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Roommates with Benefits

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Even though she is very beautiful, she hides many secrets inside of her. She just needed an escape. The feeling of being in a bad predicament just could not work anymore. With only a few hundred dollars in hand, Rosalie 'Rose' runs away, hoping to find a place to stay so she doesn't have to sleep on the streets. After going to multiple apartments with no luck, she finally comes upon Atlas Montgomery, a tall, dark-haired, emerald-green eyes boy. Atlas has a room to rent in his apartment, and Rose needs a place to stay. Aftering Atlas being her last resort, she has no choice but to move in, now with only a few dollars in her pocket. Atlas can sense something different about her. Something is not right. But what could this innocent shy looking girl hide behind those beautiful eyes. What could be chasing her? What will happen to Atlas and Rose along the way?

Victoria Anderson
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Chapter 1

Rosalie 'Rose'

“Last place,” I muttered as I looked at the apartment door in front of me.

After viewing at least a dozen other apartments, this had to be the one.

I truly am putting emphasis on ‘had’ but only because I knew if I didn’t get this apartment, I had nowhere to go.

I just couldn’t afford to keep staying at all of these hotels. I was truly racking up quite a bill.

Instead of worrying any longer about whether or not I could have a place to stay for the next few months, I decided to pick myself up and knock on the door.

I knocked 3 times, waiting for Atlas to answer.

I had no clue who Atlas was, but only the small information I was given in this apartment flier.

Looking for a Roommate ASAP

- Must be able to pay bills

- Maintain cleanliness

- No pets

- No smoking

- 18-25

I wasn’t bothered by any of the requirements.

I was honestly genuinely happy when I read about the cleanliness.

The door in front of me opened, revealing a 6’4 man.

This man, whom I only assumed was Atlas, had dark brown hair, and the greenest eyes I’d ever seen. Not just green, but emerald green.

“What?” the man questioned, looking at me as if he had no clue as to why I was there.

I quickly put myself into the assumption that maybe I had the wrong apartment. So, I glanced at the apartment number on the door once more.


Then back to the flier.


“Oh, right,” the man said.

I looked back at him, realizing I was at the right apartment. So now I was just in a major state of confusement.

“Are you Atlas?” I asked him, and he nodded in response.

“Good,” I said with a smile on my face, “I’m Rosalie, but everybody calls me Rose,”

“Well, Rosalie…Come on in, I’ll show you around,”

As he said my name, he made it a very clear point to basically ignore me telling him to call me Rose. But I didn’t bother, I needed this apartment. Regardless if he was already being a douche.

He just said it in such a condescending tone, I could just not ignore how he had said it.

Atlas allowed me to come inside and view the apartment.

But the second I walked in, my hopefulness quickly became complete and utter disappointment.

I was truly screwed.

I heard Atlas close the door, but I was too busy examining the pure and complete chaos this so-called apartment was in. It was like a pig pen!

The true definition of a boy’s apartment.

“So this is the living room,”

The ‘living room’ had clothes everywhere. I knew there was a coffee table somewhere, but all I could see were bottles upon bottles everywhere!

From a mix of Coca-Cola cans to beer bottles, and even some random water bottles.

I turned back around towards him, I honestly did contemplate just running out the door and not even looking back, but I was honestly very desperate.

“I’ll take it,” I told him.

He raised an eyebrow, giving the impression he was confused.

He must know that he lives in a pig pen, in complete chaos, and that his home looks like a tornado went through it.

“Seriously?” He questioned.

I nodded, “I’m desperate,”

He chuckled, “I can tell. Follow me, I’ll show you your bedroom,”

So he did know…

I wonder if he did it on purpose.

I followed him down a very short hallway, one that only held 3 doors.

His bedroom

My soon-to-be bedroom

The bathroom I had to share with this nasty boy

He opened the door to reveal a large room.

Surprisingly it was clean.

But nothing was in it, something I did expect.

“She’s all yours, but…I need $500 a month, every month. Along with last month and this month,” Atlas told me.

Damn it, I knew that was coming.

I viewed the room for a few more seconds, before eventually looking at him.

“Alright, sounds good,” I replied.

The Next Morning - 9:05 am

“Fuck…” I groaned as I stood up.

The first night in the apartment had not gone as well as I had wanted it to.

Atlas seems to like to keep this apartment at near-freezing temperatures. Either that, or he is trying to kill me. But I will admit, only having a sleeping bag and a flat pillow is not like staying at the Four Seasons.

I couldn’t think of anything else as my stomach continued to growl, letting me know I was hungry.

The worst part of this was, I did not have any food. And I sure as hell did not feel comfortable enough to go into the kitchen and take the food that was already in the cupboards.

Again, my stomach growled.

Shit…I really need to find some food.

I walked over to my purse and reached inside. I was hoping I could find some spare change, and luckily I did.

Buried underneath all of my garbage, I found a $10 bill that was hiding from me.

I knew I had seen a small grocery store on my walk here yesterday, so I knew that was my quickest option to put something even halfway decent inside my stomach.

No time to waste.

I quickly got dressed into yesterday’s attire and walked out of my room and down the hall into the living room and kitchen which was also the entryway.

Before I could leave, a half-naked boy caught my attention.

But it wasn’t a boy, it was a man, and this man was Atlas.

He stood in the kitchen with a plate in his hands. Sitting on this plate were scrambled eggs, 3 slices of bacon, and toast.


I was drooling, but not at the handsome man in front of me.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Atlas remarked.

I quickly snapped out of my trance of staring at the delicious meal only 20 feet away from me.

“I’m looking at your food. I’m just hungry is all. I’ll be back, I need to get some food to eat,” I told him.

Again, my stomach growled. This time it was the most vocal it had ever been this morning.

“Seems like you’re a little more than hungry, Rose. That’s the sound of starvation.” Atlas replied.

He was somewhat right.

But not completely.

“Here, I have some leftovers,”

He turned around and grabbed a plate off of the counter and handed it to me.

On this plate sat 1 piece of toast, 2 pieces of bacon, and 1 egg.

It looked amazing, but I simply couldn’t accept this. There had to be some motive behind the food. Maybe he wanted money for it? Maybe he wanted me to clean the apartment for it?

“I can’t,” I told him, setting the plate on the counter that was separating us.

“Rose, I didn’t poison it. Just eat, you need to eat. Go and get food after. Seriously.”

He definitely sounded genuine. His whole voice was now different than it was yesterday, or even just from a few minutes ago when he said ‘take a picture, it’ll last longer’.

“Come on, eat…”

He pushed the plate of food back in my direction.

I sighed, giving in the food in front of me, and Atlas.

I sat down at the kitchen island and took the fork that Atlas gave me.

I devoured the food quickly, not really even savoring any of the flavors in it.

During the 3 minutes of my feast, I could feel his eyes on me the entire time.

Watching me.

Observing me.

And worst of all, judging me.

Not for my savage ways of eating, but for the fact that I had not eaten, and that I clearly did not have the money to eat.

It must have been a very easy book to read.

I took the last bite of bacon and looked down at the empty plate in front of me.

I wish there was more, I was still hungry.

But now I felt stupid, weak, and completely helpless.

I looked up at him, “I can afford this place. Please don’t kick me out,”

“I know you can, seeing you basically starve yourself for this place makes sense now. I was honestly very curious as to why you had no furniture, but now my curiosity has grown. What is your story, Rose?”

“I do not have a story.” I lied.

He knew I was lying. I expected him to call me out on it, but he simply shrugged and walked away, leaving me alone in the kitchen.

Seconds later I heard his bedroom door shut.

I quickly cleaned the plate and grabbed my money once more.

It was finally time to go down and get some food.

I really needed to budget.

I did not have as much money as most needed to survive. But I was lucky.

I also needed a job, something else I had to do today.

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