You're Mine

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Chapter 26

// A f t e r s c h o o l \

“Can you come with me to my locker? I have my birthday gift for you in there,” Quinn said.

“Eh? Birthday gift? You didn’t have to!” I replied looking away feeling bad that she spent her money on me.

“Oh, don’t be so ridiculous. Why wouldn’t I get my bestie a birthday present?!” she replied.

The two of us walked out of the classroom, and to her locker which wasn’t so far. I stood there beside her as she put in her locker combination.

“Here you go~! I hope you like it,” she said grabbing a small pink bag and handing it to me with a small smile.

I took it and gave her a small smile back, “Thank you.” I replied peeking into the bag, but couldn’t exactly see what it was due to the pink tissue paper covering what was inside.

“Also, there’s one more place we need to take you, everyone’s waiting.” Quinn said.

“Wait, what do you mean ‘we’ who else is—” I was cut off by someone behind me calling my name, when I turned around, I covered my mouth to cover my huge smile.


Today was Maria’s birthday, but I didn’t get her anything— yet. Early in the morning I had planned to get her a big stuffed bear for birthday, so that’s what I did. As soon as I woke up, I went straight to the store and looked at big stuffed bears.

“Getting a gift for your girlfriend?” a female voice asked.

“Uh, no.. not exactly. I’m getting a gift for my friend,” I replied.

“Ah, alright.” she replied and started to walk away.

“Wait, I need help. Which bear do you think she would like?” I asked.

She pointed at a big light brown teddy bear, “This one. I’d say the white one, but it’s white and would stain easily.” she replied then left.

“Good point, thanks.” I replied, but by the time I said thanks she was already gone.

I took out the big light brown teddy bear and headed towards the cashier, and paid for it. Maybe this bear would show her how I feel about her? I mean, this is some kind of gesture in me telling her how I feel about her. After giving this to her for her birthday, she would know.. right?

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