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Chapter 15

Right after school, I met up with Quinn, Maria, and the rest of the guys. We were all just there deciding who’s riding with who. So here’s the plan we had in mind:

I ride with Cole, Jack, and Jason.

Maria and Quinn ride together as always.

“No, no. How about this, Cole, Jack, and Hunter you guys ride with me while Maria and Jason take the other car?” Quinn suggested.

I looked over at Maria to see if she approved of it, but judging by her pink cheeks I think she already approved of it.

“I’m cool with that idea if you are,” Jason replied looking down at Maria.

“Y-Yeah, I’m cool with that idea.” she replied with a shy smile.

Quinn suggesting that makes me think— actually know, that she’s trying to play matchmaker and pair them together.

“Well, what are we all doing just standing around? Let’s get going!” Cole suggested as I walked along with Quinn, Cole, & Jack.


“Who knew we’d be riding in the same car again after many nights ago, huh?” Jason asked followed by a soft chuckle.

“Yeah, it has been awhile now.” I replied. “Do you by any chance know what we’re gonna do in the city?” I asked.

We walked side by side to his car.

“Oh? Quinn didn’t tell you? We’re going to the city to go buy stuff and try out new places.” he replied. “It’s usually a lot of fun,” he added.

“New places? Like what?” I questioned looking up at him.

“Hmm.. Ever heard of tpumps? It’s a boba place,” Jason replied.

“I’ve heard of it, never tried it though.” I replied.

“I guess you have a lot of new places to explore then. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to take you to those places.” Jason replied with a smile.

Soon enough, we were inside the car following Quinn’s car to the city while I just jammed out to the radio. I know, I know. Jamming out in front of the boy I like is so sudden, but I felt comfortable around him, so why not?

“Don’t you give up, nah nah,” I sang.

“I won’t give up nah nah. Let me love youuu, let me love you~” I sang once more.

“Wow, someone has vocals.” Jason said sarcastically.

“Shush up,” I replied and punched his shoulder playfully.

“Hey, hey. Do not, I repeat, do not punch the driver.” he replied.

“Yeah, yeah.. Whatever,” I replied with a small chuckle.

“Oh yeah, your dancing skills are something too…” he commented followed by a playful smirk.

“Shut upppppp!!” I complained punching his shoulder playfully again.

“What? I’m just commenting on how great your dancing skills are,” he teased.

After 30 long but incredibly funny minutes, we arrived at the city.

“How was the car drive with Jason?” Quinn asked excitedly.

“It was fun, we talked a bit here and there.” I replied happily with a smile.

Hunter walked over to us.

“Jason didn’t almost get into trouble?” he asked.

“Huh? Of course not, why would he?” I asked.

“He didn’t almost get you guys in a car—” Hunter was cut off by Jason appearance.

“No, I did not almost get us into a car accident. I’m a careful driver,” Jason said.

“You weren’t a careful driver when it was me and the guys in the car.” Hunter replied.

“Eh, that’s a whole different story..” Jason replied rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly while looking away.

“Oh yeah, Quinn. Maria has never had tpumps before, we need to take her there.” he said.

“Really?! We should!” Quinn replied.

“I can take her while you guys go buy stuff and look for new places to eat,” Hunter said.

“I’ll go too,” Jason suggested. “That way the groups are split evenly.” he added.

“I like your thinking Jas, Cole! Jack! Let’s go! We’re buying stuff right now!” Quinn called out walking over to them.


Ugh, Jason. Why did he have to go? I was really hoping to have a one on one talk with Maria.. I guess that’s not happening.

“Let’s go? Tpumps is this way,” Jason said walking, both Maria and I following.

“So, Maria what do you think about our school so far now?” I asked.

“I think it’s—” Maria was cut off by Jason.

“Hunter, barf. We’re not at school right now, we shouldn’t be talking about those things.”

“Ah, no, no. It’s fine Jason,” Maria replied. “I think it’s great so far. I’ve met so many great people, though a few of my teachers do get a tiny bit irritating.” she replied with a chuckle.

“Believe me, most teachers at school are irritating. There’s only a few cool, fun teachers.” I replied.

“Maria, are there any places in mind you’d like to go see?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know really, I have never explored.” she replied.

“You haven’t?” I asked as she nodded.

“I guess we have to take you to those places, there’s a lot to see here and there.” I replied.

“Really?” Maria asked, looking up at me our eyes meeting for a second.

“Yes, really. And we plan to take you to those places.” Jason replied.

Damnit Jason, we were having a moment there!

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