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Elly - romance story. Fidelis was a young man who had never had a girlfriend. He tried, but girls and women kept rejecting him. He cried to God for a girlfriend. Years passed and he was still single. He doubted he would ever get a woman that he liked, who wanted him. And... One day he met an extraordinary girl called Elly. He liked her. She liked him! They were free and comfortable with each other. They played and laughed! They kissed and held and admired each other! They were compatible! But there was a question, one question, that they hesitated to ask each other. And when they finally asked it, they began to cry.

Chapter 1: RISE-UP TIME.

Waking up with a full bladder.

Fidelis, thirty years old, woke up in his bed. The room was dark. He could feel and hear the air blown from the fan that was near the bed. The room was dark but some faint light came in through the window, probably from streetlights, so he could see things vaguely. The time was 5:02 a.m., and the place was in Douala, Cameroon.

Fidelis was a slim Cameroonian man with brown skin and brown eyes and a round nose. His black curly hair was cut short and his face was shaven.

What had woken him up? He had been dreaming, and in the dream he had felt an urgent urge (no pun intended) to urinate. But he had resisted it, just as he did in real life. Fidelis could hold a full bladder for at least four hours; he was used to it: he did not like having his sleep interrupted by getting up to pee, because he knew that after he woke up it would be hard for him to resume sleeping until one hour later. But tonight the urge was too strong; if he withheld it, he might just piss in bed, wetting it, wetting himself, and wetting the girl lying right there beside him.

The girl was an attractively fat Cameroonian woman with black skin and big legs and small breasts. Her black hair was artificially relaxed and she often tied it in the form of a pony-tail.

Her name was Elly. Fidelis believed that she was his perfect woman. They were mutually compatible, they understood each other correctly, they were extremely sexually attracted to each other, they felt comfortable and happy together, and they valued the same things.

Fidelis was lying on his stomach. He propped up on his elbows and looked to his right at the girl beside him. She was lying on her back.

He immediately felt happy and grateful to have her with him. He trusted her more than any other human person, except himself. (He trusted himself first and trusted her second. But he trusted God above both of them. So: the person he trusted the most was God, and then among humans the persons he trusted most were himself and this girl.)

Elly was very sexually attractive to Fidelis. Elly was attractively fat and had big legs. Fidelis did not like slim and thin women.

He looked at Elly as she slept, he admired her full black body, and he admired the way the hem of her pink nightgown had gone up from her knees, exposing thick fleshy thighs: he saw her small firm breasts on her chest rising up and falling down as she breathed.

It was lovely to behold her like this! Combine that with her kind, bold, friendly, compatible character and he felt very grateful again to have such a girl. He felt like being in some kind of heaven.

He felt like waking her up now so that they could talk, but he allowed her to sleep. When she woke up they would have plenty of time to enjoy each other.

He saw her big Android phone on the small table near her side of the bed. He remembered that they had played a game called “Sonic Dash 2” on that phone before they slept. It was a nice 3D (three-dimensional) video game, where a person ran endlessly while dodging obstacles. And he often wondered: how come the runner never got tired?! It made such games unbelievable.

Ow, his bladder hurt! It was so full that his penis was strongly erect.

(Ow= an expression of pain.)

It was time to go to the bathroom. He turned so that his stomach faced up. So now the girl was to his left. As he tried to send his legs to the floor, the girl turned her body over and rolled on him.

(Oooof!) His breath was pressed out of him.

She lay comfortably on his chest and placed her head between his neck and his left shoulder. She mumbled a bit, briefly woke up, realized that it was him, and happily resumed sleeping.

She was heavy! He was slim and not very physically strong! How could he force his way from under her without disturbing her sleep?

“Elly,” he muttered. “Elly.”

Elly: “Hmm?”, opening her eyes a bit.

Fidelis: “Please. I desperately need to pee. It is about to come out!”

She quickly rolled off him, laughing sleepily, and lay on her stomach beside him.

“Thank you, girl,” he said, kissing her lips gently. He put his right hand on her plump buttocks and rubbed them.

Then: “Aie! My bladder!”

(Aie= an expression of pain.)

“Hurry!” she laughed sleepily. “Don’t drown us.”

He laughed too, and fastly left the bed.

(fastly= in a fast way; quickly.)

Cleaning the Mouth to Avoid Bad Smells.

Fidelis swiftly put on his slippers, hurried to the bathroom, put on the ceiling light, hurried to the toilet, and urinated inside with immense relief. The pissing lasted for about thirty-five seconds.

After that he washed his hands and looked at himself in the mirror which overhung the sink.

He hesitated, and then decided to brush his teeth with toothpaste. The reason he hesitated was that he wanted to go back to sleep and if he stayed awake for too long then it would be hard for him to sleep quickly, but he also thought that he might want to kiss the girl when he lay down, and he didn’t want his mouth to be smelling bad when he kissed her.

So he cleaned his mouth, although he had done so last night before sleeping. Apparently when you keep your mouth closed for a long time, the air within it becomes stale and smelly, especially since the mouth is connected to the stomach where food is being digested and by-product gases are produced, and also due to bacteria which are in your mouth and produce their own waste materials.

When his mouth smelled fresh and nice he put off the bathroom lights and returned to the bedroom.

Elly was lying motionless when he came back to the room.

Things to Do On the Computer.

He passed near the big table against the wall, where the personal computer sat. In the dimness he ran his hand over the table’s surface, thinking about the next time he would be sitting at the table.

He had things he wanted to do on the computer, and things he was already doing. Making a video game for example. He was using a software called Game Maker 5.3a to make his game for the Windows operating system, because otherwise he had no skills or knowledge wherewith he could do the game.

He was making a two-dimensional shooter game where you were a white block that moved about and shot white balls at enemies. Sometimes you had to be a bodyguard for some people and make sure that both you and your protégé (the person you were protecting) survived.

Making the game with Game Maker was fun when Fidelis got the results he wanted, and it was frustrating when he wrote code and got results he did not want. But it was never Game Maker’s fault. It was not Game Maker’s job to say: “Look, the code you have written is wrong. Correct it.” Neither was it Game Maker’s job to say: “You are asking me to do something that is beyond my functionality.” You had to read the manual and understand how the program worked.

He thought of pictures that he wanted to draw and sell on the Internet, on websites such as www.imagekind.com .

He thought of songs he wanted to sing and record, with the use of audio-editing software like Audacity. He thought of music-making programs.

He never lacked creative ideas.

He believed that he could create cartoons which would rival those of the Walt Disney Company, which he greatly admired. And he believed that one day he would be the boss of the Walt Disney Company.

Fidelis and Elly.

He looked at the bed. Elly seemed to be sleeping.

Elly was twenty-six years old, four years younger than Fidelis.

They had known each other for eleven months now, and they always felt very satisfied with each other and very attracted to each other.

Fidelis and Elly were not married. They were friends. They were romantic partners. They never had sex. Sex was, and is, for married people. Who said so? God.

There could be romance without sex, for unmarried people. For married people, romance without sex was harmful because unsatisfied sexual desires could lead to unhappiness and infidelity.

Joyful Thanksgiving.

Fidelis stood in the dim room, listening to the fan blowing near Elly’s side of the bed, enjoying the freshness of the air, the stillness of things, and just feeling happy about the good things in his life: good health, a home, hobbies, a girl who was not only his lover but his best friend, God’s love and mercy... so many things to be happy about.

He stood there in the quiet room, with his hand on the table, and whispered: “Thank you God. Thank you. You are the best. You are so sweet. You are the kindest person I know.”

Some birds were tweeting outside. It was almost 6 o’clock in the morning. And life was good.

The sky was still dark outside the window. It looked dark blue.

He climbed into the soft bed, remembering the days when he had been sleeping on the hard floor of a rented room because he could not afford to buy a bed, and he covered himself with the thin sheets.

He admired Elly again. She was still on her stomach. Her mouth was a bit open, showing some of her lower teeth.

(Supine= lying on your back.

Prostrate= lying on your stomach.)

Fidelis leaned toward Elly and softly kissed her jaw.

Elly rolled over and lay on Fidelis’ chest. He held her. He sighed with pleasure, feeling her warm flesh on his, and feeling her small breasts pressing on his chest.

He almost shouted with happiness, but he kept quiet. Elly was sleeping.

Why did Jesus Christ Not Enjoy Romance?

This was heavenly. He wondered why Jesus Christ had not enjoyed this pleasure: having a blissful romance with a good woman.

Maybe Jesus would never have found a woman who lived up to his expectations. Jesus was perfect. Other people were not perfect. And when people with different ways of behaviour meet, conflict may happen.

If Jesus had taken a woman, then she would have been a widow very early, because he came to earth with the mission of dying as a perfect sacrifice so that God could forgive people’s sins. Who would have taken care of his widow then, or of any children they had?

And even during his life he was busy travelling and teaching: it would have been hard for him to give enough attention to his family.

Also, if he had had children, there was the risk that people would start worshipping those children. Not to mention the pressure that those children would be under: people would expect them to solve all people’s problems the way Jesus did.

So, to Fidelis, it seemed to be the best thing that Jesus had never married or reproduced.

Elly Awakes.

The sky outside the window grew brighter. The birds tweeted. The room got brighter.

Now he could see Elly clearer.

He saw her small hair pony-tail. She slept with her black hair still tied in the pony-tail because she knew he liked it. Normally she loosened the hair and then wore a net over it to hold the hair together while she slept.

He thought: Elly. Elly. My precious girl. May all the best things in life be yours. May you always be happy and safe and well and prosperous. You are the best woman I have ever known.

He kissed her forehead gently.

She kissed his cheek.

“Good morning,” she said in a mumbling voice. She raised her eyes toward his.

“You’re awake?” he said, smiling. “Good morning.”

“How are you?” she said.

Fidelis: “I’m okay. And you?”

Elly: “I’m okay.”

She kissed the soft part of his neck. He laughed.

Fidelis: “I hope you don’t want to bite me.”

She growled into his neck. “Mmrrrrh! Mmrrrh!”

He felt his penis getting erect. If they did not stop playing now, he might do something that they would both regret, namely: fornication. They wrestled around on the bed, wrapping their arms and legs around each other. It was clear that Elly was bigger (though shorter) and stronger than him.

She sat on his stomach.

“Please!” he begged, laughing. “Please!”

She kissed his face, his lips, his neck, while pressing him down.

Fidelis: “Elly, please! I.... I will ejaculate!”

She released him. They were both gasping from their struggle.

Elly sat up on the bed, with one leg folded up and the other lying straight on the bed. From where he lay, Fidelis could see her pants (panties, underpants) right between her legs. He admired the view. Elly did not bother. She was relaxed with him.

Fidelis sat up and kissed Elly’s knees and thighs. He made her lie back, then he pushed up the skirt of her nightgown, and put his head between her legs, and kissed her groin firmly with his lips, without removing her pants.

Elly shook with pleasure and put her big strong legs around Fidelis’ neck.

“Ooooh! You will suffocate me!” said Fidelis.

She released him and he lay on her chest and put his arms around her and kissed her lips gently. He gave short kisses. He pressed his lips on hers, held them there for a short time, and then removed them.

“Elly, I thank God for having you in my life!” said Fidelis.

Elly smiled.

They lay like that, with Fidelis on top of Elly, for a time without talking, just looking at each other and kissing each other.

Then Elly said: “I have to go and brush my teeth. My mouth must be smelling.” She would also brush her tongue.

“And you have already kissed me,” said Fidelis in fun.

Elly laughed and planted another firm kiss on his lips.

She went to the bathroom and closed the door.

Times of Waking Up.

Fidelis and Elly did not have strictly programmed lifestyles, such as timetables and specific times for doing specific things like waking up. Life was more interesting when it was lived flexibly, but without violating one’s core principles.

So they might usually wake up between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m., but not always at a specific time in that interval.

If they slept late, they might wake up at 10 a.m. But they did not wake up late when they had important things to do.

Imagine being late to your wedding because you woke up late in the morning. Why not just have the wedding at night so that you can wake up late the next day? (Marriage is the legal union of a man and woman; a wedding is the ceremony or celebration in which the marriage happens. So there can be a marriage without a wedding, though it is best that the world know of your marriage so that they can know that each of you is already taken.)

This morning Elly woke at about 6:20 a.m. Fidelis had gotten up at about 5 a.m. to pee, and had not gone to sleep again.

Morning version of the “Our Father” prayer.

After Elly emerged from the bathroom, she and Fidelis sat on the bed and thanked God for the new day and prayed the morning version of the “Our Father” prayer. It was as follows.

Our Father which art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive

our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:

For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

(Matthew 6:9-13 ; King James Bible)

The reason why Fidelis called this the “morning version” was because it said “give us this day”, which would not be appropriate to say in the night when the day was already over.

Night version of the “Our Father” prayer.

At the end of the day they would pray the night version of the “Our Father” prayer, which was as follows.

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.

Give us day by day our daily bread.

And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us.

And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.

(Luke 11:2-4; King James Bible)

And since this version said “give us day by day”, it was appropriate for the night, since it referred to future days.

Bathing before Breakfast.

After the morning prayer, they decided to bathe before eating breakfast. So they happily undressed and went into the bathtub where they had a relaxed bath.

The bathtub was next to an open window through which they could see the yard outside.

Fidelis said: “I dreamed that I could fly. I was with some friends, people that I don’t know in real life, but in that dream we were friends. We were on a high place and there was a wicked man chasing us. He caught my friends and he pushed me from that high place. I fell and as I almost hit the ground I suddenly flew. I was seeing in a first-person view, that is, through my own eyes, but I was not sure that I was really me. I flew around and around, seeing things upside down and then the right side up. I noticed that I had some kind of yellow hairs on my limbs. I flew up to that platform and saw the wicked man holding my friends in his arms. I saw that they were half-human, half-bees. They had normal faces but their arms seemed to be bees’ legs, and they had those yellow hairs like me. So I think I was also half-human, half-bee, though I couldn’t look at my body. The flying felt so real.”

Elly was listening with a smile. She rubbed Fidelis’ knee slowly.

Fidelis: “But I didn’t finish the dream. My bladder got full and woke me up.”

“Ahhhh!” said Elly. “When you wanted to pee!”

“Yes,” said Fidelis.

Elly laughed, remembering how he had begged her to get up from him so that he could go and pee. She had fallen asleep after he left the bed.

“You think it’s funny, eh?” said Fidelis.

He hugged her in the water of the bathtub. He touched her left breast gently, moving his hand over its curve. He did not touch the nipple because he did not want to stimulate her sexually.

He said: “I love your breasts. Small and firm and nice. Not those big, flabby, sagging things that some men seem to like.”

She smiled. He pressed his face against hers and kissed her cheek.

“Fidelis,” said Elly.

“Hmmm?” said Fidelis.

Elly looked at him in the eyes and said: “I am very happy to be with you. With you I feel free to be myself, because I know you would never laugh at me or insult me or disrespect me. You accept me as I am. And I like you very much. I wish I had met you many years ago.”

Fidelis smiled very happily. He felt joy.

Elly held Fidelis’ face and kissed his lips deeply.

Fidelis’ penis pushed up.

Fidelis said: “Elly, you are so wonderful to me. I wish there were many women like you. This world would be very nice. I want only the best for you. Let God give you all his best blessings.”

“Thank you very much, Fidelis,” said Elly.

They smiled.

They remained for the next two minutes in silence, thinking their own thoughts and enjoying each other’s company without speaking.

Fidelis admired Elly’s thick, well-shaped legs, her plump hips, her small breasts, her nice face and eyes, and her attractive personality. He watched her strong, fleshy neck.

Elly admired Fidelis’ slim body, his slim fit legs, his erect penis, his abdominal muscles, his slim muscular arms, his small firm buttocks, and his brown gentle eyes. She liked the bold, shameless way in which he looked at her. She liked being admired. And she liked his personality.

None of them smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol.

They scrubbed each other’s backs with a face-towel. They finished bathing. They dried themselves and went to dress in the bedroom.

Elly had songs in her Android phone. She played the song “Inner Quarters”, from the video game Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.

They dressed while listening to the songs.

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