I Dream of You

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Pizza Delivery


I can honestly say, I have never felt so content in my life.

But I also have never been this distracted. I almost missed the turn to my house because I was so distracted. I loved the feel of Rochelle’s arms wrapped around me. I purposely sped up so I could feel her arms wrap tighter around me. I couldn’t help it. Her arms almost felt like they belonged there. It sent an electric feeling through my body and made it really hard to drive. Oh well.

When we parked in my driveway, Rochelle reluctantly released me. I felt cold all the sudden and frowned. Trying to brush it off, I get off the motorcycle and helped her get down. She’s so tiny compared to me.

We walk through the door and met with yelling.

“Charles! How many times have I told you! Do not cook in my kitchen!”

Oh no. Dad attempted to cook again.

“Marlene, you said I could make som-”

“I meant a bowl of cereal! What were you trying to make anyway?” Mom chastised, her voice starting to quiet down.

Rochelle and I looked at each other, curious about what was going on. Silently, we walked to the kitchen doorway to see what the commotion was all about. Our eyes widened when we analyze the scene.

There was food everywhere in the kitchen.

And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. I can’t even see the counter because it’s covered with food. And in the center of this mess, I see my embarrassed dad covered in batter, smiling innocently at my mom. My mom looked ready to smack him.

“Ugh, you’re lucky I love you, idiot,” Mom mumbled.

“But I’m your idiot.” He said with a goofy grin.

Now that’s just gross. I clear my throat to show my arrival and my parents whipped their heads our way, eyes widening.

“Um, hey Mom. Hey dad. This is Rochelle. She’s new to our school and we’re doing a project together.” I say slowly trying to make sure to get the message.

Act a little bit more normal and don’t you dare embarrass me.

Rochelle waved shyly, but her eyes were full of amusement to the scene in front of her. My mom did a complete 180 and gave her a warm smile.

“Hello dear. Please call me Marlene. It’s lovely to meet you. This is my husband, Charles.” she said warmly. She gestured to my dad, but my dad was too busy looking at her in shock.

“You okay there dad?” I say teasingly.

My Dad scoffed.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting you to bring a date home. I will always be thought of as the man covered in batter” my dad pouted. My mom rolled her eyes.

“Come on Mr. Pouty. Let’s get you cleaned up.” they excused themselves and went upstairs.

I turn to Rochelle, embarrassed. That wasn’t the best or worst impression my parents gave. I’m also relieved. They could have done more damage. No need to scare her away.

“They seem like fun,” Rochelle said with a grin.

“You could say that,” I commented.

“Come on, let’s get to work on this project,” Rochelle said as she went through her bag to grab the large packet. Inside consisted a bunch of labs we had to work on at home and to write down our observations. I groaned at the number of papers in the packet while Rochelle laughed at my expense.

“It’s alright, I don’t really like science either,” she said with a reassuring smile.

Now, I want to say we did our work, but it would be a lie. We talked and got to know each other a little more. Some of the stuff I already knew, which was pretty bizarre because it was a dream that told me. Must be a coincidence, right?

Okay even I know that’s far-fetched. I kept comparing Rochelle with her in reality and in my dreams. Both of them act and like the same things. My mind is spiraling from the information I already knew before Rochelle told me. This doesn’t sound like a coincidence. What is going on...?

It was around five in the afternoon when my parents came downstairs dressed up.

“Son, your mother and I are going out. Watch Suzie.” My father said. My mom gave me a kiss on the cheek, said goodbye to Rochelle, then left. My dad was staring at Rochelle intently like he’s trying to figure something out. After a few seconds, my dad closed the front door.

All the sudden I heard a really loud growl. I turned and looked at Rochelle, who was blushing furiously, covered her stomach.

“You know, you look cute when you blush,” I said. That just made her even redder. I grinned cheekily and offered to order pizza. She agreed wholeheartedly. Laughing I ordered some pizza and we waited around for the delivery guy to come.

“COLE!” I heard a voice scream.

I groaned out loud, causing Rochelle to giggle. I can hear tiny footsteps headed my way and waited for the tiny body to land me. Sure enough, Suzie pounced on me, making me grunt. Suzie giggled.

“Cole! I’m hungry. Can we get food please?” she asked sweetly.

I smiled at her.

“Don’t worry pizza is on its way,” I told her as I kissed the top of her nose.

Suzie cheered and kissed my cheek in thanks.

She then turned and spotted Rochelle. Her eyes widen and gleam in excitement. She was off my lap in seconds and ran to Rochelle. She tries to climb on her lap but fails because she’s too tiny. Giggling, Rochelle reaches out and places Suzie on her lap.

“Hello there.” Rochelle giggled.

“Hi! I’m Suzie.” Suzie said in awe. I think Rochelle just found a new fan. I smile at them both in a bit of shock. Suzie is pretty shy around strangers. But then again, Rochelle seems to have that effect on people.

“Well hello Suzie, I’m Rochelle. Nice to meet you.” She smiled warmly.

Suzie continued to stare at her in awe. I let out a small chuckle. I hear a knock on the door and got up to get the pizza. I leave the girls to their discussion on the different princesses and my little pony horses.

I open the door and shocked when Victoria is standing at my door with pizzas in her hand.

That wasn’t the biggest surprise though. She was wearing “shorts” (notice the quotations because I don’t even know if that scrap of clothing should even be considered shorts) and a tight crop top. She wore her high blood red heels and wore WAY too much makeup.

She must have thought I was checking her out and it seemed to boost her confidence even more.

“Here’s your pizza,” she said seductively. I gagged a little bit.

“Uh. Thanks?” I said and grabbed the pizza away from her, trying not to choke as she made sure her fingers touched mine.

I give her the change and went to close the door until she stopped it with her foot. She looked annoyed with me.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she says like it’s obvious what’s going to happen. I don’t even want to know what she thinks is about to happen.

“Cole! Do you have the pizzas? I’m starv-”

Rochelle stopped in her tracks and looked at the sight before her. Victoria looked murderous.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she sneered.

Rochelle rolled her eyes. “I’m hanging out with a friend. Is that so wrong? Now if you’ll excuse us, we are eating pizza.”

Then she slammed the door on Victoria’s speechless face. I covered my mouth to hold in a laugh and stared at Rochelle in amusement. She shrugs but I saw the flush going up her neck.

“Man, she’s annoying.” She grunted as she grabbed the pizza boxes.

I nod my head in agreement and we headed to the kitchen to eat with Suzie.

After our meal, Suzie had to embarrass me.

“Cole? Will you play dress up with me? You promised.....” Suzie said in a hopeful voice. I nearly choked on my leftover soda. I clear my throat and shake my head rapidly.

“I don’t-”

“Of course he will” Rochelle interjected. “A promise is a promise. Right, Cole?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

I dropped my shoulders in defeat. It looks like I’m outnumbered on this one. Besides, I can’t say no to Rochelle or the puppy eyes Suzie is giving me.

They both cheer when they saw me give in.

With a sigh, I let Suzie lead me to her room with Rochelle giggling behind me.

“I’ll look through Mama’s closet!” Suzie squealed.

“I’ll grab the makeup.” Rochelle sang and sent me a mischievious look. I felt myself pale.

Oh joy.

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