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The Art of Breaking Hearts

By sadreadingchick All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor


I was unable to keep myself from blushing. “I’m not his girlfriend.” “Yet.” Ryder and Benjamin said simultaneously. “Oh, so the conceitedness runs in the family?” I asked with a roll of my eyes. “I’m afraid so. Now, tell me more about yourself.” “Well, I like playing soccer a lot. And if I were to choose between my books and human beings, then I choose books. Also, I think your brother is annoying and has too big of an ego. But wanna know something?” He nodded. I stopped the car at the traffic light and turned back to him. Leaning into his ear, I whispered loud enough for Ryder to hear, “I think I like him.” --- The art of breaking hearts is an inscrutable, prepossessing, abstract art. Never ever will you go through with breaking someone’s heart without having your own broken. And it would be very eccentric if one did not go through the process of having their own heart shattered into millions of pieces when trying to do the same to another. Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way.


‘Marviston High School’ the blue sign read. A cold, unsettling feeling sank in my stomach, making me feel nauseous, as it finally hit me that I was no longer in Phoenix, but that I was in this freezing town 473827391 miles away from home.

Everyone was wearing layers of clothing because of the cold temperatures despite the fact that we were still in the end of August. Even though this was my fourth day in Fairbanks, I still wasn’t used to the cold, biting weather, or the beautiful landscape that consisted of large rugged land, dotted everywhere with snow-covered trees.

And I’ll probably never get used to this, I thought bitterly as I tightened the thick striped scarf around my neck.

My new school loomed into view, and I took in every detail of the high-tec-looking buildings. The school seemed to be divided into three buildings with a large fountain in the middle. The big gates guarding the school were wide open, and the guards standing by one of the doors saluted Elyse, our mom.

“On the plus side, this school doesn’t seem to be falling apart, unlike the old one,” Elyse decided to crack a joke. Usually, I would’ve laughed, but not now. Not when I feel like throwing up and like my whole world is crumbling apart.

I sound so dramatic, I may as well be one of the Kardashians. Except I don’t have a butt or boobs … or anything besides my sarcasm.

Elyse sighed, giving up, and looked back in front of her. From my peripheral vision, I saw Damon looking at me, but I paid no attention to him, not wanting to feel the guilt.

Damon and Elyse both knew how hard this was for me- moving away like that. This was the first time I’d ever left Reece for more than 48 hours; we practically shared the same diapers when we were younger for crying out loud.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Elyse turned the engine off and unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Come on, guys. I know it’s hard for you, I really do, but I’m sure you’ll love it here. I heard they have apple pie in the cafeteria,” she said in a light-hearted tone, and I couldn’t help but smile. Apple pie was Damon and I’s favorite treat since forever.

The cold air bit my cheeks as I got out of the car, and a breeze traveled through my clothes and down my spine giving me goosebumps and making me shiver. The sweater I was wearing was no help at all in keeping me warm against the cold sting of the freezing weather.

“Damn, it’s cold,” Damon blew hot air into his hands and rubbed them together in hopes of getting warmer.

“Nice one, Captain Obvious.” I rolled my eyes and followed Elyse to the front doors.

“Thank you, Senior Smartass,” Damon called from behind me.

I heard Elyse chuckle when I replied with, “Anytime Dictator Di**head.”

That’s when I realized that the receptionist and a couple other staff had heard me say that because we had entered the administration building already. The receptionist narrowed her eyes at me and furrowed her eyebrows in disapproval.

So much for first impressions.

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