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The Teak Forest

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A bandit leader, Veera, in an act of revenge, kidnaps a police officer's wife with one, sole intention, to kill her. To inflict the pain her husband had caused him. Only a thousand times worse. 25-year-old, Pavitra Sharma grazes the fingers of death as she jumps off a cliff to escape from her 'Mentally disturbed' abductor. Fortunately or...unfortunately she is saved by the very man who was trying to kill her. SP Ramakrishna 'Ram' Sharma is dead set on killing his wife's abductor in the most gruesome way possible. Follow the battle of the black and the white, The good and evil, or...Is it all just grey?

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Chapter 1


I looked around to no vein. Darkness surrounded me. The constant rippling sound of water hurt my ears, the surface of the coracle itched through my body and the constant jiggling of the women's glass bangles added to my irritation.

"If my husband finds out you're all dead!" I yelled at them. I tried to free my tied hands.

"Shhhh..." A man groaned. I felt someone heading towards me. Chills ran down my spine and the little voice in my head told me this is the end. I could hear a gun being reloaded. I could feel a hand pulling me up. I shook my hands free and tried to jump off the boat but a hand pulled my hair back. They lifted me and threw me over their shoulders. It was not him, it was a woman. I punched her, kicked the air, and dug my nails down her back, but nothing bulged. My stomach was in knots and my ears felt clogged due to the high altitude.

"Drop her," Another man commanded. She dropped me.

"You're going to die for your husband's sins!" She said with fury. "He will suffer and so will you!" She spat in front of me. " I curse you!"

"Enough!!!" A man with a deep voice grumbled. I heard the leaves in front of me crumble and crack as he walked forward. He ripped out the blindfold and threw it away. He squatted in front of me and snickered, He scanned me from head to toe analyzing me, trying to find the fear in my eyes. I turned away from him to see where I was.

The strong winds blew through my face making my eyes teary, I squinted my eyes and saw beautiful scenery behind him. A large mountain and a waterfall. Lush green trees hung down the fall and one could see the entire forest from up here.

"My mother once told me to smile when death arrives, that way you'll smile when you're born again," I gasped He pulled me by my collar and pushed me to the edge of the cliff. I crawled back from the cliff hastily.

"You can't kill me!" I shook my head. "You can't!" I stood up.

"buck buck buck!" He imitated a chicken clucking, He aimed the gun at me.

"Shoot her dead," A fat man said impatiently. He motioned him to shut his mouth. That fat man and the lady left the scene quietly.

The man with the gun twisted his lips in disappointment.

"Why are you bringing a woman into your wicked games!" I screamed at him. "My life is mine and no one can take it away from me,"

"Shhh! I don't like noise," He said. "There are ten voices in my head screaming, telling me to shoot you, bang bang bang!" He motioned his hand as if he was shooting the gun. He smiled to himself and ran his free hand through his hair.

"Anger, agony, happiness, sadness, revenge, answers, questions, ughhhh!" He screamed he took a deep breath and calmed down. "They'll all go away if I kill you,"

I looked down the cliff, I can't be killed by a criminal, I can't die in the hands of this horrible excuse for a human being, It'll bring shame to my husband. I can't die in his hands...I can't die in his hands. I took one last shaky breath.

"You can't kill me!" and jumped... As I jumped I could see the soul leave his body for a split second...

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