Bending The Rules

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Chapter 7

Even though he was gone I could feel him on my lips, not once in my life had I ever been kissed like that, like I was vital to his survival, like he had to consume me to live. My body felt alive with lust and I was having trouble just thinking straight.

I didn’t have real friends to go to and talk about this with, I had been ostracized because of who I was, playing poker had only ever got my foot in the door, I hadn’t made any actual friends.

I was on my own, and right now that was dangerous.

I made myself change into my pyjamas and by 8:02pm I was in bed, but I couldn’t sleep. My body burned and yearned for Dominic’s touch. I needed to know why, why he had kissed me. Frustrated I got out of bed and pulled on my robe. I padded through the house and stood in front of Dominic’s room. I was standing there for almost five minutes before I gained the courage to knock.

I heard him walk across to the door, and it opened. He was topless and wore only cotton PJ bottoms, I averted my eyes and stared at the ground.

“Felicity.” He whispered.

“Why did you kiss me?” I croaked.

“Because I’ve wanted to since I met you.” He replied without skipping a beat.

“No...” I said, bitter scepticism filled my words.

“Yes.” He said, he was annoyed, and his voice showed it. “Contrary to your belief, I don’t act quite as crazy as I have been... in normal circumstances.”

I looked up and let my eyes meet his. So this wasn’t normal? “Why have you been acting crazy?”

“I’m messed up... for a multitude of reasons. I shouldn’t have kissed you it was crossing the line, I’m sorry.” His eyes softened, he was telling the truth.

“I don’t want you to be sorry.” I replied. “I want you to do it again.” And again, and again.

Dominic shook his head and stepped back from the door, I felt my skin flush and embarrassment washed over me. I was humiliating myself, he had wanted to kiss me and now it was out of his system, he didn’t have these feelings I did.

“You don’t want me Felicity. I’m controlling, and intense, I push everyone away.” The insight he had about himself surprised me. He knew what he did.

“I’m not sure why, but I see past all of that.” I admitted.

“You shouldn’t.” He said in a self-deprecating tone. He folded his arms across his bare chest and looked down.

I let my body take over. I needed Dominic, his kiss had started a fire in the pit of my belly and I couldn’t put it out. Being in his presence was only fanning the flames, and now it was raging beyond my control.

I walked into his room and slid my hands over his arms until they sat on his naked chest.

“I want you.” I whispered. “But if you don’t want me, I’ll leave now, and forget tonight ever happened.”

I met his crystal blue gaze, his eyes shined with a mixture of wonder and surprise, they ripped through me, leaving me feeling naked and vulnerable while I waited for his reply.

Dominic leaned forward, breaking our gaze and tilted his head into my neck, his lips grazed the skin until he reached my ear. “I want you too.”

He pushed the door closed with his outstretched arm, then enclosed both around me, pulling me tightly into his grasp. His lips found mine, and the feeling I’d had before washed over me again, I was consumed by him, and I welcomed it.

His hands released me for a moment, but only so he could slide the robe off my body. He growled as his hands slid over my barely dressed body. My black singlet and lacy black boy leg shorts weren’t lingerie by any stretch, but they still left barely anything to the imagination.

Without a word spoken he lifted me, my legs reacted naturally by wrapping around his waist. His hands caught my butt. He kissed me, pulling me further under his spell as he walked over to the bed. We were still kissing as he sat down with me in his lap. The sexual heat was unlike anything I had experienced, I felt flammable, like his touch had the ability to cause me to combust. Dominic lifted the straps of my singlet up, and kissed the spots. He pulled back, and while he watched me he lifted the singlet off and threw it on the ground. Dominic leaned forward to kiss me gently, then trailed his mouth down along my neck and over my chest, his hands cupped my breasts and he let out a low groan as he let his tongue flick over my left nipple.

“You have no idea what you do to me.” He whispered, the cool air against my nipple caused me to arch back and grind against him, Oh, I could feel it alright...

I climbed off him, standing topless before him wearing only my lacy boy legs, and he watched me suddenly looking the least in control I had ever seen him. I could see worry in his eyes, he was afraid I was getting up to leave. But I was enamoured with him, leaving just wasn’t an option. I smiled and hooked my thumbs in my panties and pulled them down slowly. I stepped out of them, kicking them over to wear my singlet lay on the ground, I looked at Dominic again, the worry was gone, he seemed almost hazy.

“It’s been a while.” He mumbled.

“Same.” I whispered, I dared not think about my last however. I didn’t need the instant mood killer, not now, not while this felt so perfect.

“8 years.” He said with a frown.

I stepped forward, and took his hands in mine. “Dominic.” My voice sounded pitying, as much as I tried to avoid it.

“Don’t feel sorry for me. It was my choice.” He placed his hands on my now naked hips, but his eyes never left mine. I didn’t understand why it had been so long, but my lustful mind wasn’t in a position to think about anything other than us right now.

“Lie down.” Dominic said, his voice was commanding again, but he was grinning. This time I obeyed, I was tingling with need and he held the key.

“So you listen to me in here.” He laughed as he moved, positioning himself between my legs. His thumb brushed over my center and I arched back. “Now I have control.” He whispered.

His tongue lapped over my spot, sending uncontrollable shivers right through me.

“You sure it’s been 8 years?” I managed to say.

“Very sure.” He replied. “Now be quiet.”

His hands explored me like no one else had ever bothered to, like I was something special, something to be treasured and every time his hands moved I craved their return to the place they had just left, until moments later he would have me melting once more.

As I was nearing release he moved his hands under my butt, using his strength to pull me closer, until he was causing an almost painful ecstasy. My release was different, stronger than it had ever been. I tried to keep my composure, but Dominic was right, he had pure control and I couldn’t stop the intense reaction I had to him as I came, I called his name so loud I worried someone would hear.

“You taste so sweet Felicity.” He whispered, looking up at me, finally relenting. I took the opportunity to pull him up, press my lips against his. I could taste myself on him, something that was not lost on him either. “See.” He whispered. “Sweet.”

Without words I found the waist of his cotton PJ bottoms, through the front I could feel his hardness throbbing against them, one of his hands cupped my face, the other ran down my hands, helping me to pull them down. His lips pulled back from mine, and our eyes locked as my hand slid over him. He was bigger, bigger than any of the three men I’d been with. I tried to hide my happy surprise he grinned and pushed his hips against my hand.

For someone who sometimes seemed so cold, he seemed to be nothing but warm with me here. This didn’t seem like random rough and tumble at a party... this was something different. It had to be.

I slid off the bed, kneeling before him, both of us gloriously naked, but comfortably so. His length was as intimidating as he had always been, but like an explorer I let my hands wander until I had felt all I could with my hands. I opened my mouth, allowing only the tip entrance. Dominic’s hands sat softly on my head, and I could tell he was already on the brink of losing control. 8 years was a long time after all.

“Felicity.” He managed to mumble, albeit incoherently.

I answered by allowing him more access, a move that he appreciated by falling back against the bed. I began to move, up and down, using my tongue to tease him. I felt him tense beneath me, but before he could reach climax he lifted me, removing my mouth from his hardness.

“I need to be inside you Felicity.” He groaned. “Can I?”

I nodded and sat down on top of him, rubbing against him, teasing him more. He moved his hand down, and guided himself in, unwilling to take anymore. I felt full, complete, satisfied and neither one of us had even moved yet. It was like my body had been made to fit his. Dominic’s arms wrapped around my back and pulled me the closest he could, his lips grazed my breasts before he looked up at me. We began to move in unison, building speed along with the ever powerful tension. I tried to supress my ecstatic moans, but it was impossible, Dominic was in control of my release once more.

I came hard, calling his name again, shouting for mercy. Dominic followed close behind me, shaking and breathing like it was his first time.

We fell back on the bed, still wrapped in one another. No words were uttered between us before Dominic reached for the blankets and pulled them up. His arms wrapped around me, and feeling warm and exhausted I closed my eyes, as sleep took a hold of me.

I woke naked in his bed, in my boss’s bed, in his arms. Realization sunk in and I sat bolt upright, tearing myself from him, waking him up as I did so. “Felicity.” He murmured sitting up.

“I’m so sorry... I don’t know, I...” I slid out of the bed, pulling the sheet with me.

“We should talk about this.” He said, all the warmth from his voice was gone and it made me sad. “After breakfast.”

I nodded and scooped my clothes up from the floor. I pulled my robe on over the sheet and let it fall to the floor once I was covered. I almost ran from Dominic’s bedroom, the adrenalin coursing through me was enough to power me for a marathon. I forced myself to slow down as I walked. It wasn’t the first time I had done the walk of shame, granted it was the first time I had done it after sleeping with my billionaire boss.

What must he think of me?

Once I was back in my bedroom I sat on my bed. Surely after this I was going to be jobless, even if he didn’t fire me I wasn’t sure I could stay. I forced myself to get up, shower and get dressed. It took every shred of my dignity to walk downstairs and in to the dining room. Luckily Molly and Harvey were none the wiser to the tension that rose the instant I walked into the room. Dominic looked up at me, but there was nothing in his face, he was unreadable. Unlike me, Dominic was able to hide his feelings, I’d been unable to work him out since I’d started work.

“Sleep well, Felicity?” He said softly.

“Yes.” I managed to whisper... was he teasing me?

“Good. Sit, Molly tells me you have a lot planned today.”

Shit. I hadn’t cleared it with him. “We’re just going on a trip to the beach.” I whispered.

“Sounds like fun, enough room for one more?” He asked. He wants to come?

“Really Daddy?? You want to come, you don’t have work. Oh please. Flick can Daddy come too?”

“Of course.” I replied. “Perhaps I don’t need to come at all. You and Daddy can have quality time?”

Both Flick and Dominic looked at me with concerned eyes, but I knew they were for different reasons. Before Dominic could say anything Amelie walked out with breakfast.

We ate in silence, and then once everyone was finished Dominic sent Molly up to get ready.

“Felicity, a word?” He said, his voice clipped. “In my office.”

I nodded, preparing myself for the onslaught.

I walked in after Dominic who was holding the door open. He closed it behind him and then walked around me.

“Last night...” He said. “Last night, I think you’ll agree was a momentary lapse in judgement. I’ll take responsibility. I kissed you first.”

“I was just as responsible.” I protested. “I was the one who came to your room and seduced you.” I felt my skin flush. I looked up at Dominic, whose eyes shone like they had in the bedroom, only this time I could tell it wasn’t in want. He was angry, frustrated... Fuck it, I wasn’t sure.

“I can see you’re about as ready for a relationship as you are this talk, so let’s forget it happened, I don’t want Molly to lose you.” He said with a curt smile.

“You’re not firing me?”

“Felicity, no, I’m not.” He replied, sounding appalled I’d thought it a possibility.

“Oh okay.”

Dominic frowned and bit his lip. “There is just one thing we need to discuss before we forget it though.”

“Oh?” more? I already felt like puking from nerves.

“We didn’t use anything, I’m clean, and I hope you are...”

“I’m clean.” I croaked, interrupting him before the conversation could go any further. I knew for certain, because after Thomas I’d been to see a doctor.

“What about... pregnancy, contraception... are you...”

“Pill, I’m on the pill.” I almost shouted, interrupting him once more, this time I looked down. “I have been since I was 14, to regulate my.... Look it doesn’t matter. You’re safe... no babies... not out of me. Can I go now?”

Dominic nodded and stood up. “I appreciate your honestly Felicity. Please come today.” He said, his choice of words caught me off guard and I felt my eyes widen as I looked at him. A smirk crossed his face and he shook his head. “I mean come to the beach Felicity. Molly would love it.”

Feeling completely unlike myself and more than a little frail and fragile I nodded, unable to say no.

“Good, we’ll leave in twenty minutes, we’ll take my car.”

Without another word I left Dominic’s office, gasping for breath as I closed the door behind me. Last night had happened. We had crossed the lines, bent the rules, touched heaven and fell back to earth. Now it was nothing, it was forgotten, at least that was what I had agreed to.

But I hadn’t been able to obey Dominic since I had started working. I was defiant at every turn, I’d let his daughter have two weeks off dancing and had allowed her to horse ride without his permission for goodness sakes. I was the worst Nanny their ever was, and yet I couldn’t bring myself to walk away.

I was too invested.

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