I Dream of You

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Not Giving Up


I woke up from my slumber and looked around my bedroom with a dreamy smile. The giddiness from hours ago was taking over and I let out a breathless laugh. I closed my eyes and remembered the events from last tonight.

He was absolutely perfect. I’m a little intimidated though. I can feel a bit of insecurity sweep through me. How could a guy like that want to be with me?

I thought I would never feel this way about a person. Yes, I am bonded to Derrick, but I never felt this way with him. Derrick is nothing compared to Cole.

“Cole,” I whispered to myself.

I wanted to talk to him after our performance, but Derrick gave me a look to get out of there. I remember his reaction after I sang with Cole...

“What the fuck is going on, Rochelle?” Derrick seethed. Oh no. This isn’t good.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said cluelessly and innocently. If I calm him down, he won’t do anything drastic. Lord knows what will happen if he doesn’t.

“Right, that look that you gave him didn’t mean anything, huh? Let me get the record straight, Rochelle. We are getting out of here and I don’t want you talking to that punk, got it? You’re mine" With that, he took my wrist and pulled me out the door.

When we got home, Derrick pulled us to his room and crashed his lips to mine. He kissed me with everything he had. A few hours ago, my body would have reacted to his touch, but now everything seemed even more wrong. Even my body was repulsed by this notion. The bond between us was fading away. I pushed him away and said I needed to get ready for bed and ran to my room.

This is absolutely amazing. There is a chance for this nightmare to end that’s between me and Derrick.

Getting ready for the day, I started to strategize my next move.

If the bond is fading, I will have to wait my time. I can’t do it right away or Derrick will catch me. By now, a true bond is forming between Cole and me.

There are stages to the bonding process for the Somnias.

First, when the male first sees his soulmate, he will start having dreams of the female so they can keep contact with each other.

Dreams are very important to the Somnia. It’s what makes us who we are and how we reach our full potential.

Too bad I can’t contact him. Only the males have these dreams. While I am in the dream, I won’t be able to remember them because the male goes deep into the subconscious to communicate. I don’t know a thing that happens during those dreams.

The second thing to the bond is touch. The soulmates need to touch once to confirm if they really are soulmates. This is also very important because once we touch, we can sense each other’s emotions and thoughts. It’s also a way to calm each other so we are always content with one another.

The final step is the bonding ceremony. Only family and close friends would attend the ceremony. This ceremony is very special and binds the souls together. There is no such thing as a divorce so this stage is very important. After the bond, there is no going back.

Unfortunately, Derrick dragged me to step three and now we are stuck together. We never did the first two steps because we aren’t soulmates.

But, I have faith that this bond can be broken. It’s already fading away from meeting Cole. I just hope that’s enough to save me.

I have to be careful though. Derrick is dangerous and would do anything to get what he wants. I had to protect Cole or he could get hurt.

I hoped Cole and I can be alone so I can explain everything to him. I believed he was human, based on the fact he didn’t initiate anything immediately after spotting me.

I froze.

How the hell am I supposed to explain this to him? He has no clue what’s going on.

Oh dear.



Monday. Also known as the day of hell.

The weekend is over and it’s time to head to school. I dressed extra nice today. I wore a simple dress shirt and pulled the sleeves up to my elbows. I spent time trying to find the right shirt that showed my abs on full display. With some jeans and converse, I was ready to go.

The thing is, I felt like I had to look nice, almost the need to impress. I shrug it off, maybe the other girls will like it.

Or it’s for someone else...who may or may not have a boyfriend.

Getting on my bike, I headed over to the school.

I went to my locker to get my things when I saw a Mercedes. All eyes were on the car when the doors opened, revealing some brunette boy and.....Rochelle.

My heart started to race. Wow, she looked amazing. She wore a simple blue hoodie, skinny jeans, and red converse. Her hair was up in a messy bun and it looked incredible on her.

My gawking stopped when I saw brunette wrap his arm around her waist. I couldn’t help but feel jealous that some other dude was touching my Rochelle. Is that her boyfriend?

The peck on the lips confirmed it for me and I felt my heart break in two. I felt tears fill my eyes but I held them back. Why was I feeling this way? I don’t cry. EVER.

As if sensing my distress, Rochelle’s head turned and met my water-filled eyes. Her eyes looked distressed, almost broken from seeing me in this state.

Don’t give up on me.

I remembered those words from my dream two nights ago. Last night, all we did was stare at each other not saying a word, like words didn’t even matter. I didn’t mind though. Not one bit.

But those words rang in my head and I remember vowing to myself to try.

For her.

Looking into those orbs, I forced a smile on my face and nod my head, then turned and went to my first class of the day.

This is going to be a long day.

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