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Chanel is the illegitimate daughter of her father and because of that she has always been maltreated by her supposed-to-be family so it came as no surprise when she is sold to the ruthless/famous mafia king in exchange for his financial aid in their company. Chanel knows that her life is about to change forever but nothing prepares her for the future as she sees and falls in love with the mafia king who is different from what she has expected. What will happen when their love is tested in every way possible

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 Marriage

Chanel's pov

I walk down the aisle with my dad beside me guiding me to a stranger who after today will be my husband, I looked around and realized that I could not recognize any of the guest, I always pictured my wedding day to be an exciting one, a day filled with joy and love as I walk down the aisle to meet the love of my life with a smile on my face but I should have known that an illegitimate daughter like me has no right to dream of a happy life like that, we finally reached the alter and my "dad" gave my hands to the mystery man and then smiled before whispering in my ear

"make sure not to mess this up or else you know what will happen" after saying that he left me and returned to join my stepmom and stepbrother alongside that brat of a stepsister while the sermon starts. I gradually lost interest in my reality and drifted to my innermost mind, imagining what my life would be if I were the legitimate daughter of my father or if I was born into an ordinary family where I could make my own decisions and be happy, I was suddenly drawn back to reality when the priest called my name and asked

"do you Miss Chanel take Mr. Edward to be your lawful wedded husband in riches and in poor, in health and sickness till death do you part" I looked around and saw the expecting faces of everyone and remembered what I had at stake so I slowly nodded my head as a yes, the rest of the ceremony went by pretty fast and through it all, I noticed that my new husband who's the name I now know as Edward, kept on stealing glances at me

While the rest mingled and had fun, I quietly made my way to the balcony, I just needed to clear my head as the recent events had just been too much and I just need some time to breathe. While I was standing there, I felt a hand wrap around me and I immediately tensed up and was about to scream when he immediately removed his hands I turned to see Edward looking at me with concern written all over his face

“I am so sorry I scared you,” he said but I just kept staring at his face, I never noticed how handsome he was with his deep blue eyes, clear face, and smooth freckles

“Hey are you okay,” he asked bringing me back, and only then did I realize that I have been staring like a fool, I bet he thinks I am crazy or something. Taking a deep breath I step back creating some distance between us and then spoke

“Um yes I was just a little shock, that’s all but I guess it’s normal seeing as we are now married I would like to ask if we could keep a safe distance from each other”

“No” he simply replied and I gave him a confused look but before I could say anything else, a friend of his came and ushered us back into the main hall where all the “fun” was happening, as we made our way downstairs I couldn't help but notice this one girl who kept on glaring at me like we were enemies and not to mentions the smirk on my stepfamilies faces especially my stepmom, she was never happy that I was brought to their doorstep when I was young because to her I was and am a constant reminder of the affair and betrayal of my dad and she never failed to remind me.

"Now it's time for the newlywed first dance" the host announced and Edward came and took my hands before leading me to the middle of the dance floor where all eyes were on us making me feel nervous he noticed

"hey relax it's just a dance" he then grabbed my waist and pulled me towards his chest eliminating any space that was between us

"umm yeah now should be a good time to tell you that I don't know how to dance,"

"I know, just follow my lead"

We started dancing and it was amazing, he took the lead, and even though I accidentally stepped on his toe maybe once or twice, he didn't seem to mind which made it even better, it was everything I thought my first dance would be, too bad that he might just be faking it and after we leave this place, he'll show his real self after all, he wasn't nicknamed the devil for no reason

It was time for the worst part, saying goodbye, though I didn't have anyone to say goodbye to except my stepbrother, I guess if I am being honest, he is the only one that I am sure would genuinely miss me, I stood there awkwardly as people I have never met before wished us a happy marriage then we got into the car and I sat as far away from him as possible but nooooo he couldn't take the hint and scouted closer beside me leaving very little space between us.

"May I know why you are ignoring me?" he asked and I turned my face to meet his

"I am not ignoring you" I defensively answered and in response, he came close to me too close for comfort, our lips were just inches from each other

"Really," he asked and at that moment, I felt my heart beat so loud that I was sure he heard it.

"Yes Mr. Samson" I answered trying to calm myself down

"That sounds so formal, how about something less formal like babe or hubby?" He asked and I stared at him with disbelief on my face and was about to say something but thought against it and sat quietly until we arrived when we did I stepped out of the car and the view of his house, no mansion across that castle was breathtaking and when we went inside I was in awe at the interior design and made a mental note to explore every part tomorrow.

"I am so happy you like it" Edward whispered in my ear and I immediately turn away blushing like a fool

"Yes it's beautiful, now if you wouldn't mind please show me my room so I can freshen up" he looked at me confused

"We are husband and wife so it is our room" my eyes widen

"I can't share a room with you I barely know you plus we both know that this marriage was forced and arranged by our families" I tried to reason with me

"I wanted this marriage, wait are you scared of me because of my line of work?" he asked hurt

"No that's not it" I assured him

"Then why have you been distancing yourself from me since the wedding"

"Like I said we both don't know each other and I never wanted this marriage so I was hoping we could have our own space, you can date whoever you want in the same way I can date whoever I want as well" he looked at me and sighed

"Let me explain something to you, my dear wife, you are mine and I am yours, so you can't see anyone else but me I won't allow it, you might not want to be with me now but trust me when I say you will fall for me," he told me in a calm voice but before I could oppose he continued

"But for now I'll respect your wishes, you can sleep in the opposite room for now" he then led me to a big room where I freshen up and went to sleep wondering what tomorrow might bring but I have a feeling it would wonderful

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