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Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” I replied. “I’m not good at expressing my feelings,”

“Okay.. well then, practice on me. Pretend I’m the girl you like.” Maria replied.

I gave her look when she said to practice on her and pretend she was the girl I like, which was awkward because she is the girl I like..

“I’m good, I’ll manage.” I replied awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck.

“If you say so,” she replied followed by a small laugh.

“Aye, babe!” Jason called out to Maria.

Babe? Already???????

“Oh, hey.” Maria replied looking back at him with a smile.

“What were you guys talking about it?” Jason asked. “You two looked really engaged on the conversation,” he mentioned looking at her.

“Oh, nothing really. We were just talking about the girl Hunter likes.” Maria replied.

When she said the last part, Jason eyed me.

“The girl you like, eh? Who is that?” Jason asked looking at me, a smirk displayed on his face.

“A girl you probably don’t know.” I lied, which was obvious to Jason but not Maria.

“Wanna bet?” he asked, the smirk still displayed on his face.

“Thanks, but no thanks.” I replied.

“Okay,” he responded right when the bell rang. “Well, I’m gonna go take Maria to class now, bye Hunt.” Jason said.

“Bye, we’ll see you later!” Maria added, before walking away with Jason to her class.

// L u n c h t i m e \

“Sooo, Hunter. Jason and Maria, how do you feel about it?” Ryder asked.

“Fuck off,” I replied.

“I guess not so great.” Ryder chuckled. “I’m telling ya man, I can hook you up.”

“I don’t want to be hooked up with some random girl,” I replied, annoyed.

“Fine. How about some drinks instead? It should help ge—” I cut him off.

“Yeah, drinking. I’m pretty sure I’d just think about her more.” I replied sighing.

“Drinking would just make you think of the girl you like more?” a familiar voice asked.

We both looked back, and it was Maria.

“Yeah, it would.” I replied.

She smiled before laughing softly, “You got it really bad for this person.”

I just kept looking at her, and she just kept looking at me. As she smiled, I watched how it formed. As she laughed, I couldn’t help but want to get closer to her.

“What can I say, she means a lot to me.” I replied in a monotone voice.

“Well, congrats to you and Jason, Maria. I’ll be leaving now, I gotta meet up with my girlfriend.” Ryder stepped in awkwardly.

“Girlfriend? I had no idea you were able to settle down,” Maria replied.

“Honestly, I can’t. If anything, she’s temporary. But I don’t think I’m the only one.” Ryder replied pointing behind her.

Walking down the hall was Jason and Kaylee talking as she looked behind her.

“They’re just friends.” she replied.

“Really close friends, you’ll never know when his feelings may change.” he replied before turning on his heel. “Congrats, Maria.” he said before walking away.

Was Ryder trying to worry Maria? Because if he was.. it definitely worked. I was able to tell by the look on her face, by the way she watched them walk together.. I had to reassure her.

“Don’t listen to Ryder, he’s just messing with your head.” I said looking at her.

“You’re right,” she replied sighing softly.

Soon enough, Jason & Kaylee make their way towards us.

“Babe, Hunter.” Jason said.

“I’ll see you later in class Jas,” Kay said with an awkward small smile before walking away.

“See ya,” he replied. “Anyyyways, babe. I was wondering if you were free this Saturday?” Jason asked, an arm wrapped around her as he looked down at her.

“Er, yes. Why?” Maria questioned.

“I’m planning on taking you out to our first date,” he replied with a smile.

“I’m gonna go now,” I said walking away.

// A f t e r s c h o o l \

“Hunter~!” I heard Karina call out to me.

I didn’t stop, I just kept walking. Though, eventually she caught up to me.

“You’re so mean. You didn’t wait for me,” Karina said, I already knew she was pouting.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Can you give me a ride home?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“Aw, come on! Please?” she asked again.

“No,” I replied.






“If I say yes, will you be quiet?” I asked sighing looking back at her.

“Yes, yes I will!” Karina replied with a smile.

“Fine.” I replied.

“Yay~! Thank you!” she replied, following me to my car.

Once we got into the car, I started driving her home. But, she just wouldn’t shut up.

“So, anyone you like now~?” she asked curiously looking at me as I drove.

“That’s none of your concern.” I replied.

“Come on, we used to be close!” she replied.

“Underline the words, used to be.” I replied.

“Well.. I wanna be close to you again, how bout it? Let’s hangout sometime this weekend?” she asked excitement displayed on her face.

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