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A specially trained assassin sent to kill a powerful prince in the midst of a prophecy. But when she sees him for the first time, she falters. Will her misake cost her life, or will it save her from her misery?

Romance / Fantasy
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CHAPTER 1 - Nadeyne -

The blood red moon glistens high above the sky ; below her the clouds dance in formation on the dark canvas painted with bright shimmering stars. There's some aspects of this place that look so peculiar, you begin to wonder if you’ve taken something you shouldn't have. The 6ft fly agaric mushrooms scattered all around this land seemingly innocent and beautiful at first glance, but once you get close to them, you're lucky if you make it out alive. The suspicious mutations of animals at every corner, most of which are dangerous and should be careful of. The tiny winged people some know as fairies that kill anything they don't like. Specifically non magical beings. But there are some beautiful things here that are truly a sight to behold and thankfully, harmless. The butterflies the size of pelicans that vary in colour and wouldn't hurt a fly. Or the cats ( yes the cats) that love anyone magical or mundane.

But I'm not here as a tourist. I've got a mission to complete. All these years of training rigorously and escaping the claws of death in dangerous missions to agros magicis (which translates to the lands of magical beings but us humans call this place superno which means supernatural because nothing that lives here is devoid of magic.) have been leading to this one specific mission. I, as the best trained combatant in my whole institution, have been selected for this mission because I have the highest success rate, the most training and apparently, according to the head of the institution, the most determination. So here I am sticky with honey in every crevice of my body to hide myself from those damned fairies and every possible weapon strapped onto my figure, as well as the necessities I need to survive in this hell forsaken place and of course, the sniper I will be using to kill the prince of superno. The next in line to the lands of magical beings.

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