The Beast Within and How to Tame Him

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“Using you however I see fit, is me treating you like a human being." Lizbeth, a young woman who eagerly explores the agricultural town her grandmother lives in, happens upon a gravel path that leads into the mountains. There she discovers, what looks to be, an abandoned mansion. Inside she discovers not a man, but a vampire.

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Year X989.

The era of vampires and magic where all was not quite as it seemed. Vampire-kind were revered for their inhuman abilities and Warlocks were feared for their boundless magic that could destroy a village in one night.

Near a small prospering village in a brick mansion only found by following a gravel path through the woods, lived a man. Levi was not just a man, but a vampire, one that hadn't fed in days.

Being revered by the entire village for being a vampire, Levi found the outside tedious and preferred his own company. Young women would jump at the chance for a vampire to taste their blood.

The marks of a vampire's fangs told anyone who saw them that this person was good enough to be chosen by a vampire. Levi didn't know how or when people came to revere vampires, but he was irritated by the notion.

Vampires were incredible beings who hunted. Being served blood on a silver platter did nothing to satisfy his boredom of every day life.

He swallowed. His throat constricted and his mouth was dry. It was time to leave the comfort of his mansion to feed. He sighed. He planned to grab the first woman he saw and sink his teeth into her to get this over with.

He followed the gravel path down to the village. The crunch crunch under his feet a familiar sound to his usual routine. He stopped briefly when rustling from the bushes to his right caught his attention.

He thought it was only an animal when suddenly a young woman face-planted into the gravel as she tripped over shrubbery.

He heard an audible groan. "Not my day." he heard her whisper to herself.

Levi watched her in amusement with a raised brow. She sat up and rubbed her face. He stepped forward. "Are you alright?"

Surprised brown eyes stared up at him. Her mouth opening slightly, he was ready for the onslaught. It wouldn't be the first time someone begs him to drink from them.

"I'm fine."

He was pleasantly surprised. "Need a hand?" he held out his hand to help her, but she ignored his offer and clumsily helped herself to her feet.

"I got it."

Ignoring him, she looked down the path that lead to the village. He looked curiously at her determined dirt-smudged face. "You need help getting somewhere?"

She looked at him and sighed in defeat. "I'm looking for a man named Luminous. Do you know where I can find him?"

Levi watched her mouth as she spoke and without thinking, his hand was draw to the dirt smudged on her cheek. He lightly wiped at the dirt with his thumb as if he was in a trance.

Taken aback and feeling nervous, the woman struggled getting out words. "What are you doing?"

Levi met her eyes. Her reddened face had his eyes widening a fraction. He quickly pulled his hand away, embarrassed. "Dirt." he blurted.

"What?" she frowned.

"You had some dirt on your face." he clarified.

"Oh," she wiped at the same spot, "thanks."

Awkward silence settled between them for a moment.

"So, Luminous?" she questioned again.

"I can take you to his shop. He's the local warlock in town."

She nodded. "Let's go."

A bell jingled as Levi held the door open for her and jingled a second time as the door closed behind him. The shop had so many smells he couldn't hope to discern between them.

"Hello?" the young woman called, her hands clasped in front of her. He wondered if it was a nervous tick.

Levi heard footsteps shuffling from the back. The curtain moved aside and a man wearing a cloak, that covered him from head to toe, came through.

"What can I do for you?"

Hearing his voice, the woman perked up.

"Luminous?" she sounded hopeful.

The warlock removed his hood revealing nearly white blond hair and startling blue eyes. He frowned harshly as he stared at the woman.

"What are you doing here?" his tone sounded angrier than it did before.

She nearly jumped at his tone. Levi regarded the two from the side, trying to mind his own business.

Taking a confident step forward the woman steeled her nerves. "I came for a philosopher stone."

"No." Luminous barked without thought.
"You don't understand-"

"I understand that you'll misuse it." he said with certainty, interrupting her.

Levi watched as she hung her head. Having met her only today and knowing nothing about her, he wondered if she was capable of using magic for the wrong reasons.

"It's to save a life. He's dying and I'm wasting time." her voice sounded small.

"Then let him die."

A gasp ripped from her lungs and her eyes widened in shock. Not breaking eye contact she started frowning in anger, her fists shaking.

" 'Memento annum, septem et octo quinque.' " she quoted in Latin.

Luminous' angry expression faded into surprise. "How do you know about that?"

"You told me." she smiled sadly, "It was the only way I could get you to help me."

Luminous sighed in resignation. "The stone, you'll be giving it to a trusted source?"

"I promise."

Levi watched as the warlock disappeared into the back and heard him shuffling around before reappearing again. He held the stone out to the young woman.

She took the stone and watched as it changed color from red to purple as she turned it around in her hand.

"I won't forget this." Levi heard an unspoken promise in those words.

Luminous nodded, folding his hands into his long sleeves. "If your warlock isn't competent enough he won't be able to use this stone, it'll kill him."

"We know how dangerous it is. It won't be used lightly." she said, determined.

"If he's dying, you should go. The stone can perform miracles, but it can't bring back the dead."

"Thanks to both of you." she smiled. The door bell jingled twice.

Levi faced the warlock. "With one sentence in Latin, you believe her?"

"I believe in me." Luminous confirmed.

"That makes no sense." Levi replied.

"Magic is ever changing and vast, I'm surprised her spirit was strong enough to travel here."

The more the warlock spoke, the more confused Levi got. Knowing he we would never understand and that Luminous would never tell him he left the shop with two jingles.

The gravel crunched under his feet again as he followed the path to the door. Levi was sure he has never had a more confusing day than today.

He left the village without feeding, he ignored his hunger in favor of searching for the young woman that left just as quickly as she came, but he didn't find her.

He was convinced he'd never see her again.

Opening the door his nose caught the scent even before he saw her standing frozen in his foyer.

"Shit." she cussed under her breath.

Levi frowned. He would admit that he never wanted to be revered, but at this moment he felt this human woman to be insolent for entering a vampire's home.

"You're trespassing." he warned.

"I guess some things never change." she rolled her eyes.

Confused, hungry for blood and angry, Levi was in front of her in a heartbeat grabbing her by the arm and barring his fangs. If he was threatening enough she would cower and apologize, he was sure.

She glared at him fiercely, an expression so different from the red faced innocence she showed him earlier.

"I admit, I was curious and I might even have fallen for it, but you're exactly the same." she pulled her arm from his grasp and he let her.

For the third time that day Levi was intrigued by this woman. She wasn't begging to be drank from, she wasn't trying to impress him, in fact she was downright rude and that was unsettling.

"It's been interesting." she headed for the door, but Levi had other plans.

Her back hit the door as he caged her against it. Her wide eyes told him she was surprised by his actions.

"Let me claim you." he demanded.

He moved towards her neck to finally taste her.
"No." she glared.

He pulled back to stare her in the eye. "I wasn't asking permission."

"Of course not," she snorted, "your word is law, right?"

Levi frowned at her representation of him. He admitted to himself that he was being greedy at the moment, but never before has he been so insistent.

He would figure her out later he decided as he leaned towards her neck and ran his tongue over her pulse. She flinched. He scraped his fangs across her neck, ready to taste her blood.

"I've already been claimed!" she exclaimed suddenly.

Levi halted. Never have words irritated him so much. He leaned his forehead on her shoulder and closed his eyes in a silent defeat.

Vampires from long ago came up with this ridiculous law. Vampire-kind could claim one human being as their own, a person who would always be at hand for feeding.

Levi thought the notion was twisted. What repulsed him even more was that if a claimed person had fang marks other than their master's fangs they would be punished in whatever way their master saw fit, whether they allowed another vampire to drink from them or even if they were forcibly drank from.

He didn't think he would try to claim someone. He was determined to believe it was because he hadn't drank blood in days and his thirst was ruling his decision.

He swiftly and completely pulled away from her. Knowing she was claimed and that he could do nothing about it frustrated him like never before.

He dejectedly decided to let her go.


The door slowly opened after a moment. "See you around, Levi."

As the door closed he stared hard at the spot the young woman just stood and tried to remember if he told her his name.
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