You're Mine

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Chapter 14


Did you see that? The way the girls ignored me? The way Maria ignored me.. But when Jason came, she talked to him. Sigh. It’s like ever since she met Jason it seems like I’ve become invisible to her. I haven’t talked to her in awhile now, well—- I have but it would be short conversations. I just practically stood there as Quinn and Maria talked about Jason as soon as he left. I was waiting to be spoken too, I was waiting for Maria to notice me.

“M-Maybe,” Maria replied shyly.

“Awww! Well, I gotta tell ya. Jason is a great guy, and I think you two get on well.” she replied.

“Guys? You know, I’m—-” I was cut off.

“Not now Hunter, we have to go to class.” Quinn said hanging onto Maria pulling her with her as they walked down the halls.

….here too.

I watched as the two walked down the hallway, when suddenly I felt someone nudging me from behind, which happened to be Ryder.

“Huh, it seems like they completely ignored you. How does it feel?” Ryder asked looking in the same direction as me.

“Shut up, it’s none of your business.” I replied.

“You know, that’s the first time a girl you’ve liked ignored you… At least until I came along and swooped her away,” he chuckled.

“I only like Maria as a friend.” I lied.

“Cut the crap. You know you want something more with her but you can’t.” he replied.

It’s true, I can’t. She likes Jason, not me.. And Maria hardly speaks to me anymore.

“You wanna be something more with her? Go up to her and tell her she’s yours, no one else’s. No one can have her but you.” he said in a serious tone.

“I told you I only like Maria as a friend, nothing more, nothing less.” I replied, though I was just telling another lie.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I tried going after her again?” Ryder asked.

“Do as you please.” I replied. It’s not like he can get passed Jason, if I can’t there’s no way he can.

I felt Ryder’s eyes on me, even as I still looked down the hall even when Maria was gone.

“You’re pathetic. You’ll never get what you want if you don’t go after it.” Ryder replied coldly before walking away.

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