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You open to me, warm lips panting Consumed by the flames that are burning.

Romance / Erotica
Steve Waldrop
4.0 1 review
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I love, in the dimness of midnight,
How your body writhes warm to my touch.
Wide eyes that cry out in pleasure,
Demanding and craving so much.

Sharp smell of sweat on the pillow
Mingles with your faint perfume.
Carries my soul to the heavens above,
Delighting to see you abloom.

Fingers twined, tangled in tresses,
Spasm with unconscious yearning.
You open to me, warm lips panting
Consumed by the flames that are burning.

To gently slide down into slumber,
Purring with joy of release,
Sweet smile softly touches your lips,
Lost in oblivious peace.

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