I Dream of You

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Everyone is staring at us as we get out of Derrick’s car.

I felt the blush rushing to my cheeks. Derrick, however, was basking in the attention. Arrogant butthole.

My eyes scoured the crowd until they landed on the blue eyes I have missed. My body sighed a little in relief at seeing him and I felt a bit of giddiness.

It fades instantly once I see his eyes glaze with tears, effectively breaking my heart. It hurt even worse knowing that I was the reason for those tears. I can see the jealousy, hurt, and confusion in his eyes. I knew he didn’t understand why he was feeling this way due to the bond. I wanted to comfort him, but I was trapped with Derrick’s arm around my waist.

Cole gave me a forced smile before walking inside, not looking back once. I open my mouth to call him back only to be interrupted.

“Remember, keep a low profile,” Derrick warned.

“Yeah, while you have all the fun?” I retorted. He glared at me but said nothing else on the matter. I didn’t care if he was angry or not. I was furious about being separated from Cole, him thinking that I’m with Derrick. The worst part is that I am.

We go to the office and get our schedules. We compared schedules and the only classes we have together are Chemistry, English, and Lunch. Derrick frowned and asked the lady if we can arrange our schedules again, but she just snorted and looked away. How sweet. Secretly, I was thankful I didn’t have to be stuck with that all day.

Together, we dragged ourselves to our first class, Chemistry. Chemistry is just stupid. Why would I care about something I can’t even see on my finger? I don’t want to be a scientist when I grow up. I highly doubt Derrick would let me do anything but be his housewife. I shivered at the thought of even marrying him.

Not going to happen. I might as well sentence myself to hell before doing it.

Derrick opened the door and I walked inside. Immediately everyone’s gazes turned to us and I had to resist the urge to blush again. I didn’t like being the source of attention.

Whispers were heard around the room. Well more like shouting at each other from across the room.

“Ah, you must be Mr. Thompson and Ms. Smith. Have a seat anywhere you like.” said a middle-aged man. Derrick walked to the back and sat next to some brunette, who was batting her eyelashes so fast, I was afraid they were going to fall off. Rolling my eyes, I scan for an available seat and I spot one in the front. Without hesitation, I sit in the chair without looking at my partner. I can feel an intense gaze on me but I ignored it, thinking it’s Derrick.

“Alright class, so today I am handing you your project. This is a major grade and if you don’t do well on the project, you may not pass this course to graduate. I hope you like the person next to you because that’s your partner for the next three weeks.” the teacher said with glee. The whole class groaned at this while I just rolled my eyes. Just great. A project on the first day.

The teacher started handing out the packets for our project and I scanned through them. I sighed. This project will take a while to complete the packet, luckily we don’t have to write an essay or presentation.

“I guess we’re partners,” I mumbled to the person next to me, not even looking at them.

“I think I’m supposed to be hurt by that”, replied a deep voice. Startled, I look at my partner and widened my eyes.




I don’t think I have ever been this happy in my entire life. I could almost start doing a happy dance with the luck I’m getting right now.

When she walked into the room, I stopped breathing. Rochelle and her boyfriend were in this class. Ugh, boyfriend. That leaves an awful taste in my mouth. He’s not even that good looking and built. I could easily beat him with a flick of my finger. Wait- what am I saying? I am not going to break up a couple, but I made a promise. I broke out of my internal struggle as I hear Mr. Fischer welcome them.

“Ah, you must be Mr. Thompson and Ms. Smith. Have a seat anywhere you like,” said Mr. Fischer. The guy moved to the back and sat next to Victoria. I almost snorted when Victoria started batting her eyelashes. Good luck buddy, you’ll need it.

Rochelle rolled her eyes and she scanned for an empty seat. A bunch of guys were trying to play it cool, but you can easily see how desperate they were for her attention. With a sigh, I knew she wouldn’t sit next to me. Imagine my surprise when she sat in the empty spot next to me. I tried to hold my grin in.

Her close proximity drove me crazy and felt the urge to touch her. Of course, I couldn’t do that in the middle of class, rumors spread fast in this small town. Plus she had a boyfriend.

Out of instinct, I discreetly sniffed her and was smacked with a cherry woodsy scent. It was very calming and I felt myself relax while I listened to Mr. Fischer. I didn’t even realize how tense my body was until now.

If my morning couldn’t get any better, I hit the lottery when Mr. Fischer made us partners for the next three weeks. I felt like jumping up and down but I restrained myself. I had to keep at least some of my masculinity. This girl is turning me into such a mush.

“I guess we’re partners,” she mumbled.

I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt by her disinterest but I played nonchalantly.

“I think I’m supposed to be hurt by that,” I reply.

She jumped and looked at me with wide eyes. I couldn’t help but look at her. She’s beautiful with her wide brown eyes on display.

“Oh! Cole right? Sorry about that. I’m Rochelle if you didn’t know yet. We were at the club together”, she said with a sweet smile. I probably melted into a puddle right then.

“Yep, that’s me. And nice to meet you Rochelle- formally instead of on a stage,” she laughed and my heart skipped a beat at the sound. “Anyway, when do you want to meet for the project?“, I ask.

“After school today? We can’t do it at my house, can we do it somewhere else?“, she asks shyly.

“That’s cool with me. How about at my house?” I offered.

“Sounds perfect,” Rochelle said with a wide smile, the corners of my mouth mimicking it.

“Cool.” I said breathlessly.

And with that, we turned and listened to the teacher. Well, I wasn’t. My body was buzzing and my mind was fuzzy from her presence. I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

The bell rang too soon and everyone rushed out the door. We were the last two people as I turned to her.

“What class do you have next?” I attempted to ask smoothly.

Rochelle pulled out her schedule and scanned the content of the page. I looked over her shoulder and scanned her schedule with her. We have all of our classes together. I couldn’t help it laugh.

“What?” she asks curiously, her eyebrows furrowing and creating small wrinkles.

I recovered from my laugh and showed her a bright smile.

“You have all my classes with me,” I replied proudly.

She gave me a sweet smile and asked to show her the way.

And off to music class we went.


The day went by fast and soon it was time for English. My jaw was still hung open. In music, Rochelle had to play a song for the whole class. It was the teacher’s requirement for all students to go up on the stage once. I could tell she was nervous as she started out but it was absolutely beautiful. I was right like before, she really did bring angels to shame.

We were laughing together when we got to the English classroom. Rochelle is a cool girl to hang out with and I can see myself hanging out with her for a very long time.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend showed up.

“Hey babe,” I almost growled at that. “Come have a seat with me baby doll.”

I don’t think I wanted to beat the shit out of someone this much. My eyes widened a little bit at my thoughts. Where did this possessiveness come from? It’s her boyfriend. But why does Rochelle look like she wants to murder him?

“Okay Derrick, let’s go,” she turned to me. “See you in a little bit?” she asked.

“Of course.” I smile. She smiles back and goes with Derrick. I don’t miss the glare he gives me though.

I sit in my usual seat and stare at the both of them huddled together. I can feel my jealousy brewing and I knew I was about to erupt soon. I was about to give into my urge to launch myself at him until Victoria slides into the desk next to me.

“Hey Cole.” she purred, batting her eyelashes at me. I raised my eyebrow unimpressed. She puts her head on my shoulder and tries to make seductive noises...at least that’s what I think she is doing since all I hear is purring.

Is that all she does? She should be a cat instead if she keeps purring at every time she speaks.

She linked her arm around mine and pulled herself against me. After multiple attempts to pry her off me, I gave up and accepted the fact that this class period was going to be a nightmare.

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