You're Mine

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Chapter 22


“Maria’s birthday is next Friday?” I asked.

“Yes, yes it is.” Quinn replied.

We were all talking as a group, Me, Quinn, Hunter, Cole, and Jack.

“What are you gonna get her for her birthday?” Quinn asked. “If you don’t know what to get her.. I can tell you what you can get her~!” she said with a smile.

“Uh huh, and what would that be?” I asked.

“You finally asking her out and roses and chocolates! It’s gonna be so cute!” she replied happily.

“I’ll give her my heart for her birthday,” Cole said dramatically.

“Oh, shut up Cole.” I replied.

“You really know how to be dramatic,” Hunter joined in on the conversation.

“You guys are just jealous.” Cole replied with a small chuckle.

“Am not, Maria likes me. So she’s practically already mine,” I replied.

“Well, she’s not practically yours. You didn’t ask her out yet, and for all you know.. there could be another guy trying to get her.” Jack joined in.

My eyes fell on Hunter. “What are you gonna get her for her birthday?” I asked.

“Errr, I- uh, I don’t know really.” he replied.

“Maybe you could take her out again, I bet she’d love that.” I replied with a small smirk.

“Please, that was only—” I cut Hunter off.

“Let’s talk in private?” I asked gesturing for him to leave the group and he did as I followed.

We weren’t too far from the group, but I just had to confirm Quinn’s suspicions. Hunter liking Maria as well.

“Do you really like Maria too?” I asked.

“If I did, would that be a problem?” he asked. I took that whole answering a question with a question as a yes.

I then smiled and offered him my hand to shake before saying, “Let the best man win.”

Hunter wasn’t just my friend at this moment, he was also seen by me as a rival. A rival when it comes to love. And I had planned to win.

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