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Building the Earth

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Ruth is a rogue but not by choice. Her family was exiled when she was a small child. After spending years of her life in a human city, Ruth and her family go camping. They enjoy letting their wolves out for a while, until it all goes wrong. Hunter is the Alpha of the Earth pack. He like all the others has struggled to find his mate in all chaos around him. He wants to find her, but knows the safety of his pack won't allow him to be far from home. When the two meet secrets will be uncovered and the life they thought they knew will change forever. Will the Earth pack be able to handle all the pressure put on it? Will the alphas all step up to help? Or will it all crumble to the ground?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


My excitement fills the air as I bounce around the house, getting ready. It had been years since we had been out of the city and the thoughts of being able to let my wolf loose was overwhelming. Being a wolf in the city surrounded by humans wasn’t an ideal life. My family had made the best of it over the years and I couldn’t expect everything to be perfect all the time.

When I was around five, my parents and I were exiled from the Wind Pack by alpha August. My parents Tate and Lori were always a strong part of the pack. They helped with the trainings in all areas of work. My father worked with the fighters while my mother helped train the women to help with first aid and things the healers would need. Together they helped lead wind training so that all the young pups could be strong in their powers. They were the model couple of pack life until the moment they disagreed with alpha August.

August pushed the boundaries of what control an alpha should have. He also made life for his pack unbearable. My father had spoken out about his treatment of those he deemed weak, and most thought he would pay for it with his life. For some reason, August was merciful that day. He thought my parents would be more upset with having to live outside a pack. So he sent us to live in a human city with the command that we could never come back or join another pack.

So here we are fifteen years later, still living in said city. It was a hard change for my parents, and it grew harder for me as my wolf surfaced. Shifting wasn’t something I could do often. Humans knew about wolves, but we kept things calm around them. There was still fear on both sides about how the other would act. My father felt it would be best if no one knew we were wolves. He had fears of alpha August still coming after us.

“Ruth, you got everything ready to go in the car?” My mother yells from downstairs.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in just a sec.” I yell, tying up my hiking boots.

It was a break from college, and my parents wanted to spend some time away from the house. I was finishing up a teaching degree and was hoping to be in the classroom by fall. I love kids and watching their cute faces as they learn was a blessing. Kids soak up information and don’t always think that it’s a job to do so. Now as they get older, it’s harder to keep that curiosity.

The ride to the campsite was full of energy with my parents and me talking about all the things we wanted to do. Like me, my parents couldn’t wait to let their wolves run free. Dad had picked an area to camp in that was considered no-man’s-land. He didn’t want to risk upsetting any alpha. Dad had done everything he could to make sure we stayed out of August’s radar.

“Do you think we’ll be able to stay in wolf form the whole time?” I ask my dad.

“Ruth, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. After not being able to shift for so long, staying in wolf form that long may make your wolf refuse to shift back.” Dad says.

“I just want to let her run as long as possible. She’s been so quiet lately.” I say.

Over the last few months, it’s felt like my wolf has become docile and almost lethargic. I’ve wondered if it was because we haven’t met our mate yet. My parents told me that if I wanted to find him, they would be alright with me going to some packs, but I knew the packs wouldn’t always look kindly on rogues. I had heard the horror stories from my parents, and it wasn’t something I wanted to risk.

I had run into a few wolves in the city, but none of them were my fated one. Some guys I had met that were pack wolves wouldn’t talk to me once they smell the rogue scent on me. I felt that was a terrible way to treat someone. Not everyone who lived as a rogue did so because of a crime they committed. We were rogues because my father stood for what was right.

Are we going to be far enough away from the packs?” I ask.

“We’re going to no-man’s-land. The closet pack will be at least a couple of miles away. Don’t worry, sweetie, we’ll be fine.” Mom says.

I know I should trust what they’re saying, but I’m still nervous about it. The rest of the ride passes quickly and we are soon setting up our tents and camps. Once everything is set up, dad says we can go on a run. I shift quickly and feel free for the first time in months. My parents join me and we let our wolves run free. My dad chases my mother and I for hours and I feel the happiest I have in a while. I wanted this day to last forever; I wanted my family to be happy forever.

Diner that night was us sitting around the campfire eating a fresh kill then shifting and getting cleaned up. My mother brought stuff to make smores, and I felt like a kid again. Things were light and happy. I filled my parents in on how things were going with my classes and interning. They told me about things happening with their jobs. My dad was making us laugh with some silly stories, and I could see the love my mom had for him as she watched him talk. Their love was magical, and it made me think for a moment that I wanted to find that. Maybe there was someone out there for me and he was waiting. After feeling my wolf finally acting happy, I wanted to give her that. I know she has wanted our mate and maybe this trip was just the push that I needed to make the first step.

Falling asleep was easy, and enjoying it was even easier. I was dreaming about my mate. I couldn’t see him well, but I heard his voice, and it was magical. I felt myself shiver at the sound of it and I wanted to stay there in that dream. We were walking hand in hand through the forest just enjoying each other’s company. My wolf began to feel panicked, and I looked around to see what was making her feel this way.

I couldn’t see anything. My mate was gone when I looked at the side where he should have been. I could hear his voice yelling, telling me to run. Over and over again, he yelled the word run. I screamed for him to help me, but the only response was for me to run. As soon as I turned to run in the dream, I woke up. I woke to a new nightmare.

I could hear my parents’ screams from outside my tent. I rushed out to see a horrific figure floating over them. In its hands was a scythe. The size of it was bigger than any person I’ve even seen. The blade was long and jagged. I the creature raised the scythe as if it was going to use it to cut down my father.

“No!” I yelled, and the creature paused in its movements. Everyone turned to look at me.

It was then that I saw wolves who didn’t look like anything I had even seen. Their eyes were all white and the size of them looked as if two wolves had smashed together. The wolves had my mother and once they saw the creature moving toward me they went back to attacking her.

My father saw where the creature was headed and tried to attack it. He managed to yell for her to run as he shifted and went for the creature. I wanted to stay and fight, but my mother screamed for me to run as well. They wanted me to get away and not fight. I hadn’t been trained the way they had, so I had no idea how to fight no matter what form I was in. I also couldn’t use my wind power to do more than knock stuff over.

I did the one thing they asked of me. I ran. I shifted and took off as fast as I could. My parents would do everything in their power to keep the wolves and creature busy so that I could get away from them. It would be their ultimate gift to me.

I ran for hours not knowing where I was headed. My legs ached and lungs felt like they were going to collapse. I had to keep going because I knew they were behind me. I could see the sun peaking through the trees as I run. The only thought that is keeping me going is that I’ll have to come across a pack at some point.

I keep going, and I hear the roar of one of the wolves. They’ve gotten closer. My heart is beating so fast I may have a heart attack at this rate. I’m ready to give up hope when I feel it. I’ve passed over a pack boarder. I see normal wolves running in my direction. As soon as they’re close I collapse to the ground. I’m safe at least for now.

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