You're Mine

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“You’re mine. And no one else’s, got that?” Hunter asked looking down at me with a serious expression displayed on his face.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1


“Maria Anne! Wake up! You’re gonna be late on your first day of school!” Mom yelled.

“I’m up, I’m up!” I yelled back still laying down but groaned after replying.

Today was my first day alright, first day in a new school. It was not gonna be easy making new friends at all. I lazily got up from my bed and headed towards my closet. I took a plain white t-shirt and a black leather jacket out along with my skinny faded blue jeans and headed to the bathroom changing into it.

While I was in the bathroom I took a brush and brushed through my dirty blonde hair after that I headed back out to my room.

I stood in front of my mirror checking how out my outfit looked. “I think this would be somewhat a good first impression..” I said to myself as I went over to my black converse and put them on.

After changing I headed downstairs with my backpack slung over my shoulder.

“Bye Mom, I’m going to school now!” I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay sweetie, be safe!” Mom replied as I left the house and started walking to school.

Okay, I had no idea where the school was exactly, but all I know is that it was close to my house and I have it on google map! It was just about a 10 minute walk before I arrived at Roosevelt High.

The moment I stepped into the halls I was greeted by stares as I walked down the hall to the office to get my schedule.

You can guess.. I practically wandered the halls trying to search for my classes, but it worked!

My schedule was:

1st - Math

2nd - English

3rd - Physics

4th - Psychology

5th - PE

6th - French

I showed my first period teacher my schedule and once I was told to sit on an empty seat I did.

We were all just sitting there learning and such till some guy walked into class late walking over to me.

“Hey, girl. That’s my desk.” he said.

“Well, I certainly don’t see your name on it.” I replied showing no fear at all.

“Yeah, because my name is written on this desk with invisible ink. Now will you get out of my desk?” he asked.

“Invisible ink? I will—” I was cut off by the teacher. “Mr. Evans will you just find another empty seat?” the teacher asked. The boy looked at me before finding another empty seat.

But the whole class period I could feel his eyes on me, was he upset with me because I didn’t move? Eh, well. I don’t care.

The bell rang signaling first period was over.

I was packing my stuff, when all of a sudden the boy from before came back to talk to me.

“You know girl, I take back being mean to you. You’re actually kinda attractive.” the boy said.

What? WHAT?! This boy has the audacity to act rude towards me then ‘take back’ being mean to me instead of apologizing?!

“Yeah, whatever.” I replied getting up walking away from him. But I paused and turned around to look at him. “By the way, my name’s Maria.” I added before leaving the room.

“Ooh, attitude. I like it,” he replied in a flirty tone as I rolled my eyes.

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