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Chapter 23


“Hunter! Someone’s here to see you!” Mom yelled from downstairs.

“Who?!” I yelled back, not wanting to go downstairs.

“Why don’t you come down and find out!” she yelled back as I groaned softly getting out of bed and heading towards the stairs.

When I reached the corner of the stairs, I noticed a girl with black hair with a hint of dark auburn in her hair, but it wasn’t just any girl, it was..

“Aye, Kari!” I called out and headed downstairs to give her a hug as she did the same and greeted me with a smile.

“Hunter, it’s nice to see you. After not seeing you for awhile at most.” she chuckled.

Karina, she’s my childhood friend. We used to go to the same school till I transferred schools Sophomore year.

“Anyways, that’s not the point! I have good news!” Kari said excitedly.

“You transferred to my school?” I asked.

Kari punched my shoulder with a small pout. “You could’ve pretended not to know!”

I chuckled and shrugged. “Hard not too.” I replied. “Anyways, I suggest going home and getting ready. School starts in.. 35 minutes.”

“35 minutes?! I barely have time to get ready! And my Mom just left!” Karina whined.

“Mom, can you—” she cut me off.

“Hunter, sweetie. You have a car for a reason.” Mom said before I could say anything.

“Alright, alright. Give me a sec,” I replied running up to my room to get my car keys then back downstairs.

“Let’s get going,” I said walking out the front door as Karina followed.

When we were both inside the car I asked her for directions to her most likely new house. Because you can’t move to a new school when your old house is far away.

“So, Kari. How did you find out where I lived?” I asked her.

“Your Mom, I still had her number from the times back then when your phone died and you used mine to call her to pick you up,” she smiled and chuckled softly. “I also wanted to surprise you, so.. surprise!”

“I see, any real reason you transferred to the same school as me?” I asked.

I felt her eyes on me as I drove. “I came here for you,” she replied. “I missed you, Hunter.”

Soon enough, after she had said that I parked in front of her new house and unlocked the car.

“If you came here for me, you wasted your time.” I replied. “I don’t necessarily like you like that anymore,” I added and looked at her.

“You can say that now, but once you spend a little alone time with me those feelings just might come back,” she replied with a small smile.

“I doubt it Kari.” I replied.

“You won’t for long,” she replied opening the car door and looking back at me with a smile. “I’ll see you at school~” she added, and with that she left and once she did I drove away to hurry up and get ready for school.

// At School \

“Maybe we should celebrate Maria’s birthday somewhere nice,” Quinn suggested.

“I agree with that, maybe we could throw her a small birthday party.” Cole suggested as well.

“I’m up for that, we could even throw it at my house.” Jason said.

“I still haven’t figured out what I’m going too get her for her birthday,” Quinn whined.

The three were talking amongst themselves as both Jack and I were just on our phones. Had no idea what he was doing, but I was looking through my Instagram.

Some girl posted a picture of her in a bikini, and the picture was taken from the back.. like!

“Hunterrrr~!” I heard Karina call out as I looked over, as did my friends.

She walked over with a smile and a paper in hand. “Can you help me find my classes?” she asked showing me her schedule.

“Er, I guess.. since you’re most likely not gonna ask someone else,” I replied.

Cole cleared his throat, as if saying to introduce to them. “By the way, these are my friends. Cole, Jason, Jack, and Quinn. Guys, this is my friend Karina” I said introducing them from left to right then introduced them to her.

“Ah, Karina. I’ve heard so much things about you,” Quinn said with a smile.

“Good things I hope.” Kari replied with a chuckle.

“Of course,” she replied with a smile.

The only person who has ever known I used to like Karina was Quinn, considering how close we were. She was even the first person that talked to me since I moved to this school.

“I just realized, Maria isn’t here yet.” Jason mentioned.

“That’s true, she usually wakes up early.” Quinn replied.

“I’m going to call her.” both Jason and I said as we looked at each other shooting a glare.

“Okay, how about you two sit still and I’ll call her instead.” Quinn said taking her phone out and dialing Maria.

When she answered Quinn put her on speaker. “Mari, where are you?” she asked.

“Huh? Oh wait.. I’m gonna be late!” Maria yelled through phone as we all heard her drop her phone and rush out of bed.

We all chuckled, except Karina who was confused as to what was going on and as to who Maria was.

Quinn hung up the phone, “Well, we know she’s still coming to school.”

The the bell rang, and at that moment they all split up. Me on the other hand, I was showing Karina to her first period class.

“I was thinking after school, if you weren’t busy if you could possibly show me around town?” Kari asked.

“I’m busy today after school, I’m gonna be hanging out with my friends.” I replied.

“Can I come too?” she asked as we stopped in front of her first class.

“I don’t see why not,” I replied.

“Yaaaay!! Thank you Hunter!” she replied with a smile and hugged me.

“No need, now go to class.” I replied and walked away heading to mine.

While I was walking to my class, I saw Maria at the entrance walking to hers. I easily caught up to her, and walked with her to class since we had the same teacher.

“Oh, Hunter.” Maria said.

“Overslept this morning?” I asked.

“Kind of.. yeahhh,” she replied rubbing the back of her neck awkwardly as she had an
awkward look as well. “Why are you late to class? I’m sure you were here before me,”

“I was, and I was showing a new student to her first period class.” I replied.

“Our new student is a girl?” she asked.

“Yeah, also an old friend of mine.” I replied.

She smiled and nodded at my words. “Can’t wait to meet her, it’d be nice having another girl in the group.”

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