I Dream of You

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Cannibals and Traitors


I ran inside the house. Shit this is bad. Really really really-

“Son, why are you home early? Where’s Rochelle?” Mom asked worriedly looking behind me.

“She went with Derrick! Derrick threatened Rochelle and agreed to go with him because of Sabrina. Mom, this is bad. This is very bad.” I panicked and started to heave. I couldn’t breathe. It felt like the room was spinning.

“Everyone get in here. Cole’s having a panic attack!” I heard my mom yell, but it felt like everything was underwater. I closed my eyes as black spots start to cover my vision.

Cole...calm down! You’re fre.. out!

I felt myself calm down from her voice. Rochelle’s here. I started to breathe in and out and began to register people settling me in a chair, but I concentrate on Rochelle. I frowned as I notice that it sounds soft and I can barely understand what she’s saying.

Rochelle! Are you alright? God it’s all my fault! I should have stayed with you-

Don’t...to me Roberts.. my choice...fault. I need...breath...tell you where...soon... calm down. Deep breaths.

I take some more deep breaths. Once my head is clear, I open my eyes. Everyone is surrounding me, concerned. Kyle was pacing back and forth, while Erica was trying to calm him down.

Kyle started to shake as Erica tried to sooth him from the news about Sabrina. I know how he’s feeling right now but I have more to lose than he does.

Derrick wants Rochelle, not her.

“All good.” I croaked.

Henry looked at me and smiled sadly. Though I can see the anger and fear in his eyes, I could tell it wasn’t aimed directly at me.

“It’s alright son, we will get her back. I understand. We need the rest of the Somnia to come and we will get her soon. We can’t be reckless with this.” Henry says as he hugs a crying Erica to his chest.

Everyone ordered me to lay down. Much to my protest, I dragged my ass to bed. As I began to sleep, a tear fell down my face.


I was back in the woods. On the end of the stream, there was a brick house. I realized this was in the outskirts of town.

A flash came to my vision and I found myself in a dark room. A couple candles gave light to the room. It looked like an office with a desk, chair, and a few shelves. There were five shadows facing the desk.

“Sir, the Somnias are going to find their way in soon.” a familiar feminine voice replied.

Where have I heard her from?

A chair started to spin and the candlelight hit him.


“I know, but they’ll be too late. I’m going to be bonded to Rochelle by the time they show up. I’m going to make sure Roberts can’t get to her. I may even have to kill him, but I don’t mind.” he smirked.

“Sir, what about Sabrina?” the other shadow asked. That voice also sounded familiar, but I was too distracted to think about it.

“Kill her. Once she’s dead, the future leader will be too heartbroken to do anything. We can get rid of him too. Kills two birds with one stone. Soon, we will get rid of all the Somnias. One by one. The Nightmares will conquer all.”

“Nightmares will conquer all.” the shadows echoed. While saying it, the shadow that asked about Sabrina tensed. What’s his problem?

There was another flash and I was in a basement. I looked around. No one was here.

“I don’t like him!” a girl squealed.

I stand corrected. I walked toward the voices and spotted two lumps. It all clicked. That’s where Rochelle and Sabrina are!

They started arguing for awhile until they stopped. Sabrina broke the silence.

“He loves you, you know that right? Cole has never acted like this before. I can tell he has fallen for you. He’s going to be stubborn with you. You guys are perfect for each other.” Sabrina said with a smile and Rochelle blushes.

I melt right there. I realized it’s true. I fell for Rochelle Smith.

I love her.

“Come get us Cole.” Rochelle whispered.


My eyes snap open and I jolted out of bed.

I know where they are!

I ran down the stairs barely catching myself as I see everyone in my living room. They all look to be on their phones or strategizing. Kyle didn’t look very good as I see him playing with Suzie, who was trying to cheer Kyle up. I can tell he’s grateful for the distraction.

“Guys! I know where they are! I know what he’s planning!” I yelled. Everyone dropped their stuff and turned to me.

They all eagerly listen while I told them my dream. I left out the shadow people that I vaguely recognized. I knew I should have told them, but it was due to selfish reasoning. I was still trying to figure it out myself. Those voices seemed to familiar.

“The few of the Somnias should be here any second.” Henry said.

Right on que, there was a knock at the door. Dad went to go get it. He came back with about twenty strangers piling into the room. My eyes widened. That’s a few?

“Everyone, this is Cole Roberts, the soulmate to your princess.” Henry introduced.

They bowed their heads slightly and I waved awkwardly because I didn’t know how to react to their actions. Okay...that wasn’t weird at all.

“He is going to explain to you what is happening. After your briefing, we will think of a plan. Derrick is planning on bonding sometime tonight. That is when we strike.” Henry said with an air of authority. They bowed again and gave me their undivided attention.

I explained the situation and showed them a map of the area. Some people put in their input on ideas and strategies to surround the house or how to fight. Might as well be a war room in there.

Lookout Derrick Thompson.

I’m coming to kick your sorry ass.



“I’m hungry!” Sabrina complained. I groaned out loud.

“Sabrina, you mentioned this in the last hour. There’s no food.” I said as I massaged my head from my previous injury. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore, but that small communication with Cole wore me out. “You need to realize we are imprisoned, not at a five star hotel.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” Sabrina fumed. I can tell she is very aggravated and about to turn aggressive.

She banged on the door.

“YO! I NEED SOME FOOD IN HERE!” Sabrina shouted.

“SHUT UP!” Yelled a voice on the other side of the door.


“ALRIGHT! I’ll get you some damned food!” The soldier growled cutting off Sabrina’s rampage. Sabrina’s red face cooled and put a smile on her face to the door.

“Thank you.” she said sweetly and skipped over to me. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Cannibalism? Really?” I say amused.

She shrugged.

After a while, there was a a knock.

“Thank goodness! Foods here.” Sabrina cheered.

The door opened and a figure came in with a tray of food. The figure came under the light and we gasped.

It couldn’t be. I felt the betrayal from Sabrina and myself.


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