You're Mine

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Chapter 32

“What’s your happiest childhood memory?” I asked, this question is what intrigued me, I always loved hearing about people’s childhood memories, they were all just so sweet.

Hunter stayed quiet for a bit before answering, but he didn’t hesitate to answer.

“When my family was still complete.” he replied in a audible yet sad tone.

“Oh. Hunter.. I’m so sorry,” I replied softly with sympathy. “If you like, you can talk to me about it.” I added looking over at him.

I didn’t ask because I was curious. I asked because he was my friend and I care for him. What if he’s been holding all that in for awhile now and needs someone to talk too?

“I think I’ll just save that story for another time,” he replied with a soft chuckle. “Also, there’s no need to feel sorry.” he added.

We just sat there and stared at each for a few seconds, I was the one to break the little staring contest, it was kind of awkward considering how silent we both were, until he broke it.

“Next question, have you ever had a crush on an animated character?” he asked.

“Wow, what a question.” I laughed. “Yes, yes I have back in my childhood days, and kind of.. now.” I replied.

“Who, and why?” Hunter asked leaning forward, his elbow on the table while his chin rested on the palm of his hand.

“Uh, er.. Danny Phantom, because I thought it was cool how he was able to transform into a human and whenever someone or something needed saving he could transform into a ghost with those weird magic powers.” I chuckled.

“The first ever superhero,” he replied chuckling as well. “How about we head to the park? We can talk more there, and it’s a lot quieter.” he suggested.

“Depends, what park?” I asked.

“The one I pass by when I drop you off, if you want to be that close to your house.” he laughed.

“Eh, well. I kinda do,” I replied.

“If you say so,” he shrugged.


After breakfast, we drove to the park near her house. She wanted to be close to her house for whatever reason she had, but it was fine.

By the time we were at the park, we just sat side by side asking more questions.

“If your house was caught on fire, what would you grab?” I asked.

“It’s not what I would grab, it’s who I would grab. I would grab my Mom and get the heck out of there!” Maria replied.

“Your Mom means a lot to you, huh?” I asked.

“Of course, she’s..” she paused, probably coming up with words to say about her. “She’s a big part of my life, after all, she was always there, she watched me fall, pick myself up, was there whenever I needed someone, was there when..” she went on and on about her Mother.

I couldn’t help but feel amazed by Maria, to have so much great things to say about one person, about someone who greatly impacted her life in a positive way, who gave her complete and utter happiness she deserved.

“I’m sorry, I’m just going on and on about—” I cut her off with a, “No, it’s fine.” and a smile.

I looked at her, and she looked at me tilting her head in a cute way and a small smile formed on her lips.

“Is there someone you can go on and on about too?” Maria asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Wait, let me guess! The girl you supposedly like?” she replied.

“Wow, you’re a great guesser.” I laughed.

“Thanks, now tell me about her.” she said looking over at me with an amused smile.

“Well, what do you want to know?” I asked.

“Do I know her?” she asked.

“Yeah, you know her.” I replied with a smug smile.

“Does she go to our school?” she asked.

“Yes, she does.” I replied.

“Huh.. I don’t necessarily want you tell me her name because you probably don’t want to tell me just yet… but, what’s she like?” she asked with a small smile.

“Good job guessing that too,” I laughed.

When she asked what the girl I liked was like, I couldn’t help but chuckle softly. She doesn’t know it’s her, so why not tell?

“She’s.. an amazing person. She has a cute laugh, and the way her smile forms is just so perfect. She’s a good listener, attentive even. And from how she talks to me about things, she puts others before herself. She’s a completely happy person. She has a pure heart. She always smiles, and it just makes me melt. She makes my heart race, and I can’t forget the fact that she loves pretty, beautiful things. Just like herself, except even more beautiful.” I replied in awe just talking about her.

She’s you.. but you don’t need to know that.

“Wow,” she laughed softly. “That’s a lot of wonderful things I’m hearing about her, you almost sounded so in love.” she mentioned with a soft smile.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when she said that, in love. She really has no idea.

“I guess so,” I replied before awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck.

“What’s one feature you love the most about her?” she asked.

“Her smile.” I replied looking away from her.

“Why her smile?” she asked, I felt her eyes on me still.

“Because, her smile is just so.. heartwarming. It’s like, just by looking at her smile you can’t help but smile as well.” I chuckled. “It’s the most amazing thing ever, I don’t know what would happen if her smile were to ever go away,” I added, just thinking about it made me sad.

“Well. I bet if it were to ever go away.. you’d be able to bring it back.” Maria replied confidently.

I then glanced over at Maria as she answered confidently and replied with, “I hope so.”

Basically, all Maria and I did was get to know each other more. And eventually, we started talking about life in general, and it was just all so calming. We even lost track of time, haha.

“Wow, we talked till the sun went down.” she commented looking up at the sky. “Oh! Look! The stars are out!” she said excitedly. “Ohh, they’re so beautiful~!” Maria said happily with a big smile looking up at them.

“Yeah, so beautiful.” I replied with a smile, but I wasn’t even looking at the stars, I was looking at her. She was so beautiful.

I continued to look at her as she looked at the stars, and as she was looking at them I couldn’t help but look away and sigh softly with a upset look displayed on my face.

If only she were mine..

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