You're Mine

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Chapter 27


Standing in front of me was none other then Jason, holding beautiful red roses and a box full of chocolates shaped as a heart.

“That is what I meant be we,” Quinn replied with a small smile looking at me.

“Happy birthday Maria,” Jason said walking over to me with a smile.

“There’s something else Jas wanted to say.” Quinn said eyeing him.

“Hm? What is it?” I asked looking at him with curiosity in my eyes as he looked into them, then away.

He looked like he was debating whether or not to say what he wanted to say.

Jason then looked at me once more about to speak, “Maria, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

The guy I liked asked me out.. how could I say no to him?

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” I happily and hugged from the side taking the flowers and chocolates from him.

“I’m glad,” he replied followed by a soft chuckle.


Right when school ended, I headed to my car to pick up the bear.

“Hunter?” a familiar voice called out from behind me as I looked back noticing it was Karina.

“Uh, hey.” I replied.

“What’s the bear for?” Karina asked.

“A birthday present.” I replied.

“My birthday isn’t until February silly,” she chuckled softly.

“Yeahhh, this is awkward. It’s not for you,” I replied awkwardly.

“Then who’s it for?” she asked.

“None of your concern.” I replied before walking away into the halls.

I was heading to Maria’s locker, which was under Quinn’s locker.. but at the corner of the hall I paused and heard voices.

It was Jason, Quinn, and Maria.

“Maria, will you be my girlfriend?” I heard Jason ask.

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” Maria replied, she sounded pretty happy about it.

At that moment, I didn’t bother walking out to her with the bear.

Game over. I lost. Why is it that whenever I like a girl.. she gets taken away by someone else? Am I not as good looking as the taker?

I had no choice but to put the bear away back in the backseat of my car, and drive to the place where we had planned to celebrate her birthday.

We celebrated her birthday at a pizza place, we had planned to take her to the Arcade also.

“There you are Hunter!” Cole said.

“Sorry, am I late?” I asked.

“No, Maria and the other two hasn’t arrived yet.” Jack replied.

“I’m surprised you didn’t stay with Quinn, Jack.” I replied looking over at him.

“Cole didn’t want to look a loner waiting here,” Jack replied as Cole started complaining.

“It’s not because I didn’t want to look like a loner, you could’ve stayed with her.” Cole replied.

“Okay, me and Hunter will be on our way then,” he replied.

“To where? We’re supposed to meet—” Cole was cut off by people entering.

The three of us looked over at the door and saw Quinn, Maria, and Jason.

“So, what was her answer?” Cole asked.

I looked at Maria who had a small smile in her face, she said yes of course.

“I said yes,” Maria answered her small smile turning into a big one.

“Aye, congrats you two! You look like a cute couple together,” Cole replied.

“Thanks,” Jason replied stepping into the conversation, looking at me as he wrapped an arm around her with a smile.

I know why he was looking at me, because he won. He had her, and I didn’t. There was tension between us that no one else was able to feel besides Jason and I.

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