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Building the Earth

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Chapter 2


“Alpha we just got a call from the gamma of the water pack. The witch Gracan that has been helping them and who is the alpha’s mate has gone missing. They think it was a kidnapping because the alpha’s younger brother is gone as well.” Callie tells me.

Worry sets in as I think about what this will mean to all the packs. If someone has gotten into their borders without being detected, then it could happen anywhere. By the look Callie is giving me, I can see she has the same thoughts. Anyone could be in danger, even in their homes. Nothing or nowhere would be safe like we thought.

“We are going to need to keep a tighter watch on the boarders. This could happen to anyone. Have we seen anything in the last few days?” I ask.

Callie launches into giving me the rundown of the last few days’ border reports. Since the unnatural rogues appeared, I’ve made the border patrols keep detailed logs of what they saw and heard while on patrol. Everything has changed from what we thought we knew.

For years, it was always the rogues were out to cause trouble and attack pack wolves because of anger and jealousy. Now we find the rogues are fleeing from something much worse than they are. Every wolf is in danger, not just those in a pack. When all the alphas met at the palace, we decided we would give shelter to any wolf regardless of whether they’re in a pack. The fewer wolves out there for the nightshades to change the better.

With the changes, it has brought about a change in how packs are viewing rogues. My father and his before him were never ones to hate a rogue just because they weren’t a part of a pack. There were some packs in the past who felt that way, but not us. My dad always tried to find out the reason for rogues bothering us. He felt that there were too many pack wolves thrown out for stupid reasons and being rogue didn’t always make them bad.

The Earth pack has always been one who seeks peace among our kind. There’s enough to fight against in this world, so why should we fight against each other? Sometimes it felt like nothing more than a pissing contest amongst men. When all this is over, I want to meet with the king and other alphas and see if there isn’t something we can work out with the rogues so that there is peace between us.

“Jefferson said that night patrols have also been quiet.” Callie says as finishes her report.

“Are you two still working separate shifts? You know no one will fault either of you if you take shifts together. There’s enough crap going on that being away from your mate should be thrown on top of all of it.” I tell her.

Callie’s mate is the head of patrols, and it seems the two have been working opposite shifts for a while now. I have always made it a priority in this pack for mates to spend as much time together as possible. Mates keep us grounded and help us stay strong. Being apart for too long is not a good idea.

“We only wanted to make sure everything is covered. I guess with all the attacks we were more concerned about the pack then our relationship.” Callie says mumbling.

“Well, that has to change. Starting tomorrow you and Jefferson work at least three days on the same shift and have the same days off. I need you two to be alright. No one will want to see you both struggling.” I tell her.

Callie gives me a smile and nod, letting me know she understands. I envy the two of them and their relationship. I’ve been waiting on my mate for what feels like forever. I know that until I find her my powers are going to be unpredictable and at best I can maintain control for short periods of time. No matter how messed up my life is, I want someone to share it with me.

My parents set the perfect example of how to treat your mate, and I’ve always wanted to have that in my life. With the problems of the rogues before and since the new unnatural rogues, I haven’t been able to get around to visiting other packs to try to find her. Thomas was lucky enough to find his mate in the palace, but he was the only one. Jackson, Sebastian, and Oliver all met their mates at their packs or while helping each other. I along with the king, are the last two to find our mates.

Sebastian and Jackson have both messed up their matings, so there is always the chance they’ll lose their mates. I can’t understand how they both can be such idiots, but then again, I’m not them. They all have their own lives and circumstances that they have to deal with every day. I know Jackson must be a mess, so I want to be able to help him.

“I’m going to call Alpha Jackson and see if he needs any help…” I say until I’m cut off by a mind link.

Everette, my beta has linked that there is a rogue sighted near the border who is running fast and hard. He says it looks like the wolf is running from something. Once he cuts off, I head out the door, shifting as soon as I get outside. Callie is right behind me, and we head toward the border. We run as fast as we can, knowing that there could be any number of things coming for the pack. The last few months have proved that everything we thought we knew about the world could change in an instant.

The closer I get to the border, I can I hear the sounds of fighting. There is a roar that can only come from one of the unnatural rogues that has been attacking packs. I feel the earth shaking so I know that someone is using their power to trap the wolves.

I get to the scene and see that there is plenty of my pack taking on the rogues. They have it under control. I look toward the border and see a nightshade hanging back in the shadows. They must have been chasing the rogue wolf that ran into our border. I need to find the wolf and find out what happened out there. We don’t have many first-hand reports of what happens when the nightshades attack, so any information will be helpful.

“Alpha, she’s over here, but I think she’s in shock.” I look over and see a healer kneeling over a female wolf who seems to have laid down and didn’t seem to be able to get up.

The closer I get the more my heart races at the sight of this wolf lying there exhausted and hurt. What could this wolf have gone through in order to make it here? And what’s so different about her that I feel the need to make sure that she’s alright?

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