I Dream of You

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They dragged us to the back of the woods.

The backyard was decorated. There were candles that made a pathway to an altar. There was a symbol of a crescent moon dug deep into the dirt next to the altar.

It would have been romantic if there were some life and joy in this event. But unfortunately, there wasn’t. There was no plant life, so no flowers. Everything was withered or dead, including the grass. Plus the fact that the Nightmares were surrounding us.

There were shadows everywhere like they were guests at a wedding. There were chatter and laughter but it brought chills down your spine.

Nightmares. They were all here.

Totally ruined the mood.

“My fellow Nightmares!” Derrick bellowed.

“Today is the night we will claim what is rightfully ours. Once this bond is complete, we will rule over the humans and the Somnias will be no more!” He shouted.

The shadows roared in agreement. Terror filled me. This can’t be happening.


I jumped a little and held in a sigh of relief from the voice in my head.


I’m coming soon. Kyle and I are coming for you. Where are you?

We are at the back of the house, it’s connected to the woods. There is a stream next to us. Cole, Derrick is planning on bonding with me again. Dylan is here and Derrick going to kill Sabrina! Please hurry!

Why is Dylan there? Nevermind, don’t worry my love, we will be there in a few minutes. Try to stall.

Stall? How the hell am I supposed to do that?

Sabrina was put in the front row while the waiter from the restaurant pushed me to the front. An idea flashed in my head and I maneuvered my body to fall on my stomach.

“Ow!” I yelped. The sensation felt worse from Victoria’s kick earlier on my stomach.

It’s time to be an Oscar actress again.

“Ow! Damn it.” I cried.

Derrick ran up to me and inspected me. He totally fell for it.

“Baby! Are you alright?” He panicked.

I sniffled and pretended to sob.

“H-he pushed me!” I cried as I point to the waiter.

For a few moments, Derrick tried to comfort me while I kept fake sobbing.

“Oh, whatever slut. Get up.” Victoria snapped.

Girl, please.

Derrick pulled me up. He pulled me tightly to him.

“I love your outfit, Rochelle. Maybe this time we can really have a fun time,” he said huskily and ran his hand down my back to the swell of my bottom.

I think I’m going to throw up.

“Everybody, start the chant to begin the ceremony!” Derrick shouted to the Nightmares.

The chant began. Usually, it sounds like a beautiful melody, but with these guys, it sounds creepy as hell. As they were chanting, Derrick began the ceremony. Flashes from before caused me to panic. Once he started, the ritual would demand immediate gratification.


Taking a stone from the crescent moon symbol, Derrick sliced his palm and smeared his blood on the altar.

I looked at him in horror. This isn’t how the ceremony works. He saw my expression.

“Babe, I decided to change it up a bit. I know we were supposed to say our vows, but I like this better. Not only will we be soul bound, we shall be blood bound. Isn’t it wonderful?” Derrick said with a cold smile.

“No! Those were part of the ancient days. It’s too dangerous and it’s forbidden. I refuse to do this.” I said sternly.

Derrick narrowed his eyes at me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him.

“Well guess what? You don’t have a choice in the matter.” he sneered.

I struggled against him, but it was no use. I closed my eyes, waiting for my fate to be sealed.

Goodbye Cole.


We all jumped at the shout and I used that opportunity to pull my wrist away and push him off. I ran off the altar and grabbed Sabrina.

A couple of Nightmares came after us, but two figures came and knocked them out. We looked at them in shock. Relief filled my system from the sight.

It was Kyle and Cole.

Sabrina and I ran to them, but I was pulled back.

“Rochelle!” Cole shouted.

A felt something sharp against my neck.

“No one is going anywhere.” a voice said quietly.

Cole looked at Derrick furiously.

“Let her go, Derrick,” he growled.

“Baby, leave Rochelle alone. I missed you.” Victoria purred.

“Will you shut up?!” Sabrina yelled. Out of nowhere, she lunged and punched her in the face, knocking Victoria out cold.

“She had it coming.” She said as Kyle pulled her to him with a proud smile. Kyle still looked at me worriedly as he kept a secure hold on Sabrina.

Derrick came out of his shock and pulled me closer.

“You’re outnumbered, Roberts. Surrender now.” Derrick said as the Nightmares roared their support.

Kyle and Cole looked at each other in defeat. He was right, it was only the two of them.

Suddenly, Derrick loosened his grip and fell to the ground, unconscious. I looked at my savior.

Dylan. He dropped the rock and backed up in disgust.

“Dylan? What are you doing here?” Cole asked confused.

“No time to explain! We need to hold the Nightmares off before it’s too late.” Dylan said panicked.

As if remembering their orders, the Nightmares launched at us. We struggled back in forth, kicking and punching. I felt useless. I haven’t used my magic like everyone else in a while. This is so frustrating.

Cole, is there anyone else coming?, I thought kicking a Nightmare in the crotch.

Yep. Backup will be here any-

The thought was interrupted by a battle roar. We all turned around and spotted Dad with the rest of the Somnias.

“Attack!” my dad commanded and they all rushed into battle.

The Nightmares were starting to retreat into the woods. We didn’t go after them. We can get them another time. Soon it was us, Derrick, Victoria, and a few Nightmares stubborn enough to stay.

Derrick started to laugh hysterically as he got up from the ground, rubbing his head.

“I knew you would turn Dylan. But do you really want to risk your family? If you hand Rochelle to me, they will be safe.”

But Dylan didn’t budge. He just scowled.

“I’m done. I’ll keep them safe,” he said.

Derrick scowled as well.

“Fine then, if I can’t have Rochelle,” he looked at me. “No one can.”

All the sudden, a gun was pointed at me and fired. I closed my eyes and screamed, ready for the bullet to strike.

But it never came. I opened my eyes to see Derrick tackled by Dylan and Cole laid on the floor, not moving. My heart stopped.

“NO!” I screamed. I went to his side and examined the wound. It hit him in the chest. There was so much blood.

“No. No. No. This can’t be happening! Wake up, Cole. Please!” I cried and Dylan came next to me and hugged me.

Some of the Somnia picked him up and ran. I was about to go after them, but my Dad stopped me.

“Let me go! Dad, I have to see him!” I cried as my body struggled to get back to my other half.

“We’re taking him to the hospital. You need to clean up and get some real clothes on. Take Sabrina and go.” Dad said and I knew it was an order. My body went slack, my mind trying to reach out to Cole.

Silently, I followed Kyle and Sabrina to the jeep. Everything was a blur. I couldn’t concentrate. Cole filled up my whole mind.

He has to be okay. He can’t leave me.


When we arrived at Cole’s house, I ignored everybody and took a quick shower and a new change of clothes so I could get to him. I hugged my mom quickly before rushing out the door.

I didn’t realize we were already at the hospital until Kyle touched my arm gently. I flew the door open and ran to the front counter, asking about Cole. She said he was in surgery and we could wait in the waiting room.

I sat on a chair as Sabrina and Kyle comforted me. I closed my eyes as I felt exhaustion take over. Kyle woke me up when Cole’s doctor came out.

After three hours, we were told he was stable and would wake up soon. I asked to see him and they let me in.

What I saw broke my heart. Tubes were everywhere. I sat next to him and started to cry. I kissed his forehead gently.

This is all my fault.

Please wake up Cole. I need you.

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