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Ms. Sweet and Mr. Caring

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*Synopsis: There were 3 other Professor's and Mrs. Roma in there. I ran towards him and hugged him forgetting we were in Teacher's area. "Sir.." I was panting because of crying and running without taking breath. He also hugged me in return and this time he was shocked to see me. "Sanya, what happened? " he asked. I was still crying in his embrace. He removed his blazer and covered me in it putting it on my shoulder. "Sanya please for god sake tell me! What happened? Who did this to you?" He asked me caressing my hair and wiping my tears. I tried to tell him but words were not escaping my mouth......

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Characters which are in this are;

Kimberly Daugherty as
Ms. Sanya Singh

- 20 years old
- She is an introvert, intelligent girl who love her family the most. She has very selective friends with whom she’s comfortable with.

Brant Daugherty as

Mr. Aman Sharma

- 25 years old
A well-built man with a sweet smile and really beautiful eyes, he’s very attractive and is professor of Finance in Sanya’s college. Mr. Aman is famous for his strict behavior in academics and is the most talked (gossiped) Man in the campus by women’s out there.

Story begins

*1st day at college*

It was a rainy day; raindrops were popping loudly on our rooftop. It was 4th of June; my first day to College after a long three-month vacation since I got promoted from higher secondary. I was too lazy to get up from my bed and go to bathroom to freshen up, get ready for college. Reasons?!
Firstly, I was having no partner or friend to accompany me while going to college, because I was the only one who had opted to take admission in this course which was different from the rest. But I had to make it anyhow now! There was no option to step back. So, I woke up dizzily and was ready with all my stuff to go to college.


*on the way to college*

My heartbeats were running fast like a Train which is delayed. I took a long breath and shed off all the fear and hesitation which was floating in my mind. I reached near the college gate slowly taking baby steps. I stepped inside the college gate; it was a beautiful campus with flowers and plants of various species embracing the building from all sides. It brought a big smile on my face as I’m a nature enthusiast. I took a glance all over around me and saw students were busy chatting, laughing, teasing each other, some were looking isolated from these groupies and totally engrossed in mobiles.
As I was new to this infrastructure, I only knew about Principal’s cabin and staff room, rest all were strangers to me. I stepped inside the building and looked at watch on my wrist, it was 8:45 am, and my classes were to start at 9:30 am. So I had 45 minutes to get acquainted to this new thing.

Firstly I started searching for my class, but it was so tough to find it as there were two room numbers written on doors (maybe it was used as rooms for exams).
It’s 9:00 am now and I was still not able to find my class. My heartbeats again started rising with anxiety. I searched if I can find any person who can guide me through. My eyes were moving at each person scanning him/her. When I was looking for that person who can help me, someone called me from behind,

“May I help you?”

I turned around to see a tall, handsome man standing behind me with formal sky blue shirt, black trouser and a tie which was complimenting him so well. He was young not more than 30 years as per me. On the top of it, his smile and that hypnotic gaze which was lingering on me was making it more difficult for me to speak anything in response. He cleared his throat,

“yes, may I..?”

I instantly came out of my thoughts of admiring him and said,

“I’m not getting my class, and there is little confusion with that.”

He rolled his eyes to study me (probably to see if I was a student and had an I-card; which was compulsory to carry) in short and uttered,

“First years...?”

I replied, “hmm.. Yes!”

He turned around and instructed me to follow him.

He was walking besides the classes by looking at numbers written on it, and I was just following him like a child who is being asked to do what is asked for. He stopped outside one class and turned towards me

“hmm... yes, here it is your class; first years”

I sighed with a slight smile while gazing the class all over briefly. I looked at him and showed gratitude,

“Thank you so much for helping me, otherwise I would have totally lost today”

he just smiled at me, “it’s alright....”

Suddenly someone called him from behind by pulling him along with him towards canteen (I assumed it as other person had lunch box in his hands, maybe they were going for breakfast or snacks whatever it is) he was kind of shocked at first but then he got along with him as they marched towards canteen.

I sighed again and entered the class. Most students were already seated on their individual chairs and had been chatting, giggling loudly. I rolled over to see if I can get an empty chair. Suddenly, one girl approached towards me,

“hi! I’m Neha.” I welcomed her with a smile, “hello! I’m Sanya.”

She was very friendly and I immediately saw my future best friend in her. She took hold of my hand and started walking towards the chairs at the front right side of the class. “come, let’s sit here Sanya.”

I agreed and we both sat there talking about our interests and how we end up admitting in this college. It was honestly the longest talk I ever had with a stranger who now was my bestie.


It was 9:28 am and everyone was adjusting themselves and preparing to attend our first ever lecture. After a minute the door opened which was half closed earlier and a handsome man entered our class. All girls were literally not just looking but staring at him like any movie star has entered our class.

“Damn!!” I thought in my mind.

He is the same person who had helped me in finding my class, I smiled internally “OMG! He is a professor here. I thought he is a student.” I whispered in Neha’s ears. She instantly turned towards me with a devilish smile on her face, “isn’t he much more handsome for this job?! How will we concentrate on subject when he’s teaching..!” I shrugged her.

After few moments he stood at his table, cleared his throat and started introducing himself,

“Good morning class. I’m Aman Sharma, and I’ll be teaching you Finance for the rest 3 years. And I’m also the Course coordinator/Head of the department for you’ll. So if you’ll have any issues or any other things regarding course, you can approach me anytime during office hours”

I was happy and smiling internally as I love finance and he was about to teach the same.

The day went well as usual but something was fluttering in my stomach thinking about Mr. Aman. I kept imagining the initial words which he spoke to me the whole night. He was so sweet while interacting.

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