I Dream of You

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Two months later...

“COLE! We’re going to be late!” Rochelle shouted.

Almost done...



“I’m coming love!” I shouted.

I grabbed my robe and made my way down the stairs. These two months went by in a blur.

Derrick and Victoria had their trial and were guilty of all charges and sent to a special facility. I didn’t even know Somnias had their own personal jail. What I’ve heard though wasn’t pleasant.

Let’s just hope Victoria can handle some hard labor.

Rochelle decided to stay the rest of her senior with me. It’s been bliss. We’ve spent every second together. We are always kissing, touching, or nearby each other.

Oh, the kissing. Our make-out sessions have been getting pretty heavy to the point we have to stop before we do something crazy. I don’t want to make Rochelle do anything she doesn’t want to do.

But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking multiple cold showers these last couple of months.

Sabrina and Kyle are great. They are taking things slow. They bicker like an old married couple though. And Dylan was still single, but he seemed more mature now- at peace. He doesn’t date as much as he used to. We still have little gigs for our music, but we mostly hang out at my house.

I ran down the steps and grabbed my cap off the counter. I spot an annoyed Rochelle tapping her foot at the door. I smiled sheepishly and gave her a peck on the lips.

“Ready babe?” I said sweetly.

She nodded her head and we made our way to my bike.

After getting to school, we ran to the entrance. We found Dylan and Sabrina waiting for us.

“What took you so long dude?” Dylan asked while Sabrina and Rochelle were distracted with their dresses.

“I finished it,” I answered curtly, knowing he would understand what I’m referencing.

Dylan’s eyes widened and he smiled.

“Well then. Hope it goes well tonight.” Dylan said patting me on the back.

“Why thank you,” I said as we do our handshake.

The teachers told us to line up and get ready.

An hour later, we were all official graduates from this hellhole- I mean high school.

“Congratulations, Class of 2016!” the speakers shouted.

Confetti came out of nowhere and we threw our caps into the air. I searched for Rochelle through this chaos, not even bothering to find my cap. I’ll just steal whatever is left.

I found Rochelle and hugged her. It’s over.

Our family came to us and hugged the life out of both of us.

“I’m so proud of you little flower! You too Bernie!” Erica cried.

I groaned. I hated that she decided to call me that. Damn mothers.

I forced a smile and led Rochelle away from the crowd. I gave our families a look and they all nodded in understanding. I sighed.

It’s time.

“Ready to go somewhere?” I asked Rochelle. She looked at me curiously.

“Sure, why not?” she smiled.

I took her to our field, where our first date was. We looked around and saw the sun begin to set. The sky had orange and pink hues in the sky, giving a more romantic effect.

This is it.

I took a deep breath and turned to Lauren.

“Rochelle, I have something for you,” I said nervously.

She nodded her head, silently telling me to continue.

“Rochelle Marie Smith, I love you. I love you so much it hurts when I’m not in a mile radius of you. I can’t stand us being far apart. This leads me to conclude that we should never separate and always be together, side by side. Even during college. I will only love you and you alone. You are better than any girl I’ve ever known. And I decided to give you this.”

I took a small box out of my pocket. Rochelle gasped and looked at me with wide eyes.

“This is not a proposal. Kyle and Henry would have murdered me for that.” I joked but say in a serious matter. I wouldn’t have hesitated to ask but I knew we were still too young for me to ask...for now.

Rochelle chuckled at that comment and smiled at me.

“This is a promise ring. This ring is to signify my love for you. It promises I won’t ever want anyone else but you. I will love only you forever and ever. I know this sounds very cheesy and all-”

I was cut off with a kiss. I gently grabbed the back of Rochelle’s neck and pulled her closer. We kissed passionately under the stars, the sun long gone.

“I love you, Cole Roberts. So so much.” She whispers.

I remember three months ago when Dylan said we were living the life.

He was dead wrong. I wasn’t even living yet.

Not until I dreamed of her.

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