You're Mine

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Chapter 17

We were walking, and walking.. and when we hit that turn we stopped dead in our tracks to see these two people making out in the corner of the hall, but it wasn’t just any two people, it was…

“Cole! And you!” Quinn said angrily.

The two stopped and looked at Quinn as the girl averted her eyes towards me.

“Well, well. I’m guessing you’re the ole’ new girl, Maria was it?” the girl asked.

“Pretty much,” I shrugged.

“That’s a.. nice name.” she replied sarcastically.

“Oh shut up, I can hear your sarcasm Donna.” Quinn replied. “Why are you even with her? She’s a freaking asshole and slut!” she added.

“Excuse you? I’ve only been with Cole.” Donna replied.

“Not to much mention she was being sarcastic towards Maria!” Quinn complained.

“Quinn, it’s fine. Honestly, calm down.” I said.

“No. I can’t calm down, no one can just be rude to my friend and get away with it.” she replied.

“And what are you gonna do about it?” Donna asked, a smirk displayed on her face.

“I’m gonna—” Quinn was cut off by Cole.

“Donna, please leave.” Cole said to her.

“What? But I didn’t—-” she was cut off.

“I said please.” Cole said once again before she could finish.

Donna did nothing but look at Quinn, then Cole as she grunted and walked away.

“Quinn, I’m sorry. I knew how much you disliked her, and yet I insisted on hooking up with her.” Cole said.

“Oh, fuck you.” she replied. “If you knew how much I disliked her why would you even think of doing so in the first place?” she asked, but before Cole could answer she left him hanging.

For a minute there, it seemed like Quinn was jealous of Cole being with another girl. But, Jack’s the one she likes… right?

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