Bending The Rules

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2 years later.

The sun was setting behind us, the garden in the vineyard was beautifully lit with the evening sun. I patted down my dress and looked around. Only a few friends had arrived, which was how I had preferred it. Our combined notoriety these days meant a big wedding would draw paparazzi, and just for once I wanted it to just be us. I could see the celebrant standing by the white roses, Dominic stood beside him, dressed in his best Armani suit. He looked like the beautiful, exquisite man he always had, but this time he seemed ever so slightly nervous. I smiled and held back tears. There was plenty of time to lose the plot, but now wasn’t it.

“Mom.” Molly’s soft words caught me off guard, I turned and looked at her. She had grown so much in two years, she was tall, like Dominic and at 10 she was close to my height. Asking her to be my maid of honor had been an easy decision, and when I’d done it, she had cried. She chose her own dress, a deep dark purple floor length gown.

“Molly.” I replied.

Her eyes gazed over me, my dress was simple, just a white dress, it was backless, but that was its only real out there feature. She smiled widely and then took my hands. “You look beautiful.”

“So do you.”

“Nan has Joel ready to walk with the ring pillow.” She smiled. “She told me to tell you. I think she wants to get this wedding started.”

I smiled and nodded. “I know she does.”

She’d only told me as much as often as she could. I wasn’t sure why we had waited, part of me wanting the kids to remember it. Even though at only 2 Joel’s memory would be dicey, he’d remember the feeling of unity; and that was what mattered to me.

“I do too.” She sighed. “And I promise when you and Dad go on your honeymoon I’ll make sure Joel is super good at Nan’s.”

“Thank you honey.”

“It’s okay Mom.”

“Let’s do this.” I smiled.

Molly walked me down the aisle, she took my hand and placed it in Dominic’s. Then walked and stood beside Mom and Joel. The celebrant read out the standard vows, and then let us recite our own. Before our small group of friends, and our children and mom we declared our deep undying love and promised one another the world; but unlike most other similar declarations it was an honest truth. Dominic’s heart had not only melted, but it had boiled and set inside of mine. We were no longer two people separated, we were two people joined forever.

As we walked to the car after the ceremony Molly stopped and pulled her phone from her little clutch purse. She giggled then text back.

“Texting at a wedding missy.” Dominic teased.

“It’s Kieran from school.” She replied, and even in the darkness of the sunset I could see her blush. “He asked me to the elementary school graduation dance.”

Dominic’s hand tightened on mine, and I heard him gulp. I held back an amused laugh.

“I have rules.” He said finally.

“Oh Daddy. It’s just a dance.” She replied. “Besides, Mom broke your rules, and you still love her.”

I bit my lip and looked up at Dominic, his frown slowly turned to a smile that matched my own.

“Exactly.” He murmured. “I’d better meet this boy before the dance.”

Molly nodded and then ran to catch up with Mom and Joel.

“I’m terrified.” He croaked. “She’s our little girl.”

“So am I.” I admitted. “But we’re not even in the teens yet. Let’s save some terror for high school.”

We stopped and looked at one another. I knew deep down, Molly was going to be alright. She was smart and determined, just like Dominic, but she had managed to bypass the same level of pain Dominic had. She already loved with her whole heart, and it was something we had to continue to nurture.

“I love you Dominic.”

“I love you too Felicity.”

Our pasts didn’t make us who we were anymore, it was the present that mattered. Our love, our family and a lifetime of mistakes to learn and grow from.

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