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Learning to Love

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An American girl with Turkish background has to move there with her mother. Against it, she will do everything to move back to America...but she will meet someone...very special

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Chapter 1

Several years ago, Abaçai Erçetin saved a small community, based in Cappadocia, Turkey. People still thank him to this day. Abaçai was the father of two boys, Hilal and Demir. Both followed different paths in their lives. Demir was more like his father, he loved to work with the community and spent his time helping others. On the other hand, Hilal was always curious to know the world. He made a career by traveling to incredible places.

This community was built from scratch by a man known by his family name, Sukur. He believed in a world with no specific religion, where people could be free, no matter what gender or color they had. From nothing, Orhan Sukur built a small ecological community. Then they built a school and a few commercial spots.

Everyone knew that the Sukur family had a big guest house to help people who desired to live there and help the community or tourists. In 1999 a Hotel Company was moving forward with a project to destroy that place, but Abaçai saved the community. He died two years later, leaving the two boys with the Sukur family. Hilal was ten years old, and Demir was only five when their father closed his eyes. Orhan raised the boys since they were like family to him. The community was also amicable, and they always helped each other.

Hilal left the community when he completed eighteen years old. His dreams were always adventurous, and he felt the need to know the world. Demir couldn’t leave Orhan and his family. It made sense to him to live there. He had many tasks and took care of the bakery since he was very young and helped other people with the honey and the wheat.

Aanisa Sukur was Orhan’s wife. She managed their guest house and helped with the kitchen tasks. When they built the guest house, only a few people worked there, but many people started to enjoy that type of life and joined them as time went by. People in the community didn’t have a lot of money, they would live out of the trade.

The Sukur couple only had one daughter, Leylak. She decided to live in America with her husband. She married Edward Collins, and both had a daughter, Inci. Soon the couple got divorced, but Inci was always a very spoiled child and had everything that she wanted. Inci was a very impatient person, lazy most times, and lonely. Her mother spent her days working, and her father was living with another woman. However, life was not easy for Inci. Besides feeling lonely, her father passed away and her mother decided that it was time for Inci to live a different life in the community. Inci was already 27 years old, but her mother kept her from living a lot.

It would be an adventure for Leylak to take Inci to live in Turkey. She didn’t know the language or traditions. She had a very different idea about the Turkish people. For that to happen, Leylak had to lie to her daughter. She told her that they were on vacation to spend the summer.

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