The perfect timing-time to leave (Book 2)

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This is the second book in the perfect timing series. You must have read the first one to understand it. After Celia finds out that her supposed to be dead parents are still alive, her world makes a change from one to hundred. Everything and everyone she had truly believed in had betrayed her and she could only rely on her best friend Aiden now. And to top it all there were more lies than truth behind everyone's words. So she does the only thing she can think of the moment. She leaves and lets everybody behind. Her aunt, Aiden, her new friends and Reece. But only for a while, because her past is always going to haunt her back. However this time she is going to be prepared for everything that is coming in form of enemy's, new people and also to end it all she wants to learn how to control her power. This is the second book of " the perfect timing", which follows Celia's next adventure.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Today was the day; I would leave my home and everybody to start a new part of my life at the other side of the country. I was currently waiting for my plane, checking my phone every three seconds. I knew it was dumb, they didn’t know. So why would they even write or call me? Only Aiden, Lily, Nancy and Juliette knew about my leave, because I told Juliette I wanted it to be a secret after everything that had happened.

Things changed a lot after my talk with Juliette and most of the things weren’t that pleasant. The only good thing was that to everyone’s surprise Nancy woke up a few hours after the explosion in the M.E. All the doctors in the hospital couldn’t explain it, but in the end it didn’t matter, because she was going to be healthy again. And I made sure of that, when I moved in with her. The most important reason was of course to help her get back in track and she was happy that I was so keen on helping her and took me in with open arms. The other secret reason was that I couldn’t stand it any longer to live at the same place with Lily. My supposed to be aunt, but was in reality my sister. Of course I didn’t tell Nancy about it, it was hard enough for her, because she couldn’t remember anything after Haley had attacked her and in the end it was probably for the best.

I also still remember the conversation I had with Lily or more Anastasia, which was her real name, like it was yesterday and not months ago.

I was opening the door to our apartment with shaking hands and it took me a while to get the key into the locket. But after I had managed that the door opened with a crack. From distance I could hear water bowling and so I was sure that Lily was at home.

“I’m in the kitchen,” I heard her calling and before I went inside I swallowed a good amount of air to steady myself for what was coming. Inside I felt so many emotions; fear, betrayal,anger and some hope, that she would tell me that this was just a big joke.

“Hey,” I said as I had walked into the kitchen, seeing her preparing two cups of tea for us. Her back was facing me at the moment, so she couldn’t see the empty look in my eyes, though my voice had probably revealed something, because she immediately turned around. The smile she had previous on turning into a frown.

“Is everything alright?” she abruptly asked me. “Did anything happen to you?” she bombarded me with a question and I only nodded.

Concern was now evident in her eyes and she mentioned me to take aseat, while pouring water into our cups and then placing one of them in front of me. I took it and the heat immediately warmed my icy hands.

“It’s just that somebody told me some ridiculous stuff and maybe I shouldn’t believe in any of it, but it is nagging on my mind,” I began looking at the woman, who had raised my all these years. And it was hard to imagine that she could have ever lied to me in that way, especially when it was such a big one.

“Well, in a lie is most of the time some truth,” she said and my shoulder slumped down for a bit, not liking her answer.

“But this one is really ridiculous,” I said, laughing awkwardly. I was still hoping that Juliette wasn’t right and that was probably the reason why I was acting so weird.

“Try me,” my aunt said as she took a sip of her tea, watching me.

And than everything came out in a rush. “You know someone just told me that you aren’t my real aunt and that my aunt Lily was already dead. And that you are just using her as a cover and are in reality my older sister. But I mean that is so ridiculous. I don’t even know why I believed a bit of it in the first place. I’m so silly, it was just a joke. Right?” I asked her.

Though Lily was just staring at me with an unreadable look on her face. Normally it was quiet easy for me to read her, because most of the time she was a open book, but now I couldn’t even make out the slightest bit of it.

“Right?” I asked again, while slowly more and more doubts raised in me.

“Celia,” Lily began in that voice I hated so much when she was using it. It was filled with guilt.

“No, it was just a joke,” I said my voice getting a pitch higher with every word and tears began streaming down my face. In the end I probably knew it from the beginning, though didn’t want to admit that to myself. She had also lied to me my whole life.

“I wanted to tell you,” she started, trying to keep me in my place, so I wouldn’t just walk away from her.

“When?” I asked bitterly. “After I had found out by myself or short before it was too late?”

“I just didn’t find the perfect timing for it.”

“There is never a good time to reveal such a lie,” I answered throwing my hands up and balling my hands into fists. Why? Why couldn’t she just tell me that it wasn’t the truth.

“I know, I know,” she said, now crying as well and I had to not look into her eyes, because I knew I couldn’t see her crying or I would break down even more.

“But I just wanted to protect you from them,” she continued, trying to catch me eyes and when I didn’t look at her she took my hands and I let her do it, because I wasn’t strong enough in that moment to push her away.

“Celia, everything I did was only for you, because I never wanted you to get hurt. There are evil people out there, who want to harm you.”

“But you did,” I told her. “You hurt me more by lying to me than everyone could have with hurting me physically.“

More tears were streaming down her face by now and her hands were clutching mine desperately for me to understand. Though I didn’t and maybe I just didn’t want to.

“And if you are talking about my farther then you also did a lousy job at that. He already made his appearance.” Shock was written on her face and her eyes widened at my statement.

“Celia, when? What do you know?”

“I think I know enough for the moment,” I said, taking my hands out of her grab, which clearly hurt her feelings.

Then I stood up ready to leave. “I have one last question.” She waited for me to continue and also got up at my words.

“What is your real name?”

“Anastasia” she whispered with sadness in her eyes and I nodded at her answer.

“I’m going to Aiden now and don’t even think about calling me or coming to get me,” I said with determination. And then I left without another word, I still can hear her screams telling me to please come back. Though I didn’t.

After that I really went to Aiden and told him everything that happened. A listened carefully and embraced me afterwards in a long hug. Luckily I could always count on him.

Well, after that I stayed the night at Aiden’s with probably thousand of missed massages from her. Though I ignored her, also the following days I came back to my apartment. I just stayed in my room,only talking to hear when really necessary. She tried many times, though saw that I wasn’t ready for that. Shortly after I already went to Nancy’s were I stayed for the rest of my school year.

Which also brings me to the changes that happened there or more with three people. Then in the end Kitty and Eric weren’t any better than Reece, because somehow they also found out about Thomas before me. That I was hurt wasn’t a understatement and I made them feel it, how betrayed I felt by that. So I also ignored them the best I could. I also managed too only train in the M.E when none of them wasn’t around and so my life went on. Happy was not a feeling I felt during that time, but I needed to heal and get myself together. The good thing was that Aiden was always by my side and shooed them away when they tried to talk to me about it. He was after all the best friend someone could wish for.

“Plane 970 is boarding now. Please get into line. Plane 970 is boarding now,” a feminine voice said through the speakers and I got up from my seat, taking a last look at my phone, before getting my hand luggage, which consisted only of a small back. The rest of my luggage was already stored away.

“This is it,” I mumbled to myself, straightening my shoulders. I would leave to a new place and hopefully things would work out better there.

Then I got in line to board my plane and I even had first class tickets thanks to Juliette, who made sure that I would safely arrive there.

“I’m sorry,” a man’s voice suddenly said, when he accidentally bumped into me from behind and I told him that it was no big deal. He smiled at me gratefully after he had apologized again.

“Hear it seems you lost something,” the man again, interrupted my thoughts, picking something up from the ground. My bracelet. I was still wearing it, because I felt with it I had a connection with my mother, who had also told me that it would protect me.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice, thank you so much,” I said to the guy, giving him a thankful smile. After that it was my time to give the woman on the counter my ticket and after she had checked everything I made my way towards the plane.

First class was amazing, with it’s big comfortable seats and the own screen everybody had. It also wasn’t really noisy, so I could have a good sleep, which I was thankful for. I even got a welcome drink when I first stepped in, receiving it from an happy lady who showed me my place.

Surprisingly the seat right next to me soon occupied by the man, who had run into me earlier and I gave him a small smile in acknowledgment.

“Sorry again for earlier,” the man, who must be in his mid twenty’s said. He had mid lengths brown hair and was rocking a two day wold beard with a friendly face.

“You don’t have to apologize every time we meet,” I told him with a chuckle and immediately he tuned in with a laugh.

There were after all some nice people in this world.
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