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The Morretti Brothers: Roommates

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READ ON GALATEA Eddison Jenkins and Luca Morrett have been roommates for two years. Eddison is a smart petite brunette who lives life as a tomboy and Luca is self confessed sex addict. As they enter their Junior year of college the dynamic between the two starts to change. Luca has a different girl every night but what will happen when Eddie brings home a brings home a boy?

Romance / Other
Jessica Morel
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1 - Bunny

“Oh my god! You’re the girlfriend aren’t you?”

Eddison thinks the voice behind her definitely sounds blonde. If she had to guess she would say it is Luca’s latest conquest. She turns away from the pancakes she is frying to address the voice.

“I’m the roommate.” Eddison says simply. The sound of keys in the front door cause both women to look towards the door. Eddie knows automatically who it is, “That...” she says as the door swings open, “is the girlfriend.”

Kate Vanderbeek enters the small Boston townhouse with her designer handbag over her shoulder. Eddie is used to Kate by now.

“Morning Kate, pancakes?”

“No thanks Eddie.” Kate looks the blonde up and down before addressing Eddie again, “Don’t tell me...”

“Yup” Eddie replies with an eye roll and with that Kate screams at the top of her lungs.

“LUCA MORRETI! Get your arse out here right now!”

At Kate’s command Luca Morreti, the six foot two, black curly haired, shirtless Italian god walks into the kitchen. Eddie flips a pancake onto her plate and sits at the kitchen bench ready for her mornings entertainment. After all this is the fourth time this week.

“Hey Babe.” Luca says wrapping his arms around Kate’s waist. She pushes him off slapping him with her designer handbag.

“Don’t you ‘babe’ me! Again? Luca seriously? You promised!”

As the yelling continues Eddie turns to the blonde standing next to her.

“So, what’s your name?” she asks.

“Bunny.” The blonde replies with a giggle causing Eddie to roll her eyes, again.

“Of course it is.”

Eddie and Luca have lived together for just over two years and are now both going into their Junior year of college. Having only spoken via email before they moved in together they were both shocked by their roommate but have learnt to live with it. Luca assumed at first that Eddie was a guy because of her name but was pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise. Luca thinks Eddie is incredibly attractive and because she seems oblivious to that fact and continues to walk around the apartment in practically nothing Luca spends a lot of his time having cold showers.

While Eddie is extremely attracted to Luca, she made it clear from the start that she did not wish to be just another conquest. She is in Boston for college, she wants to earn a degree and leave, that is her plan and no guy is getting in the way of that.

Luca’s parent’s own the townhouse where the two live and while he didn’t need a roommate Luca used what Eddie paid on rent, the money she got working over summers, as party money. At first Mr and Mrs Morreti had not been keen on the idea of Luca having a female roommate but once they met Eddie they fell in love with her. Eddie always found it funny that Luca’s parents were worried about her with the trail of women that left his bed every morning.

The sound of the landline phone ringing quietens the fight and Eddie moves to answer it.

“Hello Eddison speaking.”

“Eddison, darling how are you?” Mrs Morreti’s thick Italian accent immediately brightens her day.

“Good morning Mrs Morreti I’m fine how are you?”

Eddie smirks at Luca who, at the sound of his mother’s name is pushing Kate and Bunny out of the townhouse. She holds back her laughter as to not interrupt Mrs Morreti.

“...Dante and I are missing our baby boy and thinking of stopping by for a visit.”

“A visit that sounds wonderful I’m sure Luca will be thrilled. Would you like to talk to him?” Eddie offers. Luca, who has re-entered the house without his fan club is waving at Eddie signalling for her to not pass him the phone. “I think he is around here somewhere” Luca continues to mouth, ‘No! No!’ But Eddie ignores him, “Here he is! Luciano it is your mum!” Eddie says happily passing him the phone.

Luca runs his a finger along his neck making it clear that he will get her back for this later. Eddie rolls her eyes and goes back to her pancakes as Luca greets his mum, “Mama! Come vanno le cose?” (How is things?)

“Oh you good boy! Speaking Italian!...” Luca finds it hard to listen to his mum as his eyes are on Eddie. He would never wanted to admit his feelings to her but he had a hard on just looking at her. He watches as she pops the last bit of pancake in her mouth and her tongue darts out to lick her bottom lip. He is going to be needing yet another cold shower. He watches as she take her plate to the sink. Eddie is still wearing her pyjamas which consists of one of Luca’s t-shirts and her panties. He loves the way she looks in his clothes. The t-shirt is just long enough to cover her sensitive area but without a bra her chest leaves nothing to the imagination.

Eddie signals to him that she is going to get changed before kissing his cheek and strolling into to her room. He watches her hips sway as she disappears before turning his attention back to his mum.

“We are going to come tonight son, I’ll bring lasagne.”

“Ok mum sounds great.”


"Va bene! Ci vediamo stasera mama.”

“Ciao my beautiful boy.”

Hanging up the phone Luca walks straight into Eddie’s bedroom. “Ma and Pa are coming for dinner tonight.” He says sitting on her bed as she pulls on her jeans. He looks away as he talks trying to avoid glancing at her gorgeous body. “Ma said she is bringing lasagna.”

“Oh yum! How did you get Kate and Bunny out of here so quick?”

“Bunny? Was that seriously her name?” Luca mentally slaps himself for banging someone named after a woodland creature.

“That is what she told me. Where do you find these women?”

“It is all this babe.” Luca smirks pointing at his shirtless chest. Eddie finds herself looking for too long. She tells herself to look away before grabbing a sweatshirt to pull over her bra. “Besides she knew it was only a one night thing.”

“And Kate?”

“Ha! Kate is easy! Promise to buy her lunch and some jewellery and she is eating out of my hand. Kate is for the nights when I don’t score anyone else. It is good to have a back up.”

“That is sick Luke.”

“You love me Eddie.” Luca throws a pillow at her which Eddie catches and returns in his direction with force. “Do you remember what you said to me last Christmas?”

“What did I say?”

“Oh that’s right you must have been drunk.”

“I don’t get drunk Luke that is you. You’re the lightweight remember?”

“I’m Italian. Italian’s can handle their alcohol.”

“Then you must be the only Italian in the world to fall down drunk after one round of shots.”

“It was absinthe!”

“Excuses, excuses. Anyway, what are you in here besides watching me get dressed?”

“Do you need a lift to campus?”

Eddie’s phone buzzes on the nightstand she moves to check it.

PARKER COLLINS 9.03am: I’m outside. Your chariot awaits m’lady. x

“Oi Jenkins! I’m talking to you.” Luca says waving his hand in from of Eddie’s face. “Do you need a lift? I’ll just get dressed and we can go.”

“Nah it is all good. A friend is picking me up.”

“You’ll be back for dinner?”

“Yup.” Eddie says popping the ‘p’. She swings her bag over her shoulder and rushes out of the townhouse. She spent enough time waiting around for Luca Morreti, “Bye Luke!”

Luca walks over to the window in Eddie’s room which has a clear view of the street he watches as she hops in the passenger side of a pick up truck. Eddie leans over and kisses the driver. Luca’s hands ball into fists.

Who the hell is that kissing my girl!

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