You're Mine

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Chapter 25

// F r i d a y , Happy Birthday Maria! \

“Sweetie! Sweetie! If you don’t wake up now, you’re gonna be late for school!” Mom yelled.

I groaned and slowly slid out of bed, but once I was off the bed I fell to the floor. “I’m up Ma, thank you!” I yelled back tiredly.

“Hurry and get ready for school! I have a surprise for you!” Mom yelled again.

“Alright, be down in a second!” I yelled again and lazily got up, headed to my closet and changed into jeans, a tank top, and hoodie.

By the time I was done changing, I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

“What surprise, and what’s it—” I was cut off by my Mom showing me a lit birthday cake that said, ‘Happy Birthday Maria!’

It’s not like it totally slipped my mind this morning that today was my birthday.. haha..

“Happy birthday sweetie, you’re officially 18!” Mom said happily.

“Thank you Mom,” I replied with a smile.

“Now make a wish and blow your candles.” she said with a big smile.

I paused, thought of a wish, then closed my eyes and blew the candles making a wish.

“What did you wish for honey?” Mom asked with a small smile.

“If I told you, it wouldn’t come true.” I replied with a small smile followed by a chuckle.

“Oh, alright sweetie. You have a good day today, okay?” she smiled as I nodded.

“And you drive carefully,” I replied heading for the door. “Bye Mom, I love you!” I smiled heading out the door.

“Bye sweetie, love you too!” Mom yelled before I closed the front door and started walking.

// At School \

Once I made it to school, I immediately went to the spot where my friends and I usually meet.

“Maria! Happy birthday bestie!♡” Quinn greeted with a smile.

“Happy birthday Mari!” Cole & Jack greeted as well with a small smile.

“Thank you guys!” I replied with a small smile.

“Where’s Jason and Hunter?” I asked.

“Hmmm, no idea. Maybe overslept?” Quinn replied in the form of a question, and when she did reply that’s when the bell rang.

“Well, that’s the bell. See you girls later,” Cole said before walking away.

“See you later Mari, I’m gonna walk Quinn to her class.” Jack said.

“See you later Maria! Happy birthday once again!” Quinn said with a smile.

“See you guys later, and thank you!” I replied with a chuckle heading to class.

While I was walking to class.. I had the sudden urge to call Jason or Hunter in case they were still sleeping, but.. who would I call first?

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