Bending The Rules

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Chapter 12

The interview at Flight went well, they offered me a position on the board right away and were more than happy to wait until I’d left my current position. Once I told Mom about the opportunity she told me to be honest with Dominic, to let him know, but for some reason I couldn’t. Not when I hadn’t even decided if I was going to take it.

In fact for three weeks I managed to avoid him. The only times I saw him were in the dining room at meal times, Even then I kept the small talk to a minimum. I followed his rules, and did what I was supposed to do. I became the girl I had been when I was younger, stuck in a ritual, holding my breath in case something broke, only this time, it was because I was afraid of myself.

“Flick, will you help?” molly giggled running up to me as I walked toward my room after reading outside in the sun.


“Daddy and I are going to make a fort in the living room.“I smiled and for the first time in three weeks I let my gaze rest on Dominic. He stood behind her, his blue eyes warmed my heart. I found myself nodding, even though I should have said no. Dominic smiled back at me.

The fort took an hour to build, and by the time we were done, it was the biggest most extravagant fort I’d ever seen. Molly insisted we stay inside it, so we did, and the three of us read books. At dinner time Amelie served us inside of it, which pleased Molly so much that in the end she couldn’t eat because she was too excited.Around 8pm Molly disappeared from the fort and put herself to bed, Leaving Dominic and I alone. We hadn’t even realised she was gone until it had been half an hour without her giggling. We’d been lying beside on another, in relative silence, but not once had it seemed awkward.

“I suppose we should take the fort down.” I murmured finally.

“Perhaps.” Dominic replied, but he didn’t move.

“I had fun today.” I admitted.

“So did I. You actually said more than two words to me.” I could hear the tension in his voice, guilt trapped me. I kept my gaze upward, too afraid to look at him.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled. “I just, I don’t know how to act around you anymore.”

“Look at me.” He whispered. I sighed, he called me on my fear, reluctantly I turned my head to face him. His eyes locked with mine while his hand grazed my cheek and ran through my hair.

“You don’t need to act around me.” He murmured. “Just be you.”

I swallowed hard and shook my head, I placed my hand over his. “I can’t.” Didn’t he know how out of control I felt around him? I was only holding on to my willpower by a thread.

“Why?” he said simply.

His question was all the temptation I needed. I didn’t answer with words, I answered with my lips. I leaned across the fort and pressed my mouth to his. He moved even closer to me, aligning his body with mine, his tongue delved into my mouth and he for a moment I was completely lost in him. Until reality set in, until I remembered where I was, who I was. I pulled myself away and stared at Dominic. “I can’t do this.”

“Says who.” He whispered thickly.

“Me.“I crawled out of the fort and ran through the house back to my room. Nausea gripped me and grabbed the wastebasket beside my bed, except I couldn’t vomit. I placed it back down and looked at my suitcase. I contemplated running, for what good it would do. I couldn’t run from my feelings, they were stuck with me.

It was an hour before I managed to calm myself down enough to come across as a somewhat sane 23 year old woman. My stomach rumbled as I sat on the edge of my bed. I walked back down to the kitchen. I was hungry, I hadn’t eaten much for dinner and now I was paying for it. I opened the cupboards and pulled out the waffle maker. I was mixing the batter when I heard the fridge open behind me. I turned to see Dominic, he was wearing his pyjamas, except this time he had a shirt on.“Hungry?” He asked.


“You haven’t been eating much lately, so I’m not surprised.“I frowned, I was surprised he had noticed, truth was my appetite had been lacking, and this was the first time in over a week I was actually hungry.

“About before.” I began.

Dominic shook his head and pulled an orange juice out from the fridge.

“Its fine, I get it.”He got what? Because I sure as heck didn’t and any insight would have been handy.

“Do you want some? I think I made too much batter.” I replied instead, eager to agree with his assumption if it meant a change of topic.

Dominic walked over to the cupboard and opened it, he pulled out a big bottle of Hershey’s chocolate sauce and a bunch of bananas. “Count me in.”

We talked as the waffles cooked, and despite the small slip up we had in the fort, things were comfortable again. I put two waffles on a plate each and then as I cut up banana Dom grabbed some French vanilla ice cream.

“And for the piece de resistance.” Dom laughed, faking a French accent as he turned the Hershey’s sauce upside down. He drizzled it over my plate and then his before putting it back down on the bench, he must have placed it down with a thud because some of the sauce flicked up and on to my face. Dom smiled and used his thumb to wipe it off my cheek and then my forehead.

“Sorry.” He murmured.

“It’s okay.“He licked his thumb, his eyes never leaving mine.


I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Memories of our first night together resurfaced, the way he had held me, the things he had said. I opened my eyes and swallowed back my emotion.I picked up my plate and ate a spoonful of the ice-cream.

“Yum.” I smiled.

Dominic picked up his own plate, and while he was distracted it picked up the Hershey’s sauce bottle and squirted it at him, only it came out faster than I had anticipated it would, and his face was soon covered in thick chocolate sauce. I bit back a laugh and put the sauce down on the bench.

“Ohh, you’re going to pay.” He warned.

“How? “I laughed putting my plate down, “I just blinded you with chocolate sauce.”

Without skipping a beat Dominic picked up the bottle, turned it on me, and then suddenly I was a human chocolate bar.

“Oh my god.” I mused. Covered head to toe, I was dripping with chocolate sauce.Dominic hadn’t stopped laughing, and it occurred to me I hadn’t heard his laugh much. I liked it. He lifted his hands to his face and swiped enough of the gooey chocolate off his face. He looked at me and his laughing intensified. “You look delicious.”

“Gee thanks.” I teased, I lifted my soggy white singlet away from my skin.

“Well we can’t traipse around the house like this. You take the downstairs shower first... you’re more of a mess than I am.” Dominic murmured “I’ll uh, I’ll clean up in the sink.“He pulled his slightly messy shirt off and threw it at the kitchen island. He had a droplet of chocolate running down the curve of his neck that jumped out at me like an invitation. I sighed and tried to look away but I couldn’t. I stepped forward, closer to him, my eyes were on his neck, entranced by the droplet, my tongue ached to touch him there, to taste him and the soft saltiness mixed with the rich chocolate.

“You should go have that shower Felicity.” I let out a moan when he said my name, and it was completely unstoppable. He had me wrapped around his finger, he must have known just how badly I wanted him. Before I could touch him, he pulled me into his arms, sliding his hands around my back he pulled me close. His lips fell against my neck and he nipped hungrily at my chocolate covered skin.

“This is ruined right?” He mumbled, tugging at my shirt.Numbly I nodded, letting my head loll back. Dominic used the cupboard to steady me. He pulled at my t-shirt from the collar and tore it, ripping it down the front. I lifted my head, and watched him, I loved him, and sure on some level he was fond of me. Sexually our chemistry was off the charts, but it wasn’t enough. He felt me tense and stopped.“Go.” He murmured. “Please.” He released me and I walked away from him, but this time it felt final. I stopped when I got to the door and turned around.

“Find someone who isn’t just a distraction.”

I left and walked to the bathroom down the hall from my room. I showered and wrapped myself in a towel. Once I was in my room I dressed into some clean pyjamas and climbed in to bed.

I slept well despite the nights events. I walked down stairs and in to the dining room, but Dominic was already gone. I looked at Harvey.

“Mr Coran had an early meeting. It’s just us this morning.“I shook my head and looked at Molly who was frowning.

“What’s up?”

“Daddy didn’t say goodbye before he left.“I bit my lip and then shook my head.

“Well we’ve got a bit of spare time this morning, how about we go see him at work.”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea Ms Taylor.” Harvey interjected.

“It’s not a good Idea, it’s a brilliant one.” I replied. “We can take him a coffee.”

“And a donut?”

“Sure.” I smiled. “You go get dressed and we’ll leave in 20 alright?”

Molly skipped away and Harvey clicked his tongue. “You like to live on the wild side don’t you?”

“I wouldn’t say that.” I replied. “But it’s me he’s avoiding, she shouldn’t have to pay for it.”

Harvey half smiled and stood up. “Fair enough.”

I sat in the room alone and poured a glass of orange juice. I sipped it slowly, my stomach was unsettled again, and the mere smell of the bacon was making me want to vomit. Amelie walked in and took my hand in hers. “Oh, you look pale Felicity, are you alright?”

“I just feel a little off color.“She placed her hand on my head.

“Well you don’t have a fever, hopefully it’ll just pass.“I nodded and looked up at her.

“I’m taking Molly in to see Mr Coran at work.”

“You’re brave.” She whispered. “He was very cross when he left here his morning.”

I frowned and drained the glass. I was going to need to fix this, I was going to need to come clean, about the job and about how I felt. Maybe then he would understand why I couldn’t be his distraction.

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