I Dream of You

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After a lot of arguing, we agreed to leave at seven. Even though I wanted to leave immediately, Henry was afraid of daylight exposure. I knew I was thinking irrationally, but I insisted we would leave at before sunset.

I kissed my mom goodbye. She would be staying here with Erica and Suzie, while Dad, Kyle, and Henry came with us.

“Be careful sweetie. Bring Rochelle back safe, alright?” Mom asked. I nodded in agreement and hugged a pouting Suzie, promising that we would play when I get back.

As I pulled away from Suzie’s tight grip, I was tackled by Erica.

“Bring my little flower back,” she whispered. I hugged her tightly. I knew she was reliving the months she went without seeing Rochelle, but I was determined to get her back. Pulling away, I went to the door where Kyle was standing.

For a few minutes, Kyle and I were standing by the door, looking at everyone prepare for tonight.

“Do you think the girls are alright? I don’t know what I would do if we lost Rochelle again. Especially Sabrina. I know I just met her, but she means the world to me. The dreams only make things worse,” Kyle confessed.

I nodded in agreement, thinking of my own dreams with Rochelle.

“The girls will be fine. They will be in our arms soon Kyle, I know it.” I say confidently.

He gave me a small smile and left when one the men called his name.

We were getting into our vehicles when Henry stopped me.

“Cole,” he stopped for a second. “I need you to promise to bring my daughter back. I can’t lose her again. None of us can handle going through it again.” he said with glazed eyes.

I nodded, the determination in my eyes.

“I won’t let you down sir,” I vowed.

Together, we get in our jeep and drove away with the other cars trailing behind us.




“Dylan? Why?” Sabrina whispered betrayal and anger in her eyes. “How could you do this to us? Your friends!”

Dylan looked at her with pain filled eyes and shook his head rapidly.

“I-I had no choice. I’m so s-sorry. If Cole does come, I have to stop him. I don’t want this any more than you do.” he placed the trays on the floor and left the basement.

Something is wrong with Dylan.

“What did Dylan mean by that?” Sabrina asked, some of the anger leaving her eyes.

I looked at her sadly and shook my head, signaling I had no clue. But we both knew now. Dylan would’ve never done this, it wasn’t in his personality. Something pulled him into this world and I don’t think it means anything good when he is working for Derrick. We pick up the trays and start eating. I think about it as I ate a stale piece of bread.

Dylan never acted strange or irrational. This had to be recent for this to have happened. I spoke my thoughts to Sabrina and she nodded in agreement. We would give him the benefit of a doubt unless he proves us wrong.

After we finished eating, the door opened and Derrick walks in.

“Our ceremony will start in an hour. Be ready.” He said with a joyous smile.

I glared at him as he left the room.

Cole hurry up, please.

“I don’t think I can handle anything else right now,” I said to Sabrina.

Can things get any worse?

Of course, the door opened again revealing another figure. I feel sick to my stomach and curse myself for thinking my last thought.

You have got to be kidding me.

“What the hell are you doing here, Victoria? Aren’t you supposed to be cradling your broken nose?” Sabrina snapped.

Victoria scowled as she touched her nose gently. She had a bandage over her nose with dark bruises under her eyes. I smirked at her appearance.

“I told you I would get my payback. You see after you are bonded to Derrick again, I don’t have to worry about you being a distraction to Cole. He will come to realize his true soulmate-me. We will live happily ever after and bond together. I would’ve never believed it until Derrick told me.” she said dreamily.

“You’re insane if you think that’s going to work.” I sneered.

“Yes, it will. Once Cole and I bond, he will forget all about you. Of course, if that doesn’t work, Derrick will have to kill him. Unfortunate, really, but he has a choice.” Victoria pouted before giving a smirk. “Obviously he doesn’t need to think about it and will choose me anyway.”

“You are insane.” I gritted through my teeth.

Victoria huffed.

“Whatever, here. If you don’t put this on, my men will force you to.”

She threw a dress and a makeup bag on the floor. Once she did that she stomped towards me in her high heels. She raised her hand and quickly moved it across my face.

I gasped at the slap I got in the face. I held my cheek as it stung in my hand.

“That’s for stealing Cole from me, bitch.” She shoved me onto the floor and kicked my stomach. I gasped at the pain. “And that’s for breaking my nose!”

Sabrina got up to attack, but Victoria ran to the exit.

Sabrina came to comfort me while a tear fell from my eyes.

“Come on Rochelle. Are you okay?” she said worriedly.

I got up slowly and winced from the pain in my stomach. I knew it was going to bruise and nothing felt broken.

“I’m fine. But I know I have to get ready. I don’t want to know what happens if I don’t.” I say as I grab the dress to examine it. Sabrina turned to give me privacy as I put the dress on. I scowled in disgust.

The outfit was horrible.

It barely covered my-ahem- assets and the material was lace. It was blood red and barely made it to my mid-thigh.

I struggled to put on the red needle heel shoes. I groaned at myself and Sabrina cringed before working on my hair and makeup.

Sabrina left my hair in waves to cover my chest. I was grateful for that. At least she tried to make me a tad more conservative. She added only the bold red lipstick Victoria threw at me and some cover up for the slap.

At least I didn’t look that bad...

Oh who am I kidding, I looked like someone badly impersonating a Victoria’s Secret Model.

“Sabrina, I can’t go out there like this!” I hissed as I try to pull the dress down and balance in my heels.

“I don’t really think you have a choice in the matter, Rochelle. Just go with it.” Sabrina said encouragingly.

I sighed. I tried to concentrate on Cole, but I can feel him blocking me out. My head begins to hurt a little and I pulled back.

The door creaked open and Dylan came in. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. I raised an eyebrow at his shock.

Don’t catch any flies, Dylan...

“Um, it’s time,” Dylan mumbles after he snaps out of it. A couple more guards come in and grab us. We all walked out of the cell.



We parked a couple miles away from the house in the woods. There was a perimeter around the house, so we had to be careful.

It was dark outside. I froze. We didn’t have anything to see! How stupid of us! We should have brought flashlights.

“Henry, there’s no way we can see through these woods. It’s too dark.” I stressed and slapped my forehead at our ignorance.

Henry chuckled and raised his hand.

Out of nowhere, a flame flickered...right on top of Henry’s hand. I backed up quickly almost backing into Kyle. Is this guy crazy?! He’s going to burn his hand off! After a few moments of panicking, I realized nothing was happening.

“H-how did you-?” I stuttered.

“Magic, son. Did you really think we would come unprepared? What do you think we’d use? Flashlights? How ridiculous.” Henry laughed with a few other Somnia.

I flushed. Yeah. Ridiculous.

One by one, everyone had a flame appear in their hands. Well, except Dad and myself. I couldn’t help but feel jealous. I wanted to be at least somewhat useful for this part in the mission.

Henry saw the look on my face and chuckled.

“Soon Cole. You will get your power soon. You have some of your mother’s genes, correct?” Henry asked.

“Yes...but Dad is also human,” I muttered and gave Dad a smile.

“Then we are going to have to train you then. But now is not the time. Men, move out.” Henry ordered.

I followed Henry as we walked through the forest.

After a half hour we spotted flashlights and we hid behind the trees and shrubs.

See? There are people that use flashlights.

We snuck past the guards. That was until we all heard a snap. Everyone froze and searched for the source. The flashlights went to an embarrassed Somnia, whose foot was under a broken twig.

“INTRUDER!” A Nightmare shouted.

Henry punched the first guard, knocking him out completely.

“EVERYBODY, ATTACK!” Henry roared.

I punched a guard in the face and he went down.

“Cole! You need to find the girls! We will catch up as soon as we can! Take Kyle with you!” Henry shouted, holding off three guys.

I nodded and ran to Kyle. I patted his back to get his attention and gestured to the pathway. Kyle nodded, summoning his flame.

We ran down the dark path, letting the flame guide us.

“I’m going to try to contact Rochelle.” I panted. Kyle nodded and we kept running.

Rochelle, can you hear me?



I waited a few moments while we ran, but was met with silence. I felt my anxiety rise.



I was about to give up until I heard a small weak voice.


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