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Broken Destiny

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I remember as early as 6 when I met Cinn. He came to my house with his father, a huge man, wide as he was tall, in a three piece grey suit and a permanent scowl on his face. My Dad told me to keep each other occupied, as they had business to discuss and then shut the huge oak door to his office leaving me alone in the hallway looking at the same inky black hair and indigo blue eyes that I just seen on his father. At the time I didn’t realize just how much of an impact Cinn would make on my life. How much time Cinn and I would spend together and how our feelings for each other would change over the years. I also didn’t realize all the heartbreak that came with it. Whoever said that there was a fine line between love and hate….never met Cinn and I. ***WARNING*** Strong, Mature and Sensitive Content.

Romance / Erotica
A. Duncan
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Ever since I can remember, Cinn and I have been attached at the hip. Best friends, homies, besties for life. Where you see one, you see the other not far behind. Our families depended on it. Though, as kids at the time, we just liked to hang out and have fun when our dads were in "meetings". My father, Raphael Dominguez, is the Don of the Southern Mafia and Cinn's dad, Dominick, his right hand man. What does that make me? You guessed it... the mafia Princess.

It was hard enough for me to grow up without a mom but ever since Cinn and I was old enough to hold a gun and learn to fight, we were in training. Every...single...day. There were no other girlfriends for me, no shopping sprees, no sleepovers where we do each others nails and gossip. No spa days with your best girl just to relax. While all the other girls did all that fun girl stuff, I was training with Cinn. For what, I have no clue because my Dad wasn't going to let me run the family business when he retires cause I was a girl. Sexist? I know, but it's the way of our life, so what was the point? It was like there was something going on behind the scenes we didn't quite know about yet, but the older we got the harder our friendship became.

By the time high school came around Cinn was the one all the girls wanted. Chasing after him like dogs in heat. Don't get me wrong, by high school, Cinn... he was hot. I mean hot as hell. Dark, mysterious with the aura of danger that just says yum. With the jet black hair, and indigo blue eyes that makes you think he can see into your soul. With all the training we go through, he is fit with a six pack that will make any girl drool and don't even get me started to his perfect V that goes to who knows what under those clothes he wears but I'm sure its just as scrumptious as he is. Yes, I know we are friends but sue me. I'm not blind.

They only thing is, by Junior year Cinn changed. He wasn't the same friend I was used to. That guy was long gone. The guy with the laughter in his voice and the smile on his face, that showed his dimples on each side of his cheek along with the perfect set of straight, white teeth, was no longer there. After attending a "meeting" with our fathers he came out different. Started sleeping with every girl he could find. Barely talking to me unless we were training otherwise he was with his entourage of buddies and smoking weed behind the gym after school. He never answered any of my calls or texts. I tried asking about the meeting and all I got one day was a stone cold stare that sent a shiver down my spine and a reply stating "Nothing I didn't expect Sloane".

By the end of Senior year, Cinn and I rarely spoke at all. I was pissed. Like really pissed. I was also hurt. How could he just drop me out of his life like he didn't care anymore? He now trained at different days than I do so he wouldn't have to see me. That stung...bad. I don't know what I did wrong to feel the hate I see in those cold blue eyes when we cross paths in the hall or classroom and we catch each other's stare. It didn't matter cause I knew then as soon as graduation was over I was leaving to stay the Summer in Italy with my Grandmother or "Nona" as I call her before I started college and I was counting the minutes till I left this whole place behind, including Cinn.

As soon as the ceremony is over I tell Dad I have to run as to not miss my flight.

"Ok Princess, I'll have Darrell take you to the plane. Please be safe, I love you to the moon and tell your Nona I'll have her head if anything happens to you".

"I will Dad, I love you too".

Right as I was about to walk out of the gym where graduation was held, someone grabs my arm. I can already tell by the smell of cologne who it is, Cinn. Its the same cologne he wears everyday. That smell is embedded into my brain. I'll never tell him but its the smell of home for me.

"Where are you going Sloane?" Cinn barks.

I look into those blue eyes and know I have to get away. I know leaving is the right choice. My heart can't take this anymore.

"I'm leaving. I have a flight to catch. Why do you care?"

Pinching the bridge of his nose he replies, "I didn't know you were going anywhere. How long will you be gone? Where are you headed, who will you be with and what will you be doing?"

Woah! Wait! What? White hot anger flows through my body and I can no longer hold my mouth. I can't stop it and I can no longer keep quiet.

"Who do you think you are, my Dad? Wrong! My boyfriend? Never! My friend? We both know you ended that a long time ago so you have no reason to know anything about my life and what I do, where I go, how long I'll be there and who I'll be with. I'll go and do whatever and fuck whomever I want because you have no say in it. How about you go back to your whores and your groupies and stay the hell away from me cause I don't need you nor want you anywhere near me. I'm done Cinn."

Cinn couldn't hide the shock on his face by they way I just spoke to him. I mean why would he? I've never spoke to him in such a way before. I've always fought for our friendship. I've always been the one to never give up on us. For the first time since childhood, Cinn was speechless. I didn't have time for this, nor did I want to hear anything else that would come out of his mouth. Before Cinn could come to his senses, I turned and ran. I heard Cinn holler my name right before I told Darrell to step on it. I didn't even turn to see if he was still there watching me leave. Sitting back, I take a deep breath and wonder... why? Why all the sudden is he worried about me? Why all the sudden is he worried about what I'm doing? My phone rings and the one face pops up that I can't handle right now. The one face I just can't deal with. The reason I have to leave. I let it go to voicemail in hopes he won't call back. I mean lets face it, he has ignored me since junior year.

Taking a seat in the extremely comfortable chair on my dads private plane makes me realize one thing.... Dad has really good taste. With all the finishes, stocked bar, and gorgeous bedroom in the back, I've never really appreciated it until now. After my phone rang three more times consecutively, I cut it off all together. I'm sure Cinn will get over his tantrum sooner rather than later and find a slut to fill his time. Besides we are fixing to take off anyway. Looking out the window to try and find some resemblance of peace, I see we are starting to move finally. Italy here I come, when my breath catches in the back of my throat. Standing on the tarmac with his hands in his pockets watching the plane starting to take off is none other than the face I'm trying to get away from...…Cincinnati Romano.

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