and you want to go with this thing?” Victoria spat as she eyed me with disgust.

I was fuming. How dare she accuse me and my boyfriend of that! I was ready to punch her but Cole held me tighter to him. He kissed my forehead and glared at Victoria.

“I never wanted to be with you like that Victoria. And I would start slut-shaming her. Look who’s talking!? You have opened your legs for over half the male population in this school! Don’t you dare insult or disrespect my girlfriend. I may not hit girls, but if you do anything to Rochelle I will make you pay for it.” Cole gritted out. He was shaking in anger. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck in an attempt to calm him.

Victoria’s eyes held a bit of fear, but she kept her chin up.

“Oh please! We all know you want to be with me. Is she threatening you? I will kill her if you want me too.” she said a little too eagerly.

We all looked at her dumbfounded. Can she get anything through her thick skull?

“Listen Victoria, Cole isn’t yours anymore. He’s mine. I suggest you find someone else to cling over because he’s not interested. Stop being a bitch and move along with your life!” I growled.

I turned around and continued eating my lunch. Victoria let out a shout of frustration.

“You will pay for this. All of you.” she whispered. She stomped out of the cafeteria.

“Woah. That was hot.” Dylan breathed as he looked at me with a bit of reverence.

Cole slapped him on the back of the head.

“Watch it. She’s mine.” he said playfully with a hint of seriousness in his tone.

We all laughed.

“Girl, that was amazing. I wanted to punch her for her accusations. Opening your legs? Please.” Sabrina huffed. I smiled at her. These guys are loyal to each other.

Lunch was over and the rest of the day went smoothly. I was paranoid however. Derrick was no where to be seen. What is he up to?

“Everything okay?”

I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled at Cole’s concerns.

“Absolutely. Let’s go. You know, we still have a science project to do.” I smirked knowingly. Cole groaned.

“That sounds terrible...oh well. You’ll be there. I am all good for this chemistry project.” he declared.

We got on his bike and we went back home.



Life has never been better. Spring break started yesterday and Rochelle and I are laying around the house.

Too bad we were bored out of our minds staring at the TV. We would be with my family, but they went out of town to visit some friends for the day. That meant Suzie has gone with them much to Rochelle’s disappointment.

“How about we meet up with Dylan and Sabrina?” Rochelle volunteered an idea. I could tell she was ready to leave the house.

I contemplated that idea. I know we want to do something, but I wanted it to be just us. Call me selfish, but I don’t care. But, if that’s what Rochelle wants, we’ll do it.

“Alright. Where do you wanna go?” I asked as I thought of the different places around town.

“Ugh, I don’t know what’s around here. It’s only been a week.” she said embarrassed. My eyes widened at the reminder.

“Really? A week? Huh...well how about we go to the beach? It’s only an hour away from here.” I thought out loud.

Rochelle beamed at me and jumped off the couch.

“Let’s do it!” she squealed.

I texted Dylan while Rochelle contacted Sabrina. Once we made our arrangements, we went to get ready for our beach day. It’s supposed to nice out so we wore shorts and t-shirts. I raked my eyes over Rochelle’s legs.

Definitely nice.

Once everyone was at my house, we crammed into Dylan’s truck.

“BEACH DAY!” Dylan screamed, hurting my eardrums. Rochelle and Sabrina giggled at his actions.

“Dude! You’re killing my ears.” I complained, rubbing my ear to stop the ringing.

He smiled cheekily and turned the engine on.

After twenty minutes, Sabrina groaned.

“That’s it! We’re playing a game!” she announced.

Dylan and I groaned. We hated her car games. Having known her since middle school, she always made us participate in her games when we went on field trips.

Rochelle looked at us confused.

Sabrina started jumping up and down her seat.

“Let’s play I spy! I spy with my little eye...something black.”

“The road.” Dylan and I chorused together. She huffed.

“That was just a lucky guess.” Sabrina muttered.

We all laughed at her.


Dylan parked in the parking areas and we all got out. The place wasn’t too crowded so it wasn’t hard to find a spot.

Sabrina and Rochelle took off their clothes and revealed their swimsuits. I was practically drooling over Rochelle’s simple teal bikini. I finally landed back to her face to see Rochelle was smirking. Damn it, she noticed my ogling. I looked away for something to distract me and spotted the ocean.

Let’s get in the water!

I smirked at a mischievous thought in my head an picked Rochelle up, running towards the water.

She squealed.

“Cole, it’s going to be freezing in there! Let me go!” Rochelle started to squirm in my hold.

“Sorry babe, but we’re going in!” I shouted.

I jumped into a wave, soaking us in the salt water.

Shit. She was right. It’s cold.

“Cole!” Rochelle squeaked.

I felt water splash my face. Oh, it is so on. A few seconds later, we were having a water war. Dylan and Sabrina joined us in our water fight and we all were enjoying ourselves.

Soon the water was too cold and we ran out.

We hung out at the beach all day- playing frisbee, making sand castles, volleyball, you name it. It was getting late and we decided to make a bonfire with a bunch of other teenagers. We had no idea who they were, but they decided to join in. We didn’t mind.

A band was starting to set up campfire songs. Excited, Sabrina shoved Rochelle in front of the group.

“She can sing boys. Let her in.” Sabrina volunteered her.

Rochelle glared at Sabrina before turning to the group with a shy smile.

The band talked to Rochelle for a few seconds and they started getting ready. Rochelle sat on the sand and patiently waited for the guitarist who was setting up her cords. She started strumming...

I think the universe is on my side.....

One by one, instruments started playing along with the music. Dylan shoved me over and I glared at him. He shrugged and gestures between Rochelle and me. Sighing I walk over to Rochelle and sing with her.

Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Were you dazzled by the same constellation?
Did you and Jupiter conspire.....

Everyone sang along with us at that point. I looked into her eyes.

And I get lost in your eyes tonight.

I realized this is a precious moment. Just me and her.

Something I can never forget.

I wished this moment would never end.

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