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The Beast Within and How to Tame Him

By PlainBrownEyedWriter All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Year X989.

Levi's throat constricted. It was hard to swallow. He needed to feed.




In this era, vampires were revered and finding a food source was never a problem. Many people agreed to be fed from easily enough, especially young women.

However, Levi was never satisfied with any of them. He fiercely believed that something was lacking.

He sighed as he pulled himself up from the lounge and proceeded to leave the mansion. The daily routine of finding a woman to feed from had become so dull that he started leaving the mansion on a weekly basis to feed instead.

Following the footpath, he walked into the shade of the fur trees and closed his eyes as a breeze flew by. Apart from the crunch-crunch he heard from his own soles touching gravel he heard the rustling to his right.

Taking a moment, he watched as a young woman emerged from the forest. He raised a dark brow as she stumbled over a bush and face-planted onto the footpath.


Levi had never heard a lady curse quite so crassly before, she had his interest piqued.

"That was quite the entrance. Are you alright, Miss?" he held a hand out for her to take.

The young lady looked up at him, dirt smudged on her face. He swore he saw recognition in her eyes, but her sudden frown had him questioning if he truly saw it.

"Yes," she insisted, "Thank you."

Looking away from his extended hand, she clumsily helped herself to her feet. Ignoring the snub of his offer, Levi inspected the girl with a keen eye.

As she tried dusting off her skirt Levi noticed that she seemed out of place and quite frankly, looked uncomfortable in her own skin.

"I don't bite." he joked, hoping to lighten the mood after his snubbed offer. The irony was not lost on him.

She snorted, a sound not often heard coming from a lady's nostrils. Levi wondered about her strange mannerisms.

"I beg to differ." Apparently, the irony was not lost on her either.

"You are aware that I am a vampire?"

"Believe me, you weren't subtle about it."

He was sure the confusion showed on his face. "Have we, perhaps, met before?"

"Look, I don't have time for this. I need to find someone within the next 3 hours or this would have been for nothing," she explained vaguely, "Do you know where I can find Luminous"

Her brown eyes held a determination he had never seen in a woman's eyes before.

"The local warlock?" he inquired with a raised brow, "What business could a lady like yourself have with a man like him?"

"I believe it's got nothing to do with you!" she replied fiercely, "Now are you going to tell me or not?"

Seeing no real reason not to tell her, he came to a decision. "Allow me to escort you to his shop, Miss."

"You can just tell me where to find him, I don't need an escort."

A frown marred his face at her blatant refusal of his help. He had to wonder if he has wronged her in some way, but then again, nothing about her was familiar to him.

Having had enough of her rudeness, he dropped the polite act.

"What you need are some manners." he quipped and started down the path to the village.

She followed behind him. "I don't want to hear that from you."

Here he thought he was being quite the gentleman today.

The chime jingled as Levi held open the door for his companion to enter and jingled a second time as he closed it behind him.

The shop had a variation of smells that he couldn't hope to discern. He watched as the girl looked around, he could tell she was anxious.
"Hello?" she finally called, fidgeting with her hands.
A male wearing a purple warlocks robe entered from the room in the back. He and the girl made eye contact and strangely enough, the warlock's eyes widened a fraction and he froze, leaving an odd silence to settle between them.
"Luminous." She said his name with certainty.
"You have already been acquainted?" Levi's voice brought Luminous out of his frozen state. The warlock spared him a glance.
"Not quite yet, Sir."
That was not the reply Levi was expecting. It alone had him confused. He folded his hands behind his back in silent contemplation.
Levi took a moment to stare at the two of them. He wondered what had possessed him to accompany an ungrateful young lady such as her when he could have been sinking his fangs into his next meal by now.
"I take it you are here for a reason," Luminous took further steps into the room. Her eyes flashed towards Levi and back to him. Without questioning, Luminous knew he had to be discreet. "Miss?"
She gave a nod. "There's something I need." Her hands tightened into fists.
Luminous pulled his hands into his sleeves, silently waiting to hear what she needed so desperately that she'd take such a dangerous journey.
Her gulp was audible in the silence. "I need a philosopher stone."
The request was heavy. Levi wondered what she could possibly need such a magical gem for.
Luminous regarded her seriously. "What for?"
The warlock noticed her hesitance and when her eyes flashed again towards the other man in the room, who was trying to mind his own business, he knew her answer might be vague.
"To save someone's life." her voice sounded small in that moment.
A pregnant pause filled the air. Levi didn't know much about magic, but certainly just giving a stranger such a gem was reckless. The warlock was going to refuse her.
"Fine," Luminous pulled his hands from his sleeves. "However, you must promise me that the stone will be delivered directly to the warlock that sent you to me, understand?"
The vampire had no idea why the man would agree to this, but he saw the young lady visibly relax.
"I understand." Her confidence was back. Those eyes that flared with determination, Levi couldn't get enough of that look.
A few moments later Luminous produced a small red stone. The girl took it gratefully. She closed her fist around the stone.
"I won't forget this." Some unspoken promise was made by those words.
Turning her attention to Levi she hollered, "Thank you!", and fled as fast as possible from the shop. After the second jingle he turned to the warlock.
Sizing each other up for a moment, Luminous made the move to disappear into backroom.
"Why would you agree so easily, Warlock."
Luminous glanced toward the door where the young maiden had left a moment ago and then regarded Levi with an uncaring look.
"Surely that is what my future self expected of me."
Left with a few cryptic words he would probably never decipher, the second jingle notified his absence and the warlock's shop was quiet once more.

Making his way back to his mansion, Levi berated himself for not going to feed instead. His mouth felt dry and his throat constricted once again.
As he opened the front door his nose caught the smell of something familiar. It's not a scent he thought he had familiarized himself with yet.
Eyes wide, he stared at the familiar figure of the young woman that had left him in a magic shop mere moments before his return.
Watching her stand awkwardly in his foyer, Levi ignored his initial surprise and glared harshly.
"You are trespassing."
Formality be damned. This woman has been driving him crazy all day. Not only does she lack manners, she snubbed all his kindness and at this moment he really needed to sink his teeth into someone.
She sighed, rolling her eyes. "Some things never change."
His patience snapped. In a blink she was pulled to his chest and he was barring his fangs.
"Give me one good reason why I should refrain from sinking my teeth into you?"
Instead of cowering in fear, her eyes showed irritability.
"I was just leaving." She pulled herself from his grasp and started for the door.
Before her hand even touched the handle, she was caged between strong arms. He proved his dominance by staring her down with a glare at her audacity to flippantly ignore him.
After glancing at the door to her back, she set her sights on the man in front of her. The glare she gave him was one expression he had never seen on a lady's face and it could rival his own.
"Can't we ever get passed this door?" he didn't think the whispered question was meant for him, but he heard her none-the-less.
Before Levi even had the chance to entertain the notion, the words were out of his mouth. "I'm claiming you as mine."
Her eyes widened and her face flushed a pretty red. He was surprised to see such a pure and innocent expression on her face. His mouth suddenly felt like the desert.
What he wouldn't give to taste her blood. He leaned forward, intending to do just that. She pressed herself into the door.
"No, I won't accept that!"
He pulled back to get a good look at her face.
"I was not asking your permission."
Her determined eyes had his body feeling hot. He leaned in once more his tongue running over her pulse. She flinched.
He couldn't understand why. Her body was obviously responding to him. Her pulse was beating loudly in his ears, she was breathless.
Deciding to finally quench his thirst he scraped his fangs along her neck.
"I've already been claimed!" her exclamation was sudden, but it had him halting his progress.
It was law. Feeding on an already claimed human is forbidden. No measures were taken against the vampire, but the claimed human who allowed it would be punished in whatever way their master saw fit.
Levi nearly snarled at the thought that she already had a master. He pulled away completely, glancing to the side, trying to distance himself instantly from the urge to sink his teeth into this woman.
She pulled open the door, but looked back. He decided to spare one more glance and met her eyes.
"I'll see you, Levi." she smiled in a sort of fondness, which he wasn't expecting. Then she was gone.
It took him a moment to realize that he didn't know what the hell she was even doing in his mansion.
It took him another to realize she knew his name when he never gave it.
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