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Letters In The Sky

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Chapter 2: Our Letters

Dear Ren,

It’s me Noa! Do you remember me? I hope you haven’t forgotten me! It’s been a long time since we last saw each other. We were so little and small. I’ll never forget because we became the best of friends on that day. I still have the wonderful memory in my mind and heart. It was night time and my family was at the beach. We spent all day at the beach. I continued to pick pretty seashells down along the shoreline. My onii-san (older sister) followed behind me. My parents were having alone time watching the waves in the moonlight. In the distance I saw pretty flowers in a glassy area. I ran wanting to see these pretty flowers.

It was magical; it was as if I walked into a huge greenhouse. “Noa where are you!?” Onii-san (older brother) I’m over here! Look at the flowers Haku!” Haku finally caught up to me. “Lookie, lookie, all the flowers are so pretty! “I see, they sure are beautiful Noa!” I looked around at the sprinkling field of magic around me. I was in such awe I almost didn’t notice you. You were blowing dandelions in the wind that seemed to sparkle. You looked my way and ran up to me. ” Hi my name is Ren, what’s yours?” “I’m Noa” “Would you like to help me pick flowers for my mommy?” “Sure!” My eyes filled with excitement and joy. Haku watched us carefully with his arms across his chest. “Noa hurry up, ok! We need to get back to mom and dad.” From there we went 20 minutes picking out a lovely bouquet and talked about everything we liked and didn’t like. We laughed too. At the end you gave me two flowers. It was a blue rose and lotus! We made a pinky promise to never forget each other and to be best friends forever! Hopefully we will meet again. Your Onee-chan (older sister) came looking for you and gave us your address. Do you remember Ren? I’ve found the blue rose and will send it to you with this letter. Forget me not Ren! <3

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